Pedalium Murex – Does Herbal Gokhru Boost Testosterone Levels?


Pedalium is a plant of the genus Pedaliaceae that is comprised of one species, the Pedalium Murex. The plant is widely distributed in parts of India, Sri Lanka, and some parts of tropical Africa. Pedalium Murex is the botanical/scientific name, with most people knowing it by its English name: the Large Caltrops.

The local Indians call it the Bara Gokhru. This is the most important and most useful traditional medicinal herb in India. Every single part of the tree is known to have a very important medicinal value, causing the plant to be exploited highly for commercial purposes.

The plant has been hugely utilized and considerable progress made concerning its chemistry and biological activity. The plant is nowadays considered a unique product in the development of medicines to fight various diseases worldwide.

Most of its biological compounds have been isolated and used for pharmacological purposes. This is one of the most researched herbs in the world.

The plant is a fruit bearing herb that has a long history intertwined with the Tribulus Terrestris, with both sharing various visible similarities. However, the fruits of Tribulus Terrestris are now studied more than those of the Pedalium Murex.

The plant is a fleshy succulent diffuse with several branches, and it grows up to 38cm in height. The roots of the plant are white-like in appearance and emit musk like a sweet aroma. The leaves look fleshy, simple, ovate-oblong, and alternate.

The fruits of the plant are sharp, angled with stout and have conical horizontal spines from all the angles. When the stems and fruits are agitated in cold water, they turn tasteless with colorful thick mucilage which is highly regarded for its medicinal purposes.

In India, extracts of the fruits together with the Tribulus Terrestris are given to men with impotence problems to help boost their testosterone levels. Most pharmacologists have testified to the extracts being effective in reducing the cases of impotence in men, with results being long lasting. Most herbal preparations prepared in India for the purposes of boosting men’s sexual abilities are usually referred to as Gokhru, whether it has the Pedalium Murex ingredients or not.

This goes to show the history of the plant in dealing with impotence issues in men. The plant has several medicinal uses, and in a short while, we will get to discuss some of the uses and benefits of this herb in the health of humans.

India is one of the leading countries in medicinal herbal plants in the whole world, and the Pedalium Murex takes center stage in leading the way. The chemical constituents of this plant show a wide variety of phytonutrients and flavonoids that are crucial to human health.

Some of the compounds in the plant include:


Alkaloids, stable oils, resins, aromatic oils, carbohydrates, glycosides, triterpenoids, and saponins


Phenolic compounds, reducing sugars, alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpenoids, saponins and xanthoproteins.


Herman, tannins, saponins, carbohydrates and the phytosterols


Alkaloids, flavonoids, resin, proteins, steroids and saponins

Uses and Benefits

Pedalium Murex is a plant with rich medicinal properties that has been used since the ancestral periods to help cure various ailments and medical conditions in people. Understanding the various properties of the plant will help us understand better what the herb does. The following are some of the properties of the herb:


Active against bacteria, helping to fight harmful bacteria on the skin or any affected part of the body.


Reduces inflammation by acting on the body’s mechanisms that lead to inflammation.


Promotes a healthy reduction of lipid levels in the blood. The herb can help maintain a healthy balance of lipids in the body, leading to general well-being.


Works effectively in reducing and treating kidney stones. It is a great way to treat or prevent kidney stones in people who are at a high risk of developing them.


Stimulates sexual desire, especially in men. This is by far the most important property that has been exploited several times to help men with a low sperm count. It improves the libido of men and makes them feel confident, with results from its use being more helpful than even those of Viagra.


Prevents or heals ulcers. It can be used to treat and heal ulcers of many kinds.


Prevents damage to the liver.


Restores and improves the health and well-being of people.


Protects the kidneys.

The properties of the herb are numerous, which goes to show the important role the herb plays in the health of humans. It is one of those herbs with a myriad of uses that have been exploited for commercial purposes.

Most important of the uses of Pedalium Murex is its aphrodisiac effects. One of the outstanding effects of the herb is that it delivers almost permanent results. In research, scientists made the extracts of the herb by grounding a fine powder and mixing it with 95% alcohol.

The alcohol was then filtered and the extract obtained. The effect of the extract was then to be compared with that of sildenafil citrate (SC), the active ingredient in Viagra. All rodents that had the extract saw their testosterone levels raised after four weeks.

The highest dose that worked was 150mg/kg body weight of the rodents. The effect did not kick in immediately, but once it turned up, the effect seemed to be semi-permanent with the levels of testosterone in rats remaining high for up 14 days after use was stopped.

The same results worked for men in studies on humans, which goes to show the effectiveness of the herb in helping solve infertility cases in men. The effect of the herb makes it an ideal aphrodisiac and a potent fertility enhancing drug.

Other Medicinal Uses of the Herb

The plant has been traditionally used to treat various ailments and is still used today. A decoction of the fruit given daily can help cure cases of diarrhea in children within a period of 2-3 days. The herb is also known to treat painful urination and gonorrhea. A fresh infusion of the herb’s leaves is used to treat such ailments by agitating it in a cup of water and taking it for 10 days. A decoction of the fruit together with the roots can be taken orally to treat syphilis.

For external use, the herb can help treat swelling and itching on the skin. The anti-microbial properties of the herb ensure that it kills bacteria on the part of the skin affected. The anti-ulcer properties of the herb make it a good choice for treating people with ulcers. The aqueous extracts of the fruit are highly regarded as anti-ulcerogenic due to the flavonoids and mucilage in them.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit make it a good choice for fighting inflammation in the body. Various parts of the herb, including the roots, leaves, and seeds have been documented to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Risks And Side Effects

The herb is quite great with very minimal side effects and risks. High dosages of up to 200mg per kg have failed to show any toxicity in rats. The same can be said of the petroleum ether extract from the leaves of the herb.

One cannot even compare the benefits of the herb to the side effects, as the benefits are way above any side effects that have been observed. Pedalium Murex is quite safe and can be taken orally.

It is one of the safest herbs available, with every part of the plant being edible. A decoction of 5-10ml can be taken daily while the powder of the leave can be taken in doses of up to 10 grams. The recommended dosage for the fruit and roots is 3.5 grams. Oral consumption of the dose has shown no side effects, making it safe to use.

Top Pedalium Murex Products

There are hundreds of products out there with Pedalium Murex as the main ingredient. Almost all male testosterone boosters have the ingredient in one form or the other. Most products are in powder form that can be mixed with water and consumed orally. Other products have been combined with other ingredients and come as supplements.

Pedalium Murex Review Summary

The Pedalium Murex herb is one of the few plants that have been widely accepted for medicinal uses worldwide. It has been widely exploited for various uses, both traditionally and commercially. It is still used now to treat impotence cases, with the affected individual taking daily decoction doses.

It has a wide variety of benefits that include reducing inflammation, constipation, and respiratory problems. Individuals that suffer from a burning sensation when urinating can get relief by taking a dose of the herb for a few days. The fact that its testosterone producing capabilities seem permanent makes it a great herb that one must have in the garden.

It is completely safe with all parts of the plant edible. Each part has a great medicinal value, and this has been exploited traditionally and commercially. Most scientists have gone the extra mile to extract the compounds in the herb and use it for various medicinal purposes, confirming the traditional uses the herb has had since the ages of our ancestors.

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