Pristine Aqua TI-8000: Advanced 7-Step Water Filtering Pitcher?


One of the most important necessity for one and their family is water. Unfortunately, most people are blissfully unaware of the quality of the water that they are consuming. Regardless of whether the water is bottled, filters, or is tap water, it is imperative to understand the quality so that one can protect themselves and their family. Those who are interested in a hassle-free method to ensure clear, crisp, and safe water may want to consider a new water pitcher that features a filtration system.

Called Pristine Aqua TI-8000 Water filtering Pitcher, this product may be just what one needs to clear away the contaminants, dangerous chemicals, prescription drugs, and like-substances.

What Is Pristine Aqua Water Pitcher?

Pristine Aqua Water Pitcher is a new device on the market that provides great value for water filtration and at half the price of competing water pitchers on the market. According to the brand, the pitcher is “the perfect solution for anyone looking to drink more healthy, life-restoring water” that is both less expensive and complicated than traditional whole-house filtration systems. With a pitcher such as this one, men and women can finally feel like they are getting value for their investment and that protects their health as well.

How Does Pristine Aqua Water Filter Pitcher Work?

Before choosing any product, it is important to verify that it works well enough to deliver upon expectations. In this case, Pristine Water Pitcher maintains that it is able to remove 99.8% of lead, fluoride, pesticides, prescription drugs, chlorine, and other contaminants from the water. To perform this function, the filter features several components, which are as follows:

  • Micron Filter Pad
  • Activated Carbon
  • Eagle Redox Alloy
  • Ion Exchange

Those who are interested in viewing where these components are situated can do so by looking at the image on the brand’s website. As for the components themselves, perhaps one of the most important is the activated carbon because it actually performs the filtration function. Once water passes through the activated carbon, the carbon removes chlorine, bad taste, chlorine, pesticides, and other chemicals. This filtration component is layered into the filtration device for multiple stages so that the water is available in its finest and safest form.

Pristine Aqua TI-8000 Water Filter Pitcher Features

Seven Stage Filtration

Next, the filtration system features seven layers in total which are the basis of the product’s “seven-stage filtration.” The downside is that the product’s website does not go into a substantial detail concerning the seven-stage filtration. If anything, it is possible to assume that the filter’s seven layers is what provides users with water that is 99.9% free from fluoride, lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals, bacteria, and parasites. By eliminating these substances from the water, the pitcher enables users to feel more comfortable with what they are drinking. Further, due to all of the layers, the pitcher filtration components last for about a month in a home with three residents, at most.

Notifies When To Change The Filter

Another interesting feature concerning this filter is that it features a mechanism that provides owners with a notification that it is time to replace the filter. According to the company, the mechanism is called a “smart digital counter” and it will provide users with an indication that they need to replace the filter. This notification system safeguards that the filtration system is in good condition and that the filters are able to provide the support that users need for clean and healthy water. The notification system also eliminates any guesswork concerning the filter.

A Sleek And Slim Design

There are few things worse than dealing with a heavy and bulky water filtration system that is incompatible with one’s home space. The good news is that when it comes to this filtration system, users need not have such concerns. The filter is described as “slim” and “sleek” on the brand’s website, which means that it will fit well on one’s refrigerator shelf or even on the door. Moreover, the filter features a lid that makes it very easy to pour water from so that one does not have to deal with any spills.

Certified by The Water Quality Association

Next, the Pristine Aqua Water Filtration System is certified by the Water Quality Association. The certification is described as an “independent, international testing facility that ensures manufacturer and water treatment facility claims are truthful.” This way, those who purchase this pitcher can feel confident that there is no interested party certifying or testing the pitcher – the filtration system is verified by a third-party to work well and deliver upon expectations. Further, the testing facility follows industry standards as well.

Additionally, the filter is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as well. As the brand explains, the NSF help protect the world’s food, consumer products, water, and the environment.

Positive Consumer Feedback

There are varies methods to determine whether a product is worth investing in, but one of the easiest and reliable is to check out customer reviews. In this case, the Pristine Aqua Water Pitcher has received positive feedback from the majority of customers. Those who are interested in learning about the TI-8000 Water Filtration System’s consumer feedback can do so on the brand’s website. There are various reviews that explain user experiences and what makes the pitcher a promising investment for clean and crisp water.

Satisfaction Guarantee

When purchasing a product, it is always preferable to opt for one that comes with a money-back guarantee. Here, Aqua Pristine offers users a satisfaction guarantee. Those who are dissatisfied with the pitcher for any reason can contact the brand for a full refund. The contact information to process refunds is available on the brand’s website and a response should follow quickly after sending the return request.

Pristine Aqua Water Pitcher Conclusion

Overall, those who are interested in a water filtration system that is bound to work well may want to give Pristine Aqua a chance. To learn more about this device and to place an order, just visit the brand’s website today.

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