PYUR Global

PYUR Global is a nutritional supplement company that provides opportunity for members to earn commissions on marketing its line of health and wellness products.

About PYUR Global

PYUR Global was founded in late 2016 and has offices in both Manila in the Philippines and in Virginia in the US. The CEO and founder, Bob Bremmer, has been invloved in MLM and affiliate marketing for some years, having founded The Legends Network in 2014 and vStream TV in 2015.

PYUR Global Products

PYUR Global has four separate health and wellness products to choose from. Three of these products are nutritional supplements; the fourth is a pulse monitoring device.

The first product, O2 Ocean Minerals, is a natural mineral complex that comes in a sachet for infusing into water. Mostly consisting of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, and other trace minerals, a bag of 30 servings retails for $42.95.

Next is QO2 Cardiovascular Support, a proprietary blended powder designed to be stirred into water. The main ingredients are L-arginine and grape polyphenols, which supposedly provide high levels of antioxidants and improve circulation. a 30-serving tub of QO2 is $49.95.

The final nutritional supplement sold by PYUR Global is MG20, a “whole muscadine” product that uses the entire muscadine grape to produce a supplement that is supposedly high in antioxidant and immune system-boosting ingredients. A bottle of 20 capsules is $49.95.

The one and only PYUR Global product that isn't a nutritional supplement is the iHeart Device, a pulse monitor that fits over your finger similar to a pulse-ox monitor that is typically used in hospitals and doctor's offices. The device works independently and can also interact with the iHeart app, available for iOS devices. It retails for $195.

The Opportunity

PYUR Global affiliates have several different ways to earn.

The first is on commissions from retail sales of supplements and other products – affiliates get to keep a portion of the proceeds of each sale, typically the difference between the retail price of the product and the affiliate price (affiliate prices were not currently available). Additionally, a 25% bonus is paid out by PYUR Global on all retail sales on a weekly basis.

Affiliates can also qualify for MLM commissions if their sales meet specific “personal volume” (PV) thresholds, typically at least 50 PV every 35 days.

Affiliates receive 25% of any retail commissions made by their direct recruits for 30 days. Beyond that point, residual bonuses are paid using a binary compensation scheme; whenever either leg makes 200 of 400 combined PV, payments are made. Affiliates get $15 for 50 PV and $20 for 100 PV.

A basic affiliate membership costs $39.95. PYUR Global also offers bundles of its products at a discount to new affiliates.

PYUR Global Verdict

PYUR Global is one of the rare MLM earning opportunities that has a product line behind it to promote. That already makes it far and above most other MLM marketing companies that are little more than scams.

How much money can you make from PYUR Global as an affiliate? Well that depends on how much product you move and how well your recruited downline sells these same products. This is where things get a bit murky, as PYUR Global's product line is a bit anemic with only 3 supplements and one heart monitoring device.

This is made more complicated by the fact that there are many other supplements on the market that are available at much less than PYUR Global's asking prices – and these supplements may work as well or even better than PYUR Global's.

Additionally, while the heart rate monitor device is certainly an attractive piece of technology, there are less expensive fitness tracking devices that do more at a lower price point.

Still, if you and your team of recruits are dedicated and motivated, there are opportunities to be made by marketing PYUR Global products. However, we do feel that if you happen to have the drive and determination – and a solid team behind you – an MLM program with a more robust product line might be a better fit.


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