Potent Organics Chlorella

Potent Organics Chlorella is a chlorella extract produced by Potent Organics, a natural supplement company. Chlorella is an algae-based supplement with a multitude of health benefits. It is available on both Amazon and the Potent Organics website at a price of $17.97 for 180 capsules of 600 mg of organic chlorella.

What Is Potent Organics Chlorella?

Potent Organics Chlorella is one of a dozen different products manufactured by Potent Organics. According to the company’s website, they strive to only use quality ingredients in their natural supplements. They aim to maximize both the strength of potency of their supplements while also farming their ingredients in a way that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. Finally, Potent Organics says they work closely with nutritionists and health experts to educate their customers about healthy living, showing that they care about the health of their customers.

How Chlorella Cholesterol Reducing Detox Cleanse Works

Potent Organics recommends that people limit themselves to two capsules of Potent Organics Chlorella per day, in large part because of its high concentration. That means one bottle of 180 capsules should last roughly three months. However, users who can handle the potency of the supplement may take up to four per day, usually two at a time with a meal. However, any more than four capsules per day is not recommended.

Research suggests that taking chlorella supplements can start to improve cell activity in eight weeks. This helps the body to regenerate faster and provides a natural boost to the immune system. There are also suggestions that chlorella helps to regulate both cholesterol and blood glucose. It also aids in muscle development and fat reduction. Potent Organics also mentions that chlorella helps to clean the blood and can serve as an anti-aging supplement.

Potent Organics Chlorella Ingredients

Chlorella is the only ingredient listed in Potent Organics Chlorella aside from the capsule itself. It’s worth noting that chlorella is a single cell algae and a good source of natural chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps to protect the body from ultraviolet radiation and has also been used to help combat the negative side effects of chemotherapy. Chlorophyll also helps to naturally detoxify the body from harmful heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and lead.


Potent Organics Chlorella Benefits & Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, Potent Organics lists several health benefits of chlorella supplements. Potent Organics Chlorella separates itself from similar products by being more potent and being taken in capsule form, which helps to eliminate the bad taste that’s sometimes present in powders or tablets. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Of course, supplements aren’t designed to treat or prevent health issues. The statements made by Potent Organic about its products have not been evaluated by the FDA. There is also the possibility of gastrointestinal discomfort when taking Potent Organics Chlorella, most likely because it’s such a potent supplement.

Potent Organics Chlorella Conclusion

If you’re interested in taking an algae supplement, Potent Organics Chlorella may be right for you. It’s a potent supplement, so if you’ve never taken chlorella supplements in the past, you may want to ease yourself into it. However, there are enough reported benefits of chlorella to make it worth trying.


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