Zen Pro Review – Natural Cannabidiol CBD Supplement That Helps Reduce Stress & Pain Relief?


Zen Pro Review

Zen Pro is a new anti-anxiety cannabidiol nutritional supplement that claims to work by releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain for advanced pain and stress relief. Here’s our researched Zen Pro review.

What is Zen Pro?

Zen Pro is a CBD-based nutritional supplement that calls itself a “groundbreaking pain and stress relief miracle”.

CBD oil supplements are just now being released to the internet for sale and ZenPro is exclusively available online at a price of $47 for a monthly supply which comes included with a “Cannabis: The Holy Herb” e-book.

For those who are not familiar with the Cannabidiol (CBD) euphoria, it is the non-psychoactive compound of Cannabis and has been studied and linked to a wide range of positive effects and health benefits.

Though it is quite different than the marijuana extract THC, cannabidiol is naturally occurring within the Hemp plant and even the United States own government has a patent on it mentioning that it supports the nutrition of aging bodies and can act as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

Some of the promised benefits of Zen Pro CBD pill include:

— Block Toxic Stress
— Ignite Pain Relief
— Break Down Nutrients
— All the CBD Benefits without the THC High
— Fast Acting Extended Release Capsules
— Lab Tested Safety with No Side Effects
— Doctor Formulated, Clinically Proven

Some of the highly cited and notable effects of cannabidiol and cannabinoids include:

— Helps Fight Excessive Alcohol Consumption
— Reduces nausea and vomiting
— Suppresses seizure activity
— Helps manage pain relief
— Combats psychosis disorders
— Combats inflammatory disorders
— Combats neurodegenerative disorders
— Combats tumor and cancer cells
— Combats anxiety and depression disorders

To achieve these benefits, Zen Pro claims to use a high-potency CBD formula. This formula uses “natural” ingredients to alleviate stress and stop feelings of anxiety from reaching your brain while also helping release dopamine and serotonin.

That all sounds good – but does Zen Pro actually work? And is it safe to use without any negative side effects? Let’s dive in a little deeper.

How Does ZenPro Work?

Zen Pro’s manufacturer claims that it uses an all-natural cannabidiol formula derived from hempseed that is legal in all 50 states.

Unfortunately, that’s where the explanation of how Zen Pro works stops: the manufacturer provides no further information about how the supplement works other than stating quality research about the positive and uplifting effects of cannabidiol (cannabis CBD oil). Upon searching everywhere we could find, we still don’t know all the supplement facts and ingredients listed in the ZenPro supplement.

Instead, we’re just supposed to trust that the all-natural hemp formula is really safe and natural, toxin-free and does not contain synthetic stimulants or chemicals and has the proper CBD-hempseed dosage. It does seem it is a lot of trust to give to a nutritional supplement that is made by a relatively unknown company, but there is no shortage of new CBD health research that does hold a promising future.

Some of the more interesting clinical findings behind cannabidiol is its ability to limit neurological damage following a stroke or severe trauma, and also aids neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. On some level this could act as a nootropic but seems to have many more benefits outside of brain health and function.

Ultimately, if you like to know exactly what you’re putting into your body when you pop a pill, then you should consider reviewing Zen Pro a little more in-depth – especially when it promises to alter levels of key neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in your brain – but one thing is for sure, should ZenPro contain proper levels of CBD extract in each pill – this could be the right fit for you.

Zen Pro Ingredients

As mentioned above, the manufacturer of Zen Pro has chosen not to list all of its ingredients or at least has not made them readily available. Here's what we do know about Zen Pro's ingredients:

— They claim to be “all natural” & organic
— There's no prescription required
— It is *legal* in all 50 states
— It will not show up on any drug test
— The formula does not contain piracetam (this is revealed in a legal disclaimer that the company is forced to post)

Aside from this, we know nothing about the ingredients in Zen Pro other than the high CBD content. And while the rich cannabidiol hemp oils have been a hot commodity as of late, it would be nice to be able to see the entire scope of the Zen Pro supplement facts before purchasing online.

If we had to guess what the ingredients are in Zen Pro, then caffeine would be a good guess. Caffeine can inspire feelings of elevated mood and higher mental clarity – just like how you feel after you drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.

The lack of any ingredient information for Zen Pro is extremely worrying especially when you consider that the supplement promises to alter serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain – two neurotransmitters that play a key role on your mood. Altering these levels in the wrong way can trigger depression, thoughts of suicide, and other serious problems.

Zen Pro Pricing

Typically, when you want to buy a ‘on the border of legal vs illegal' supplement with no label displayed or scarce manufacturer information online, you might feel like ZenPro is a scam due to lack of transparency.

However, we do feel it is opposite the case with Zen Pro for a few reasons, which one is it is priced higher than most other nutritional supplements that contain rich CDB-hemp oil. One 30 capsule (monthly) package of Zen Pro is priced at around $50, although you can save money by ordering multiple bottles at the same time.

Here are all of the packages and deals available exclusively through GetZenPro.com:

— 1 Bottle: $51.95 ($47 + $4.95 Shipping)
— 3 Bottles: $99
— 5 Bottles: $135
— 7 Bottles: $161

Amazingly, the manufacturer of Zen Pro claims that you “Save $100” by buying the 1 bottle package of Zen Pro for $47. In other words, they claim that the average retail price is $147. But this is not out of this world when we compared it to Miracle Smoke Liquid CBD, SuperCBD, BioCBD Plus, Sol CBD and others.

You can pay using the secure online form at the official website. That form accepts all major credit cards.

Shipping is currently only available to the United States.

Who Makes Zen Pro?

You can contact the customer support team at Zen Pro by calling 844-823-2257 or by emailing [email protected]. Customer service is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday EST.

If you Google search that contact information, you’ll find that it has previously been associated with a smart pill called Geniux. There is no information about the manufacturer of either smart pill available online.

However, the terms and conditions section of the website does list an address for Zen Pro:

6100 Oak Tree Blvd
Independence OH 44131

When you look up that address, you’ll find that it’s a nondescript office building in a business park in suburban Cleveland.

Ultimately, Zen Pro isn’t just a bad dietary supplement: it’s a dangerous dietary supplement. Any time a supplement promises to affect neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, it’s a big risk. That risk is magnified when the manufacturer refuses to list any of its ingredients. Zen Pro doesn’t even explain how it works. For all we know, you could be taking a 200mg caffeine pill when you pop Zen Pro. When you combine this shady information with the high price tag of $50 for a monthly supply, it’s hard to recommend that anyone should purchase Zen Pro.

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  1. Seems weird that there is no web page, contact phone number on the bottles. The print is so small that you cannot read it. I have a notion to send this to the lab to be tested for ingredients. I was looking for CBD oil for pain. That is not what I got. It says 650 mg of hemp. There is a big difference between cannabis CBD and Hemp CBD as far as I can tell. I ordered some bottles then I start getting marketing calls from this company about gas cards, etc that costs $30 a month. I may have to cancel my card.

  2. I GOT FOR FREE……I DID NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT did not even know their was such a thing…But it came in the mail to me with my address and name…called the company and couldn’t understand her accent…SHE GAVE ME THE LAST 4 OF THE CARD…AND IT WAS NOT MY CARD.. asked her to send me a address envelope with postage paid so I could send it back. I did not want to get in trouble for some sort of scam but she did not understand me either her work id was 0164….I AM POSTING THIS so I have some sort of proff that I did not want and tried to send back BUT I AM NOT GOING TO SHIP BACK AT MY OWN COST SINCE I DID NOT ORDER.

  3. and Clare may be a shill..
    If you live in America a supposed free homeland. Then stand up and demand for the naturally grown substance be released from prohibition and no longer classified as contraband.
    The price of freedom is having our choices made for us and then being reassured by propaganda advertising that the choice made for us is in our best interests and the safety of the homeland.
    It grows perfect on the branch without running thru big pharmas pocket first, let alone turning it into a pill.
    c’mon people cant you see we are being bred into stupidity. Stupid do without question..intelligent ask questions and demand answers. which ine is easier to control??

  4. Maybe the site has been updated since this article was written, but I found where they listed all the ingredients and what each one does.

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