Ethical Naturals – Is ENI A Leading Botanical Ingredient Supplier?


ENI (Ethical Naturals) is a company that has perfected the art of bringing consumers the best botanical products with the only the highest grade natural ingredients.

About Ethical Naturals

You may have noticed ENI products being sold in health food stores, drug stores, and health care practitioner offices, as well as online retailers. ENI also offers one stop shopping for your convenience online, with savings as a result of purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

The Science Behind ENI Products

ENI does not just make the products that you will love, they put extensive protocols in place to ensure you get the very best product with only the most natural and effective ingredients. Every product ENI produces is evaluated for purity and potency, a process not all natural product companies do.

ENI wants to make sure that by the time you, and the customer receive the product, it has been tested rigorously, and passed ENI’s high standards, they want their customers to be completely satisfied and happy with their products. ENI uses the concept of “nature verified by science”.

Essentially, they are saying they rely on nature for the products, and combine science to ensure purity and potency, resulting in the best botanical products you can buy. ENI conducts continuous research and development to meet the needs of their customers. Their products evolve as their customers' needs change, and new discoveries are made between science and nature.

When you receive products from ENI, you can trust that it has been guided from field to finished product by people that truly care about the products they deliver.

How Does Instaflex Advanced Work?

ENI carries a complete line of the most sought after botanical extracts, including Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed, Milk Thistle, and many more, all covered by their comprehensive testing protocol, so that you, the consumer are delivered the very best products available.

Unlike many retailers that sell natural vitamins and botanicals, ENI has no minimum order requirements. They are so confident that you will love their product, they know you will be a repeat customer for sure. ENI products come in a wide range of options, such as directly off the shelf, in bulk capsule form, cartons, or pre labeled bottles.

ENI products are available for companies to purchase, and can have products blended to their exact specifications. ENI provides their expertise in the blending process, resulting in products that are unsurpassed in quality. ENI’s innovative approach to developing their products from field to finished product allows them to keep costs under control, with the savings passed on to you.

Why Choose ENI?

ENI uses premium extracts and the most innovative ingredients available. The encapsulation and bottling is all done under one roof, resulting in a fresher product and lower cost to the consumer. Everything is done at their facility, including formulation, testing, and bottling. This allows ENI to ensure proper protocol, including testing, blending, and handling of their products.

Their in house laboratory is always working to ensure they deliver only the purest and best products available. ENI sells products that consumers demand. Visit their website for a complete list of products available. Why buy products from other companies that have been manufactured, processed, stored, and shipped place to place prior to reaching you? Buying directly from ENI eliminates all of the middle-man process, and gets you the freshest product available.

ENI’s extensive range of products are featured in hundreds of dietary supplements and food products in health food stores, leading grocery stores, drug stores, and medical offices. Don't be left out of purchasing the best botanical products at the best prices, your competitors won't be. You will have the confidence to sell ENI products based on the first hand information, with the list of natural ingredients and botanicals, you will sell the products to your customers with the extensive knowledge of how the products are made, and formulated to the highest standards in the industry. Great products make for great and happy customers.

There is no longer a reason to settle for products that may say natural, and yet be anything but. Trends come and go with health food products, which can mean that products can be moved to a back shelf and stored until consumer demands are up for that particular product.

How fresh can that be? How happy will the customer be that purchases that product? Thanks to ENI, you do not have to settle for products that have been stored and shipped around the world. The peace of mind found in a product with consistent quality and reliable safety standards is now readily, and easily available at ENI.

Innovation at ENI

Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI) manufactures Green Grown vegetable Glucosamine, and has perfected a system to identify the source of the Glucosamine and determine if it is derived from vegetable or shellfish. The important factor is that Glucosamine sourced from shellfish is less expensive to produce, but if used by unsuspecting vegetarian customers, can in fact create a very dissatisfied consumer.

ENI lists all product ingredients clearly on their labels, so there is no question as to what was used to produce the high quality product. This is also very beneficial as shellfish allergies can be a serious condition for some people.

ENI’s mission statement of nature verified by science, provides the assurance that every product has passed their high quality standards and will provide the optimal ingredients in the products purchased. ENI is now offering ready-for-retail capsules, available in a shellfish formula or as a vegetarian formula, both are clearly labeled.

ENI is currently offering a free sample of Alpha Wave, one of their new products. Aside from water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world. Tea has natural antioxidants and calming properties to help with insomnia, anxiety, and producing a general calming effect. Alpha Wave has adopted the properties of green tea and perfected the L-Theanine found in green tea leaves, to use in Alpha Wave. The results are a calmer you, and the ability to allow you to maintain focus without drowsiness, simply a state of well being.

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