pLaces GPS Laces – Fitness Activity & Running Tracking Wearable?


For many fitness goers, there are few things more refreshing, invigorating, and enjoyable than going for a good run. Those who love running are able to do so at any time of the day or night and in any kind of weather as well.

Unfortunately, running also has its dangers and challenges, Instead of putting oneself at risk, there are actually better ways to ensure constant monitoring regarding one’s location.

With that, this review would like to introduce pLaces GPS Laces. This product ensures that loved ones can keep track of those who are running and better yet, the tracking system isn’t noticeable by anyone.

About pLaces GPS Laces

pLaces GPS Laces is a GPS tracking device for runners and those who lead an active lifestyle. The GPS system is located within the shoelace and unlike most other systems, this one has a global range, it is discrete, and it keeps users safe and easily trackable no matter where they are. Those who use these laces can feel food that they are being watched over by family members.

On the other hand, those who are concerned about their loved ones can feel good that there is a way to keep track of them as they are out running.

Why Choose pLaces GPS Laces?

There are many reasons why pLaces GPS Laces are an optimal GPS tracking system for most runners and those who are constantly on the go.

Here are a few of the main qualities that make these laces a certain go-to option to stay safe and watched over:

Lightweight and Small

First and foremost, these laces are lightweight and small. These qualities enable users to run with ease and without having to worry about a phone or other product weighing them down in the process. The laces also fit into most shoes so that users don’t have an issue.

Completely Waterproof

Second, the shoelaces are completely waterproof. This feature ensures that users can run with places GPS Laces in any type of weather condition and be certain that they won’t break or become damaged because of the moisture. As the brand explains, users can even go jumping into a stream with the device and be ok.


Third, the device syncs with APP through the cellular network. This feature makes the GPS location of the user accessible to others on their mobile device. With this quality, users can stay safe and watched over by their loved ones.

Live Tracking

Fourth, the device features a live tracking mechanism. The tracking is in real time so that the GPS device is never “off” and is always accurate.

Rechargeable and a Long Battery Life

Finally, the product is rechargeable and it has a long battery life as well. According to the brand, the battery lasts for, on average, about 30 days with normal use. This long battery life enables users to use the product regularly without having to worry about charging or that it will run out of battery.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds pLaces GPS Laces to their lifestyle. This product ensures that users have all of the features they need for a good, safe, and quality run without traditional technology weighing them down.

Positive Feedback

Another reason to choose this product over others is that it has received a great deal of positive feedback from users. Those who have added the product to their lifestyle are glad that they can finally get a good run in, without the trouble of technology affecting the quality of their fitness efforts.

Those who are interested in viewing the testimonials can do so through the brand’s funding page on Indiegogo.

The Contents Of The Box

When ordering this device, buyers will receive a number of components. Here is what comes in the box when users receive their order:

  • pLaces Laces
  • pLace Pad
  • 1 Year of Free Service
  • A Mobile Application
  • User Manual

With each of these components, users can get started with the device right away. Further, all of the elements make it easy to use so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out the technology.

For Kids Too

Finally, this product comes in a version for children too. Parents who are worried about their children and where they are at all times when playing outside may want to choose pLaces as a great go-to option. Better yet, children don’t even know they are wearing a tracking device, but simply love the colors of the new addition to their shoes.

pLaces GPS Laces Review Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in a new and innovative way to stay safe while running or to track their loved ones who go for a run, then pLaces GPS Laces may just be the right option.

To order and to learn more, just visit the brand’s Indiegogo funding page today.

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