Plankpad – Fitness Plank Board Core Exercises & Back Workouts?


All, While Playing Games!

Looking for a new way to increase your workouts and have fun while doing it? Then read on! Plankpad was designed in the Netherlands but is receiving worldwide attention. It has been able to merge a solid workout while playing games on your mobile device.

This product was designed to help people who suffer with lower back pain, help people achieve the abs they have longed for, increase endurance, strengthen core muscles, and much more.

Most people hear (or read) the word plank, and think – no please no planks! One of the best exercises you can do, in a short amount of time, but proven to be one of the most gruelling ones. Why? Because it targets many muscles in your body and forces them to work together. Very few exercises can provide a full body workout, at a low impact level.

OK, back to the fun stuff. Plankpad is able to integrate with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and while you are enjoying a solid workout you are playing games at the same time.

The concept, is that because you are focused on playing the game, instead of counting the dreaded seconds, the time passes much faster. And, it helps you exceed personal bests and helping you reach your goals much faster. Oh, and while having a blast!

Why Is Planking Beneficial?

As we mentioned above, there are a ton of benefits to planking which is why it provides such a solid workout overall.

The benefits to planking are:

This exercise is beneficial in so many ways, specifically to help you strengthen your core and align your spine. Because the focus is found in the core muscles, it helps reduce back pain especially in the lower region.

The following muscles are activated while you are in the plank position; neck, arms, shoulders, chest, abdominals, back, glutes, and legs.

A Medical Professional’s Thoughts on Plankpad

A specialist for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, located in Aachen, expressed that he loves the idea of Plankpad. So much so, that he recommends that people incorporate it into their workout routines 3-4 times a week. And presently, a prototype of the Plankpad is being used at his clinic with some of his patients.

That’s one way to practice what you preach.

What are Others Saying About Plankpad?

Plankpad was tested among 100 family and friends, and a gym in Germany that is infamous for fitness experts and bodybuilders. Truth is, the folks at Plankpad were expecting criticism – instead, they received the opposite.

The responses included how much fun the activity was, they could feel the intensity, some exceeded their own believed limits, and each one wanted their own after testing this one out.

You might agree those are some hard to argue facts!

Plankpad Uses

In addition to being used for planking, Plankpad can also be used as a balance board. This helps target lower body muscles, increase balance, improve stability, work on reaction time and motor coordination and lastly, help prevent injuries.

And what better way to practice your balance than surfing or skiing right? The app can be projected onto your television screen and mimic skiing and surfing while you work those muscles. So much fun, that kids will love it too!

Plankpad Specs and Details


The Plankpad is made from long lasting, quality wood with a walnut finish.


The top is covered with a soft and sweat resistant foam.

Protection Mat

A special mat is included to place underneath the Plankpad to avoid slipping and protect your floors and eliminate noise.

Easy to Handle, Storage

This is not a bulky product and certainly isn’t heavy. It is described as easy to store and the handle makes for easy to carry.

Plankpad App

Now let’s talk a little bit more about the fun part! The app can be installed using iOS and Android smartphone or tablet. It comes with several workout challenges and games to choose from. The installation?

No problem – all you need to do is download the app, place it right on the Plankpad and it will synch your device to the Plankpad in no time. In addition, one of the features to choose from on the app is to teach you how to do the perfect plank.

How To Attain Your Own Plankpad

Plankpad is part of a Kickstarter project, and will be shipped as early as February 2018. To back this project, you have a few options to choose from starting at €58 for one Plankpad and the accessories and app included. Early Bird Specials are limited, so don’t delay!

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