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Qardio Review – Should You Buy?

Qardio is a lineup of smart health devices that help you track your blood pressure and weigh your body, among other things. Here’s our Qardio review.

What is Qardio?

Qardio sells smart medical devices that seamlessly transmit information with your doctor and with your smartphone or tablet.

The company currently offers two core products (both of which are FDA-approved). Those core products include QardioArm, a smart blood pressure monitor, and QardioBase, a wireless weight scale.

Qardio also makes a third product, the QardioCore EKG monitor targeted towards doctors.

Together, these devices measure things like your weight, heart rate, and blood pressure. Your doctor can track all of this information using a platform called QardioMD.

Doctors can opt-in to the QardioMD program. If you own Qardio devices and your doctor has opted in, then you’ll receive an email asking you to opt-in. From that point forward, data from your Qardio devices will be shared continuously until you turn it off.

The products are specifically designed to help people with chronic conditions – like hypertension. Instead of going to the doctor anytime you’re feeling “off”, you can share data with your doctor remotely, and the doctor can tweak your prescription without seeing you face-to-face.

“Doctors were telling us, ‘We wish we had a way to get the data from the patient to save time and money coming to my office, and I will save valuable time taking blood pressure the patient can take at home,’”

explained Qardio’s marketing vice president Martina Janeckova in a statement to MacWorld.

All medical data is stored and processed in the cloud. That data can also connect to mobile health platforms like S Health and Apple Health (on your Samsung phone or iPhone). Qardio then uses algorithms to categorize your measurements and color-code information if doctors need to act quickly.

Qardio Products

Qardio’s products include the two consumer products (the QardioArm and QardioBase) and the doctor-targeted QardioCore product. Here’s a brief overview of each:

QardioArm ($99)

QardioArm calls itself a smart blood pressure monitor for your daily life. It comes in a stylish carrying case, which means you won’t look weird carrying it around with you. It promises to give you a medically-accurate reading anytime, anywhere.

The device works similar to a standard blood pressure monitor. You wrap it around your arm, and the connected device records that information.

Your blood pressure is measured three times with each reading to ensure an accurate measurement.

You can monitor your own blood pressure on a color-coded WHO chart that lets you know exactly what each number means. You can also setup reminders for routine measurements to ensure you’re keeping track of your blood pressure as often as possible.

Each blood pressure monitor is priced at $99. You can choose from a range of seven different colors.

QardioBase ($149.99)

QardioBase is a smart scale and body analyzer that gives you your weight and full body composition with every reading. There’s a pregnancy mode as well as the ability to add multiple users.

By using the QardioBase regularly, Qardio claims you’ll be able to “know your body, not just your weight”. You’ll be able to tell if you’re burning fat and gaining muscle, for example, or whether you’re losing real weight and not just water weight.

Your measurements include stats like BMI, fat, bone, and water composition. This information is tracked with charts and graphs. Plus, all members of your household are recognized automatically by your device.

All data is synced via Wi-Fi so you can access it on all connected devices.


QardioCore is a wearable EKG that tracks your body temperature, respiratory rate, activity level, heart rate and HRV, stress, and other key measurements.

It’s a 3-lead wireless EKG/ECG that wraps around your chest. You can view and record live continuous EKG/ECG data on your iOS device and share that information automatically with your doctor.

Qardio claims that their QardioCore is based on military technology and “is the winner of many prestigious awards for its innovative technology and design.”

The QardioCore is not yet available for sale. However, you can sign up to be notified in the future.

How to Buy Qardio Products

Qardio products are available at major retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, Target, Best Buy, and Apple Stores.

The QardioArm and QardioBase are available for $99 and $149.99, respectively. The QardioCore’s pricing details have not yet been released.

About Qardio

Qardio (pronounced “kwar dee oh”) was launched by Marco Peluso in 2012 after his father suffered a stroke. Marco and founder Rosario Iannella were frustrated by the lack of modern, powerful, affordable solutions in personal healthcare.

The company has won a number of awards over the years. QardioBase won a 2016 Red Dot Award for Product Design, for example, in March 2016, and won a CES 2016 Innovation Award. You can see a full list of awards here:

Today, the company is based at the following location:

Qardio, Inc.
115 Sansome Street, Suite 888
San Francisco, CA 94104

The company also maintains European and Asian offices, which you can view here:

To get in touch with the company email [email protected]

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