PureTaste Protein – Non-Animal Nutritional Mushroom Powders?


In a time where food scarcity is a real problem, and the issue of feeding billions of people, let alone with healthy foods, is at the forefront of popular consciousness, PureTaste has made it their mission to find the solution to this problem through an innovative new product. Read the below review to find out more.

What is PureTaste Protein?

PureTaste Protein is an entirely plant based protein. It has 9 essential amino acids, and 11 non essential amino acids. The quality Ingredients and nutrients make up a complete nutritional profile to provide users with essential vitamins. PureTaste Protein is neutral tasting product that can be added to food or drink to provide protein.

How Does PureTaste Work?

Using mushroom mycelium has made this product catch the attention of many interested in an alternative protein market. PureTaste Protein is different from other experimental proteins that are manufactured in a controlled environment using the fermentation process.

With 79% protein by dry weight, it does not contain yeast, or any micro-organisms, but rather uses naturally occurring mycelium from a particular type of mushroom.

This form of protein works very well in pasta, breads, soups, shakes, beverages, dressings and meat substitutes, and has a very neutral taste that will not interfere with the flavor of the product it is added to.

Mycelium has been widely used in various parts of the world for thousands of years, so safety is not a concern. Naturally low in calories, this protein is much healthier than meat based protein. There is fat in the product, but it is the healthy fat; omegas 3, 6, and 9.

Unlike meat protein, the product contains zero cholesterol, so is considered a heart healthy food source. Easy to consume, and highly digestible, the protein contains over 200% of the daily requirements of vitamin E. A very rich source of protein, this product is a great choice for nutrition, and a great alternative to meat based protein.

PureTaste Protein Pricing

Still in the development stage, MycoTechnology's uniquely innovative protein food product does not have a current price tag.

Should You Use PureTaste Protein?

With the world's population growing as it is, the day will soon come that will likely result in a drastic shortage of protein. There are limited resources available to provide animal based protein, and if an alternative is not offered, millions of people may suffer from lack of protein in their diet.

Until recently, scientists declared it an impossibility to source adequate amounts of protein to provide the world's population over the next 40 years. PureTaste has changed that way of thinking, as it aims to provide a healthy alternative to animal based protein, and in amounts that can sustain the world's growing population.

The world will face a crisis unless measures are taken to avert the lack of protein sources. According to the company that developed this product, PureTaste Protein can be the solution, a healthy alternative that can supply all the protein the world will need.

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