ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench: Modular Exercise Equipment?


ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench are a set of workout equipment that helps consumers to get a workout in any area of their home, while still focusing on multiple areas of the body. The product is presently available through Indiegogo alone, because the company has not created a public platform to make the purchase.

What Are ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench?

Getting a good workout is primarily about getting to target the areas of the body that the user wants to handle. While their diet plays a role in how effective their exercise is, most consumers lack the gym membership and home equipment to work out each area. Furthermore, some people are limited in the space that they have at home with their other furniture, so adding a home gym can seem cumbersome. However, the creators of ALLN-1 Benches have developed a system that they believe could work for consumers.

ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench provides both flexibility of use and compact storage. The product was developed by the creator’s own funds, investing $100,000 to create and refine the product, eventually developing TrainCharge Fitness as the main company. The creator has a history as a fitness trainer for the last three decades, which may have given him a greater understanding of what consumers need as they work out.

The original reason that the creator made this product was to get the same performance as a hip thrust, but without the awkward motion in the middle of a gym. However, as the design evolved, consumers will now be able to perform at least 174 different exercises.

Many of the exercises involved are specific to weight lifting, though the website does not say exactly what consumers will get with their purchase. Each of the components can transfer the user’s machine into a different setup or position, depending on their workout routine. Consumers of all fitness levels can integrate this device into their goals, and the size should be adequate for additional weights as they progress in their routine.

Buying ALLN-1 Benches

To buy one of the ALLN-1 Benches, the total cost is typically $219 to help with the funding of the project. Right now, there is a discount available, letting consumers buy a second bench for half of the price of the original, which is just over $100.

The company asks that consumers that visit the website will share the content on their own social media profiles. This kind of exposure will help the company to get the entire project funded in a way that they can more publicly sell.

Contacting The Creator ALLN-1

Since the Indiegogo page for these ALLN-1 Benches does not offer much information to consumers, there might be other questions. There is nothing on the page that lets the consumer contact the company through Indiegogo, but they can visit their Facebook page, which says that their phone number is 888-858-7746.

ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench Conclusion

ALLN-1 Functional Fitness Bench comes with many benefits and plenty of different movements to help consumers to achieve their fitness goals. The cost is much less than what consumers can expect with a gym membership, and it is much cheaper than most equipment that is available nowadays. Consumers can keep it inside or bring it outside, depending on where they want to do the routine. One of the main benefits is the ability to use it for so many different exercises, but the website does not indicate how hefty it may be while moving it from place to place.

Before someone begins a new fitness routine, they should speak with their physician to make sure that the challenge meets their level. Luckily, with this kind of product, consumers can slowly progress to ensure that they keep challenging themselves in a safe way.

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