Beet It – All Natural Beet Juice Sport Shots & Nitrate Nutriton Bars?


Beet It is a company that produces multiple types of products that contain the extracted juice of beets. These intense nutrients are perfect for consumers that live a highly active lifestyle, and that participate in sports.

What is Beet It Beet Juice?

Getting the best nutrition out of a daily diet is a priority for everyone. You need to make sure you’re consuming enough calories, and the right calories, to get the benefits that your body needs.

You require a certain level of nutrients, which is often achieved with a regular diet. However, when you need a boost, you want a vitamin or supplement that you can rely on, which you’ll find in the food products that Beet It offers.

Beet It offers three different methods of consuming beet juice for your health. There are many different benefits for consuming beet juice, since it has such an intense level of nutrients. If you include beets or beet juice in your diet, it:

There are too many benefits to consuming beets that you can’t just pass up. You need to include this substance in your diet, but you may not enjoy the task of beets. Luckily, that’s not a problem. With the remedies that you find with Beet It, the flavor of the beets is sweetened with either apple juice or lemon juice. If you’re ready to reap the benefits, it’s time to try Beet It products.

About the Brand

Beet It’s website states that it’s the leader in creating foods that contain beet juice, but that’s not how they began. Just 25 years ago, this company was pressing apples for their juices to distribute. While Beet It still participates in that pressing, their major products are their vegetables juices that are higher than the quality that you can find elsewhere.

Why is Beet It Good for You?

Beets are an excellent resource of nutrients, offering you nitrates to help you improve your performance in the gym and on the field. Nitrates are required in your body to use the amino acids and the protein you consume for your workout. Essentially, you can eat a healthy and protein-rich diet, but none of that matters without a healthy supply of nitrates to make absorption possible.

Beets also provide your immune system with an impressive amount of support. With essential nutrients, like potassium and manganese, this simple vegetable can support the processes of your bones, liver, kidneys, pancreas, nerves, and muscles. Whether raw or cooked, no one can argue the benefits of consuming beets on a regular basis.

Beet It Products

Beet It offers a few different methods of getting the daily vitamins that you need from their beet juice. You can drink the juice directly, but there are other ways to get the benefits of this important vegetable. Read on below to learn more about the products.

Beet Juice

The Beet Juice comes completely from the beet freshly, rather than coming from a frozen concentrate. The drink, like all the other products, are all-natural. In fact, you barely get anything except beet juice. To at a little smooth sweetness to this earthy flavor, the drink contains 90% beet juice and 10% apple juice.

Sport Shot

The Sport Shot offers a concentrated level of nutrients that the beet juice naturally offers. It’s a smaller dose that packs a big punch. This amount is perfect for someone who is about to participate in athletic activities, but needs the formula to absorb quickly. This formula contains a bigger concentration of the juice, with only 2% of the shot containing lemon juice for a more palatable taste

Sport Bar

The Sport Bar gives you a little bit of nutrients to satisfy your hunger, while delivering the nutrients of beet juice. Since it contains 53% oats, it helps to slowly release the nutrients throughout your body to give you lasting energy. This snack contains the smallest concentration of beet juice of any of the products at only 27%. The remaining 20% of the sport bar contains raisins, concentrated apple juice, and sunflower oil.

Where to Buy Beet It Products

You will not be able to purchase the Beet It products on the website. Instead, any online purchase can be made through Amazon or Lucky Vitamin. However, to find a local store, you can check your state on the “Where to Buy” section of the website for current store locations.

Contacting Beet It

Even with the information provided online about the brand, there’s always more questions that you may have. If you need to reach the company, their customer service team is available by phone or email.

To call the company, you can call 866-447-6177. However, if you are unable to reach them by phone, you can send a message to [email protected] instead.

Beet It Review Summary

Beet It is an excellent resource for consumers that are looking to benefit from beet juice, but do not want drink it in its purest and most concentrated state. With a couple of ingredients to lighten the taste, you don’t have to sacrifice the nutritional benefits. If you want to feel what beet juice has available to offer, Beet It can help you.

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