PetiCare – Professional Pet Nail Trimming LED Light System?


PetiCare is a nail clipper that offers magnification and lighting to make it easier to cut the nails of pets, but with better precision than comparable items. The product is available as part of a double offer to help consumers get more value for the money they spend.

About PetiCare

Keeping pets healthy and safe is an important part of being an animal owner. Even though there are plenty of ways to support the nutrients that these pets need, their grooming is just as important. While many people think that grooming is more of a luxury, the simple act of taking care of a pet’s coat and paws helps them to stay healthy. Clipping the nails is the most tedious task to do at home, but the PetiCare clippers make it easy and safe.

PetiCare takes home grooming to the next level. Instead of trying to balance the limited view that most consumers have of their pet’s paws, this device offers a bright LED light that illuminates the area for a clearer view. Even if your pet moves around frequently during this maintenance, the view is made even better with the use of a 5x magnification mirror. Rather than resulting in injury, these safety precautions help to ensure that the nails are clipped evenly and safely with the Quick Clip Trimmer.

There is no point in paying someone else to do something that you can do at home. With the PetiCare device, consumers can trust that their dog or cat is in good hands.

Using PetiCare

When the user takes out the PetiCare, the first thing that they need to do is to turn on the LED light. This light offers illumination around the site, but it also shows the end of the vein in the claw, ensuring that the user will not cut too far.

Press down on the handle to quickly cut the nail, once it is lined up. The clipper stores all the removed nails in the nail trapper to ensure that the pieces will not be left on the floor.

The best way to groom a pet is from home, reducing the amount of stress on an animal from venturing somewhere new. Furthermore, this consistency and lack of pain will help the pet learn to trust their owner more. There is no limit listed on the animals that consumers can clip the nails of. However, the advertisements suggest that it is only meant for dogs and cats.

Pricing For PetiCare

Typically, the total cost for the PetiCare is $19.99, plus the $4.99 shipping and handling fee. However, the website presently has a promotion that allows consumers to purchase a second set for $9.99, which is 50% off the regular pricing.

Even if the user finds that the PetiCare does not help them in the way that it should, the product can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Contacting The Creators Of PetiCare

Even though the website offers certain information about the PetiCare device, consumers may want to learn more information before they commit to the purchase. The customer service team can be reached by calling 866-612-0299.

PetiCare Review Summary

PetiCare is an essential accessory for every pet owner. Whether the animal is big or small, every animal needs their nails clipped once in a while. Rather than dealing with groomers and the stress of your pet, the PetiCare makes this small grooming session much simpler and easier.

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