Perricone MD – Anti Aging Skin Care Led By Science?


In a world where beauty products line the shelves, it’s hard to know exactly which formula will work and which products are a total waste of money. Women, in particular, are looking for a product that will help them look younger and more vibrant.

According to Dr. Perricone, who is the maker and developer of Perricone MD, he believes that in order to get outstanding results, there is more to beauty than just what is in a cream or a bottle of serum. Dr. Perricone state that he discovered early in his medical career that beauty is indeed more than just skin deep.

The dermatologist noticed a connection between skin conditions and inflammation, so he came up with a three-step process to nourish the skin, help eliminate skin problems and provide a more youthful appearance.

Perricone MD Three-Step Process

Early in Dr. Perricone’s career, he knew that inflammation was associated with skin conditions such as, skin cancer, acne, and wrinkles. From this knowledge, he created a three-step holistic approach that combines an anti-inflammatory diet with nutritional supplements and advanced skin care products.

According to the Perricone MD website, there are a variety of antioxidants that are vital to skin health. Dr. Perricone suggests starting at the nutritional level to ensure you are feeding your body the necessary nutrients to promote good skin health. He also recommends supplements to ensure that the skin has the ability to fight inflammation, disease, and signs of aging.

The doctor then goes beyond diet and supplements to the actual products which the website claims are holistic. These products are claimed to have been scientifically tested and many of the brand’s products contain high amounts of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Perricone MD Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Dr. Perricone recommends an anti-inflammatory diet and gives several examples of skin healthy food. The following is a partial list:

  • High-quality proteins such as fish, shellfish, and tofu
  • Low glycemic carbohydrates found in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes
  • Healthy fats such as those found in cold-water fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil.
  • 8-10 glasses of filtered water
  • Antioxidant-rich beverages such as green tea, dandelion tea, and juices such as pomegranate
  • Avoid sugary and high starch type of foods
  • Avoid “diet” foods, processed meats and foods high in chemical preservatives
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Avoid Stress
  • Exercise moderately at least four times per week
  • Eat three meals per day and add two healthy snacks such as turkey or nuts

Perricone MD Skin Care Supplements

The website for Perricone MD products states that in addition to a good anti-inflammatory diet, that certain supplements can also help to promote better skin health. Dr. Perricone states that it’s important to nourish the body in addition to the skin since good health leads to healthier looking skin. Here are some of the suggestions:

Omega 3 Supplements – May help elevate mood, regulate weight and supports heart health. The Perricone MD website also claims that the Omega 3 supplement will hydrate dry skin from within.

Health and Weight Management Supplements – Contains powerful antioxidants for a healthier body and more beautiful skin.

The Metabolic Support Supplement – Promotes healthy weight and also contains Evening Primrose thought to improve skin radiance.

Skin Clear Supplements – Also containing Evening Primrose and antioxidants. The makers of Perricone MD claim that this product will promote better-looking skin from the inside out.

Super Berry Powder With Acai – May help protect the skin from free-radicals. Also touted to defer the visible signs of aging.

Perricone MD Anti-Aging And Skin Care Products

The Perricone MD website has many products with detailed descriptions to help consumers make an informed choice on what product works best for a particular concern or skin care problem including aging and wrinkling. Some of their most popular items are:

  • Cold Plasma – Addresses the most visible signs of aging
  • Multi-Action Overnight Treatment – Reduces fine lines, improves skin texture
  • Face Finishing Moisturizer – Unique formula hydrates skin
  • High Potency Face Firming Activator – Refines the look of enlarged pores
  • Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum – Reduces the look of dark circles
  • Fabulous Eyes In A Flash – Tightens upper eyelid
  • Re:Firm – Tightens, tones, and firms skin appearance
  • Blue Plasma – Resurfaces and reveals new skin
  • Hyalo Plasma – Imparts visible suppleness and radiance
  • OVM – Improves skin texture and firmness
  • High Potency Evening Repair – May minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint – Oil free moisturizer that gives just a hint of tint
  • Firming Neck Therapy – Improves skin texture and elasticity
  • Vitamin C Ester 15 – Brightens skin for improved skin tone and radiance

Perricone MD – Anti-Aging Miracle?

The website for Perricone MD is extensive, informative and very time-consuming. There is a lot of information available covering everything from diet and exercise to the skin care products that are available for purchase. One thing blatantly missing from the website are any customer reviews or testimonials.

In looking further than the Perricone MD website, there are many reviews about many of the products and it would seem that most people have been happy with their purchases. More than 50% of consumers gave Perricone MD products a 5-Star rating while less than 10% gave the products only a 1-Star rating. Price, customer service and their recurring billing and shipment program were reasons for dissatisfaction.

For those that love the Perricone MD products, words like “miraculous” and “best ever” were heavily used. For consumers that can afford to pay high-end prices for the line of products offered, it seems like most of them are very satisfied with Perricone MD. The website also offers a 10% discount when bought on a recurring billing and shipment cycle.

Where To Buy Perricone MD?

Consumers have a choice when it comes to buying the Perricone MD products. Their entire line is listed on the manufacturer’s website and they offer standard shipping and a reasonable return policy. If bought outside of their website, consumers will need to deal with retailer directly if requesting a refund.

Many upscale beauty stores offer Perricone MD, including, Ulta and Sephora. Some of the Perricone MD product line is also featured on QVC and can be purchased at Guthy Renker.

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