Instagram Diet – How Popular Social Media Influencers Work?


Ever since Instagram came into existence, there have been loads of lifestyle transformations. What it makes me wonder is if it’s for real or just for the posting? Well, as they say; fake it till you make it.

Life isn’t always as the instagrammers depict. This trend setting application is all about glamour and chic, fashion, Chihuahuas, private planes, fashion events and most of all – FOOD.

They are ever caught taking celery milkshakes and unimaginable foods in the photos that a common man will find it hard to make every day. It is really hard to keep up with what they eat. Can a working mum even find enough time to sit down peacefully and eat as if she’s got nothing to worry about in the world?

What Is The Instagram Diet?

Fitness lovers are slowly turning to this site for those perfect bodies everyone covets. Instagram is now becoming the platform for healthy food that burns down excess calories and maintaining that hour glass figure.

Due to this, several genuine accounts have now come up suggesting on what to eat for a body transformation. Gone are the times when hitting the gym was the real deal; signing up for an instagram diet is what works best now.

The Instagram Diet consists of foods devoid of dairy, sugars, gluten, legumes and even grains. As you can see, there is nothing left to eat! Now what? For a normal being, the left out foods in the instagram diet are what basically constitute a normal meal. It takes a brave soul to tackle this new eating pattern.

It will ultimately be worth it in the end – a perfect body coupled with self esteem. For a meal to amount to an instagram diet, snap it before eating it whole and share it in your instagram handle with a hash tag #keepingfit #instagramdiet.

Apart from consistently taking photos of the foods you eat, there are some considerations to observe. Only take in the foods prescribed in instagram. Do not stoop down so low as to eat nasty foods, only pleasant healthy foods that seem costly and high-end. There it is folks – buckle up for an experience that is worth trying out as you will eventually come out as an instagram model with that perfect figure.

But before all that comes into effect, you will have gone through several trials and errors. This is common with taking photographs of the food. Is the lighting perfect? Does your photo have the correct angle?

Oh and you will want to equip yourself with some photography skills. What’s the need of eating them without sharing it with the whole world? This is where the essence of instagram media steps in.


Is It Healthy To Eat Only Beautiful Food? Is It Possible?

On a personal note, everything considered healthy doesn’t seem appealing. The same beautiful food would not grant you that same feeling your body aches for. Satiate your appetite with the foods your gut so much needs.

According to some research carried out by Brigham Young University, it has been deduced that constantly stalking other people’s foods on instagram cuts down the urge to eat them. Also, continuously sharing your daily diet to the social media world makes the whole situation even unpleasant for the dietetic.

Monotony breeds boredom. It isn’t really possible to observe the online diet every time. One eventually gets to a point of giving up and instead opting to munch on a whole meat pie like a hunger-stricken soul whenever a chance presents itself. Not all but some will want to break free from this food slavery and surprise their taste buds with sweet foods.

According to all the fitness bloggers and columnists showing off their body goals out there, they once had a starting point. To this day, some even confess to having to struggle all day with some cravings but what keeps them off?

This is the trick that many of them have had to contend with – outweigh the bad with the good. What is the sole purpose for eating healthy? To lead a healthy lifestyle free from diseases and complications? To what profit will you gain by eating junk food and finally being obese? Nothing at all. Hint: choose a salad over that candy bar.

It is outright healthy to eat beautiful foods and yes, everyone can make them. As long as you have the right inspiration, you will finally get there. However, there are always temptations to pull you away from the right path.


You can never miss those instagram accounts with unhealthy foods like pizzas, chocolates, hamburgers and ice creams. Don’t pay much attention to them. Overcome the temptation and look forward to a healthy life ahead. A lot have surpassed all these and have still kept their eyes on the main prize – to be in good shape.

This simple program will turn your life around. It is for a good cause you know. Therefore, as you strive to eat anything considered healthy, rest assured that you will reach there and be like those who have lost weight already using this same technique.

As a wrap-up for the whole dining experience, share it with the instagram family to let them know what you tried out today. After all, eating without snapping is not considered good table manners. Take out that camera and make the food count as an inspiration for another.

These beautiful foods are very healthy and, much to the delight of your body, they contain necessary body building constituents that promote a good body shape. A lot of people presume that instafoodies who post their foods every time on instagram are annoying and they try all means to shun them away.

But look at the brighter side – it is actually beneficial to some people. One lady from Exeter adopted this technique of always posting food on instagram and sticking to an instagram diet which finally paid off. After much tribulation of being warned by doctors that she would pass on before attaining the age of 35 because of being overweight, she decided to change her eating habits which paid off by registering a weight loss of 12 pounds.


Possible Benefits of The Instagram Diet

This instagram diet has actually had remarkable contribution when it comes to cutting down certain foods from your diet. As mentioned above, as per the research, looking at the same foods over and over again especially the unhealthy ones will lead you to cut ties with it. You will see no need to buy the food as you are already satisfied with the ones you have seen. This way, your unhealthy eating habits are kept at bay which leads you to consuming healthy ones.

Instagram diet connects you together with the people who are using the same page for a common cause, living healthy. This way, you get motivated to join the fit bandwagon trying all means to keep in shape.

This includes observing the diet as stipulated in the instagram diet. You also get a chance to read testimonials from the previous users and once it is approved to be effective, the more effort you will put in so as to achieve the same results.

Exercising isn’t the only thing you should do so to get that perfect body. Nutrition contributes to that too. The world has taken on a rather sophisticated approach when it comes to eating. Now, a healthy diet is dictated by an instagram diet.

The same diet is fundamental for your health. It comes with all the guidelines like what to consume, the amount of each food to eat and the time to eat them. This proves to be an easy and fun way of watching your weight as you enjoy some of the healthiest foods around the world.

Possible Side Effects

Getting a fit body in the past involved trekking with your colleagues to burn down excess fats to get back into shape. There were not many healthy ways, not until media stepped in. Pretty much everything that man does today is influenced by social media. This applies even to getting that wonder body for you.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association director, Claire Mysko, keeping fit needs an inspiration from another person’s body. It is no longer an individual calling to work on our own bodies. Many look up to the instagram models to give them a reason for staying in shape. How sad! Living healthy is now becoming more comparable than ever.

With every gadget on your hand, community interaction becomes a thing of the past. Everything is centered on taking selfies of foods, at the gym and everything that is in your life. Interaction becomes passive by way of catching up through Skype, whatsapp, phone call, snap chat and instagram.

These same instagram photos and diets make others be wary of their miserable lives as they cannot reach up to your standards. It robs them of the will and hype that comes with existence.


Final Words

Hash tags are now the medium of communication around the world. The whole phase of meeting up to interact is a thing of the past and the new has been embraced with much zeal and modernity.

This has affected the eating habits which have seen many people actually live healthy by abiding by the online eating rules. An instagram diet has got it all when it comes to acquiring a good body. However, it has its own demerits.

One has to be financially stable so as to cater for every meal that costs more. Devotion is needed when it comes to sharing what you’ve eaten to the instafamily. Generally, instagram diet has reversed the whole outlook of eating to get in shape.

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