Levro – Kevin Levro’s Revolutionary Sports Supplement Brand?


The supplement industry is packed to capacity with companies that offer lackluster products.

This is unfortunate for those of us who want to take our health and fitness to the next level. As if that feat wasn’t tough enough the difficulty is compounded by the fact that these companies make us shift through garbage just to find a product of quality.

This time consuming endeavor often leads to a loss in resources, energy, and trust in the supplement industry as a whole.

Who can we trust when everyone seemingly is trying to meet their bottom line?

Even if we go to retail stores that sell supplements they often are unaware of what they are talking about, or worse, they don’t even care to provide accurate information.

This information may be overwhelming but it is important to remember that there are still ethical supplement companies out there, albeit they are amongst many phonies.

These companies are waiting patiently for us to discover them. Mainly this occurs through word-of-mouth or luck, but fortunately reviews like this one exist to help steer customers in the right direction.

One of the companies getting a lot of attention at the moment is Levro supplements. Let’s hope the offer a refreshing change to the norm.

Levro Supplements

Levro Supplements isn’t your typical supplement company. No, they are far from that.

Why is this? Because, this company isn’t owned by any casual fitness practitioners or people who thought it's a good idea to start a supplement company. No, this company is owned by a god in the bodybuilding community.

Kevin Levrone.

For anyone who doesn’t follow bodybuilding and therefore have no idea who this man is, he’s not just a body builder, he’s THE bodybuilder.

Kevin Levroe IFBB Hall of Famer and has one of the most impressive bodybuilding track records of all time.

This guy is a pure monster at what he does. A quick google will leave those ignorant of his existence in awe of his size and proportions.

In short; he obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to making the body do what one wants it to do.

Because of this, Kevin felt that he was the perfect person to start his own supplement company. Makes sense.

Who better to tell consumers how to achieve a dynamic body than someone who has done that professionally over a couple of decades?

Now, objectively, just because someone is a fitness icon does not mean they are fit to develop their own supplements. If that were the case every bodybuilder on the planet would be walking around with their own personalized brand.

So to say Kevin Levrone is offering quality supplements by virtue of being the owner of the company only makes sense if he uses his own products and therefore demand products of the highest quality.

Nowhere on his site does he say he actually uses his own supplements, but rather he knows what people want and need.

Which means that it’s still a gamble when trying out these supplements, but the odds are in the consumers favor. Someone of this stature wouldn’t risk damaging their reputation by putting out nonsense.

Moving on.

Levro Goods

Levro supplements has a catalog of fifteen products that aim to help people up their level of fitness.

These products include but are not limited to:

  • LevroAminoSurge
  • LevroAminoTab
  • LevroBCAA
  • LevroCrea
  • LevroLEAN
  • LevroLegendaryMASS
  • LevroMono

Usually when visiting supplement company websites, the user would experience the customers products to be neatly laid out and grouped into categories.

That is not the case with Levro. For consumers to know what this company offers they’ll have to visit each product page individually, which is unfortunate time-wise.

The product pages may be poorly designed, but they do offer a good deal of information about each product Levro offers.

A vast summary is offered so that consumers have a firm understanding of why the product is important and what it will do for them.

Followed by the summary is a list of studies that back up the claims of the preceding summary, just in case people want to do their own research.

The only thing that could make these product pages better is a list of what actually goes into each formulation. Transparency goes a long way and Levro must put more effort in that department if it wants to be the best out.

Should You Buy Levro Supplements?

So, what have we learned about Levro Supplements?

The company is owned by famous Bodybuilder Kevin Levroe. Kevin believes his supplements to be amongst the best out given his expertise.

Levro has a good number of supplements and a lot of information is provided about them, although transparency is lacking.

All-in-all, Levro supplements sound like a sound investment, but to say they are the best supplement company out would be a stretch.

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