PhysioCue – Effective Daily Hypertension Therapy?


Health problems can be a scary experience and the reason for a lot of anxiety.

In the world we live in it seems that the number of health related issues grows at a faster rate than solutions.

One of the health problems plaguing many Americans today is Hypertension. For anyone who doesn’t’ know hypertension is, It is abnormally high blood pressure that can result in heart disease or stroke.

Scary stuff.

This is a problem that mainly effects patients that are 40 years old or older but because of the contemporary diet anyone can be stricken by this problem.

This is just one of the many threats that can dramatically affect our health, which is why a number of companies exist to mitigate the issue.

Many treatments are available for hypertension, some more effective than others, and these treatments give hope for people currently suffering with this condition.

One of the companies aboard this hope train have invented a product that has been proven to dramatically assist people struggling with hypertension.

The name of this company is PhysioCue and the product that they have created is definitely a game changer.


PhysioCue’s mission is to provide innovative, immediate wellness therapies that enable patients to live healthiers, happier, and longer lives.

It is a mission that they strive to make a reality every day since this company’s inception, three years ago.

This medical technology research and development company is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, which is known to produce many companies with bold and audacious ideas.

PhysioCue is not a complex company. They do not make a number of products to battle hypertension. No, this company makes one product to battle hypertension and they’ve doubled down on it to ensure it’s an all-inclusive solution.

What this company has done is nothing short of amazing. PhysioCue has developed a hypertension treatment that is non-invasive, safe, cost-effective, and offers immediate results.

People who take hypertension medications have surely never seen or used anything like PhysioCue before in their lives.

That’s because this technology is cutting edge and the first of it’s kind. Nothing less is expected from a company stationed in Silicon Valley.

Although PysioCue is not a replacement for hypertension medication, it is certainly just as effective, if not more so.

This product is just a glimpse of what is to come in regards to the future of medical care. What exciting times we’re living in!

But now that we’ve taken a glimpse into this company, let’s check out exactly how this product works.

PhysioCue Process

The process of using PhysioCue is pretty straightforward.

Because of this easy process, even geriatric patients will be able to use this device with little difficulty.

The first step is to place the mechanical-thermal stimulus tip to the carotid sinus area of the neck. When done, this activates the baroreceptors which are on the carotid artery.

The nerves associated with the baroreceptors will signal for the parasympathetic nervous system which wakes up the vagus nerve.

Once the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged it will cause two things to happen; Vasodilation of the peripheral arteries and veins and lowering of the pulse.

When this process is practiced for 30 to 35 consecutive days it can cause a lowering of the blood pressure for 24 hours, which is simply amazing.

All of that probably sounded extra dense and technical but all people need to know is that their blood pressure can be lowered by applying a device to their neck daily.

It’s really that simple.

And that’s the beauty of this whole process. It’s so simplistic that there’s no excuse for patients to not use it.

Patients may give every excuse in the book why they can’t take their medication, but anyone can place a handheld device on their neck.

Another outstanding benefit of this product is there are no side-effects associated with it. That’s usually the down-side of taking medication, the side-effects are normally worse than the initial condition.

And PhysiCue is just getting started. This product will continue to be improved upon and maybe more products that are solutions for other health problems may be introduced into the market, who knows.

This company is doing its part in making the world a better place and hopefully other companies will follow suit.

Health is Within Reach

PhysioCue is a company that aims to produce innovative products that will improve the quality of our health and lives.

There first product does just that.

This product is easy to use, innovative, cost-efficient and has no side effects. And yet, it is more effective than most hypertension solutions available.

It is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from hypertension, no matter their age, they will be able to use this product easily.

Let us hope that this company continues to offer similar products so more lives will be positively affected as a result.

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