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Healthy lifestyles, health promoting products and a healthy woman are all that Puressence Pads are about. Given that women generally protect themselves through the use of sanitary products monthly, Pure Essence Pads wanted to ensure they had an option to do so, safely.

It is not uncommon for young women to use the same brand their mother recommended, and so on. And, that is worth mentioning because it is probable that we do so without even realizing the harmful chemicals and toxins that are found right in the napkins we use to protect ourselves.

More people are learning about the importance of consumer beware – and should start with items such as sanitary napkins.

Why Puressence Pads Are Needed

Long-term use of sanitary napkins that contains harsh toxins and chemicals have been linked to the potential of getting cancer. This obviously isn’t something that happens overnight, but with longer exposure, the results of getting it are much higher.

This can be linked to the fact that most sanitary pads are made of plastic materials. And, others have absorbent pads where the fiber within them can cause cervical cancer. Because they are designed to absorb wetness, they also contain things like rayon that contains dioxin.

Another reason that wearing the wrong sanitary pads – those different than those distributed by Pure Essence Pads are that they often contain pesticides and herbicides. Here’s why we know this – pads, are made of cotton. And, like other crops where cotton grows, they are being sprayed with different chemicals that can cause absolute harm when it reaches your bloodstream.

Dioxin is another environmental pollutant commonly found in sanitary pads because most companies want to achieve that bright white color, that is mentally linked to a feeling of clean. Unfortunately, to do so, dioxin is an inexpensive way (short term) to achieve that color. Long-term the health results can in fact be quite costly.

Another terrifying statistic when it comes to sanitary napkins is their link to birth defects. Because some companies boast about scented pads, that scent can in fact cause complication to a baby’s embryonic development. Bottom line, scented pads or tampons are never a good idea.

Puressence Pads Products

There are several different products distributed by Puressence Pads. They include;

Long Pure Essence Premium Feminine Pads that retail for $7.99. They are designed to not only ensure adequate protection but also to be mindful of a woman’s health at the same time.

Overnight Pure Essence Premium Feminine Pads that retail for $6.99. These sanitary pads are designed for added protection overnight while you sleep. With the same health focus in mind, you can rest safe and reassured that you are protecting not only your bed sheets, but yourself as well.

Panty liner Pure Essence Premium Feminine Pads that retail for $8.99. These are designed for the health-conscious woman who needs extra protection even when she is not menstruating. Whether this be from ovulation or lighter flow, spotting or simply comfort, these panty liners will offer you that, and more.

Sample Packs, Pure Essence Pads that retail for $1.00. Not sure which one to order first? No problem. Take advantage of the sample pack to see which suits you best from long to overnight or the panty liners. Order all three and they are confident, you will be back.

Regular Pure Essence Premium Feminine Pads that retail for $6.99. Same protection, just in a regular length instead of long. Same health focus materials to ensure your protection and safety.

Distributor Information

Interested in sharing this movement with others? Maybe you want to consider earning an income from sharing health awareness through sanitary pads to others. Reality is, most women wear sanitary pads – the amount of customer lives you can change could change your financial situation along the way!


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