PiperWai Natural Deodorant review

PiperWai is a type of deodorant that controls body odor with the inclusion of charcoal and essential oils. The formula is offered in two different formats, and can be purchased with or without a subscription.

What Is PiperWai?

Deodorant is a common product in anyone’s bathroom cabinet. As soon as puberty hits, it becomes necessary to control the new perspiration, but the problem with many deodorants is the use of aluminum, which can be damaging to the body. Too many natural deodorants lose the ability to control wetness and odor because they lack the support in the ingredients. PiperWai offers something completely different.

PiperWai provides an aluminum-free formula that takes advantage of the properties of charcoal instead. The formula still is all-natural, using a blend of ingredients that are known for their role in disinfecting, eliminating bacteria, and extracting toxins. With activated charcoal, wetness is completely absorbed, since charcoal can absorb up to 1,000 times the weight of itself, which is more than enough to control sweating in a hot summer day.

The key to overcoming the disgusting odor that comes with sweating has nothing to do with perspiration itself. The skin is riddled with bacteria that reacts against it, and the right formula is needed to maintain the right level of control. Other brands fall short, but the key to PiperWai is to use the right ingredients to control the whole climate of the customer’s underarm.

How Does PiperWai Work?

The reason that the PiperWai formula works so effectively is due to the use of essential oils and charcoal. Charcoal is known for its purification purposes, helping to eliminate the bacteria that mixes with sweat to form the pleasant around.

However, it’s not enough to keep the bacteria controlled, so the essential oils handle the rest.

The essential oils include:

  • Bergamot, which disinfects and adds its own fragrance
  • Clary sage, which reduces the bacteria that causes bad odors
  • Clove leaf, to reduce inflammation and irritation
  • Eucalyptus, which can heal wounds and injuries
  • Lavender, to create a calming effect
  • Lemongrass, to tighten skin and vanquish bacteria
  • Mandarin, which helps to motivate cell regeneration
  • Peppermint, for a refreshing sensation on skin when the deodorant is applied
  • Rosemary, which is a frequent ingredient in toiletries for its ability to heal ad promote skin regeneration
  • Tea tree, to eliminate bacteria and odor, rather than mask it
  • Thyme, which eliminates toxins from the body.

With these essential oils, along with the purification properties, it’s easy to keep body odor at bay.

Using PiperWai

When using PiperWai, the application varies with the products. Most people are already familiar with the way that a stick of deodorant is applied. With the jar, the formula within is a crème deodorant, so it doesn’t follow the same application. Users will only need a pea-sized amount of the crème, which will then be applied to skin via massage, until it has completely vanished.

While some aspects of natural deodorants can irritate skin, PiperWai is meant to be used on any complexion, even if it is sensitive to certain chemicals. The formula’s nourishing ingredients, like shea butters and vitamin E oil, nourish the skin while the deodorant is applied, which means that the only concern of the user will need to be remembering to apply it after a nice shower.

Pricing For PiperWai

The price for PiperWai will depend on which one of the two formats that the customer selects. At the moment, the company offers a 2-ounce jar and a 2.7-ounce stick, which may be more familiar to consumers. The jar is available for $11.99, while the stick is offered for $16.99.

To lessen the cost, consumers have the opportunity to order the product as a part of the subscription to receive shipments regularly. Participation in a subscription will save 10% on either product.

Along with the ability to make a purchase online for PiperWai, consumers can also purchase the product in stores, depending on their location. To view all the stores available in the United States and Canada, visit https://www.piperwai.com/apps/store-locator. Unfortunately, a subscription option is only available if the purchase is made on the website.

Contacting The Creators Of PiperWai

With any new product, consumers should constantly able to address any concerns that they may have before the use of the remedy. The customers service department can’t be reached by phone, but they have an online form which can be filled in to submit an inquiry.

PiperWai Summary Review

PiperWai can be used by anyone that wants the natural defense against odors. While there are many different formulas available to consumers, this deodorant is one of the very few that uses essential oils, which have been used for centuries for their healing and nourishing properties. With the addition of charcoal and multiple natural softeners, PiperWai can easily become a part of anyone’s routine, even if they don’t prioritize natural and organic formulas.

To maintain the right level of freshness, anyone who uses PiperWai should complete its use within six months of the package being opened.


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