Protein Seasoning – MyProtein’s Authentic Herbal Spice Flavors?


Protein Seasoning by MyProtein is a type of supplement that helps you improve the amount of protein in your body, without increasing the number of calories you consume. This formula gives you multiple flavors to choose from, helping you create sauces and marinades.

What is Protein Seasoning by MyProtein?

When you want to start on a new diet, one of the hardest struggles is to find a way eat healthy while still enjoying different flavors. Most diet foods are bland, because you have to eliminate so many things that cause your calorie consumption to increase.

You end up limiting salt, or changing to an oil that is bland to sauté different meals. You shouldn’t have to give up all the different flavors and seasonings to slim down. Instead, you can use Protein Seasoning by MyProtein to give you a little boost in the same chicken you’ve been having every night.

Protein Seasoning is divided into packets, and offers a balanced blend of flavor and healthy protein to ensure that you get the meals you deserve. Too many people stop pursuing their diet because the foods are not flavored enough for them to continue their lifestyle. However, if you can handle a little kick in our meals, you can transform the flavor of any meal. You can even include it in your breakfast routine.

Most of the time, you probably just drink a protein shake to get more of this necessary nutrient in your diet. However, premade drinks often have too many calories and sweeteners to help with the flavor of the beverage.

You may try to make a drink of your own with powder, but you just end up with a gritty texture. By choosing to change the taste of your foods with Protein Seasoning, and its variations, you can get the protein you need with flavors you can enjoy.

What Makes Protein Seasoning Beneficial?

The Protein Seasoning mix comes with multiple flavors, which are much different from the usual seasonings. However, to give your body an extra dose of healthy protein, each blend contains 40% of the protein extracted from peas.

This type of protein has an impressive nutritional profile, other plenty of amino acids for a safe alternative to the protein you find in milk. You won’t even find any artificial ingredients in the blend.

Within each packet, you’ll get 13 grams of protein, which is about 25% of what you need in your diet daily. Protein is the largest contributor to your muscles, aside from water. By taking in enough protein regularly, you can improve your overall growth, and maintain the healthy structure of your bones.

Each packet contains about 130 calories, making it the perfect protein addition for consumers that are on a restricted-calorie diet. One of the biggest struggles during any diet for building muscle is balancing lower calories with increased protein. However, by using this seasoning, you can enjoy great flavors and all the benefits you need.

Using Protein Seasoning

One of the best traits of Protein Seasoning is how versatile it is. With three amazing flavors, you can essentially change the flavor of any different type of meal. It can help you flavor soups, stews, stir fries, hummus, and plenty of different meats.

If it’s an ingredient in your recipe, it can easily be sprinkled over your food for a taste of something different in your meal. If you want to create a sauce from this packet, you only need to mix in about 150ml of boiling water. It should be mixed completely before you add the sauce to your dish.

You can also make this packet into a marinade for one of the meats you want to add more flavor to. To create a marinade, you mix the packet with oil, and apply it to your meat. You can always mix it with potatoes or other vegetables as well.

Pricing for Protein Seasoning

For a 10-pack box of the Protein Seasonings, your cost will be £12.99. However, you have the choice between:

  • Thai Jungle Curry
  • Spanish Tomato and Chorizo
  • Mexican Pibil Stew

Due to the type of product the protein seasoning is, and due to the way that the return policy is set up, you only have 14 days from the date of your purchase to change your mind about the product. However, before you can set up a return, you need to speak with the customer service team to determine if you are eligible for a refund.

Contacting MyProtein Protein Seasoning

There are so many details about the seasoning online, but you may have questions that are not addressed here. If you want to know more about the Protein Seasoning blend, you can contact the company by phone.

They are based out of the United Kingdom, and you can call 0044 (0) 161 8131487 to speak with a representative. However, the hours that the department is available will depend on the day you call. On weekdays, you can reach someone from 8:00am to 8:00pm. However, on Saturdays, you can only call from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and those hours are shortened again on Wednesday to 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Protein Seasoning Conclusion

Protein Seasoning is completely different from the other seasoning available right now. Other products try to eliminate salt or calories, but they don’t supply you with the protein that you can benefit from.

If you want to transform your idea of diet food, Protein Seasoning can give you the nutrients you need.

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