King Oyster Mushroom – Healthy Recipes, Beneifts & Nutrient Uses?


King Oyster Mushroom is a one kind of mushroom that looks like oysters, only that it is bigger than other mushrooms in the same categor. Some of the names that can be used to refer to it include Pleurotus eryngii, King Brown, French Horn, King Trumpet Royale, and Eringi.

It is known to grow in a number of places but is quite common in Asia, Africa, and Central Europe. It is mostly known for its healing properties and for promoting good health overall. Very commonly used in preparation of meals in restaurants, King Oyster Mushroom has a pleasant taste, less like a mushroom and more like shellfish.

To differentiate this kind of mushroom from others, take a look at its appearance. It mostly appears white in color, though it may look a bit yellow depending on where it grows. These mushrooms normally have a long stem that is quite thick and a tiny cap if it is grown indoors. If it is found outside, it has a slightly different form in that it has a thinner stem and a larger cap.

Uses & Benefits of King Oyster Mushroom

Meal Preparation

King Oyster Mushroom really improves the taste of food and gives it that flavor that can improve any meal. Most restaurants prepare it with foods that come as sauces or soups, as it soaks up the fluid making it thick and tantalizing.

Chicken and beef can taste even better if cooked with these mushrooms. For an even better meal, spicing up the mushroom can be a good idea. You can also fry the mushroom or grill it for a more crispy taste.

Cancer Treatment

Although research on this aspect of King Oyster Mushroom has not been fully explored, recent studies positively show that regular intake of these mushrooms can slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

Moreover, it may also prevent the already present cancer cells from spreading any further, hence making it easier to deal with the current situation, particularly in colon and breast cancer which are very widespread in the world.

Nutritional Value

King Oyster Mushrooms contain a variety of minerals and vitamins, making them essential components of a meal. Some of the vitamins include vitamin D, which is good for strong and healthy bones. Other vitamins found in these mushrooms are vitamins B12, B13, B3, and B5, which all play different roles in the body.

In addition to that, eating these mushrooms provides the body with some important minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. It has actually been discovered that these mushrooms may even contain more minerals than meat and other protein sources.


The mushroom has antioxidant properties and is able to break down radicals in the body and power up the body’s immunity. It contains some anti-biotic acids that help to fight off disease-causing organisms in the body, hence preventing diseases. In addition to that, they rejuvenate the body cells, reducing aging and making one look younger.

Controlling Diabetes

Taking King Oyster Mushroom can help in controlling their blood sugar levels. This is when the body absorbs Vitamin D from the mushroom, which helps to manage insulin levels.

Energy Booster

Taking a regular supply of King Oyster Mushroom can tremendously increase one’s energy levels. That is why it is no surprise that athletes or people who do a lot of physical work prefer to have these mushrooms in their meals.

Get Rid Of Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body are not good as they can put one at a risk of developing certain health complications such as heart diseases. Furthermore, people who have a lot of cholesterol are likely to be obese. King Oyster Mushroom helps to get rid of the excess cholesterol that the body does not need and only conserve what the body will use for energy purposes.

Risks & Side Effects

One cause of worry would be that King Oyster Mushrooms absorb certain toxic items from the ground such as mercury that can be very dangerous. If they are not properly washed or prepared, they may expose one to health problems.

To add onto that, it is quite risky to consume King Oyster Mushrooms in large amounts as this puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system. People who are prone to take too much of them are known to complain of abdominal pains.

If one has just started eating these mushrooms, it is better to take it slow and not indulge in it all at once, giving the body ample time to adjust to the newly introduced item.

On a cancer patient consuming raw King Oyster Mushroom, they may actually promote growth of those cancer cells since the carcinogen in the raw mushroom has found suitable breeding ground. Cooking these mushrooms helps to kill those poisonous cells.

Not everyone can consume King Oyster Mushroom. This is in reference to people who are sensitive to mushrooms. If you know that you have such an allergy or suspect that you do, it would be highly advisable to avoid consuming anything containing these mushrooms. Otherwise, you should consult with your doctor for further information to determine whether it is safe for you to consume mushrooms.

Some complaints that have been lodged against this mushroom are actually in error, and are a result of the consumer eating the wrong type of mushroom and consequently suffering mushroom poisoning. This often presents itself through vomiting and diarrhea. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Top Products And Supplements

King Oyster Mushroom can also be found in other forms to supplement the real product. You can achieve the benefits from of these mushrooms in the form of capsules in the market. If you are not sure about how the different supplements will work with your body, it is advisable to select a smaller trial package.

This way you will not feel you have wasted your money if you spend so much money on a supplement that affects you negatively.

It is also sagacious to only get supplements that have been tested and approved by the FDA and other related authority to be sure that it is safe to use. Remember that there are many fake products in the market that may be difficult to differentiate from the authentic ones.

For those who are not in a position to physically access these mushrooms, there is a solution as there are places that offer them for sale. If you are buying King Oyster Mushroom from a nearby supermarket or the store, be careful to check if the mushroom is dry and that it is not discolored in any of the parts. A further step would be to check for the expiry date and pick the one that appears to be the freshest.

Some of the top products of King Oyster Mushroom in the market include:

  • Root Mushroom Farm: A King Oyster Mushroom Growing kit that contains all that one needs to grow their own mushrooms at home
  • King Oyster Fungi Pail Kit
  • King Oyster Grain Master
  • King Oyster Grain Spawn

For the most genuine of products, it is always sensible to get your product from authorized distributors that either have money back guarantees or can be held accountable in case anything goes wrong. Some of these sources may be through online shops such as Amazon and EBay or through physical shops within your locality.

How To Take King Oyster Mushroom

It is mostly used to prepare culinary dishes that are delicacies for many people, particularly in the Mediterranean. Many restaurants which offer such dishes will mostly likely incorporate King Oyster Mushroom into many of their meals as their customers greatly enjoy them.

So, what then is this process that the mushroom goes through from its breeding ground to when it is actually served? Identifying the mushroom itself is quite easy, but one needs to be careful to only uproot it and not another kind of mushroom as the latter can be harmful.

Cutting the lower part of the stem is important to get rid of any infected areas of those parts that may have been exposed to toxins. Thorough washing of the mushroom is required. The manner in which the meal is being prepared will dictate how the mushroom is treated thereafter.

It is important to note that one should never eat this mushroom uncooked as this can led to grave consequences. Undercooking may also be quite hazardous. They need to be fork tender, not only because nobody likes to struggle chewing hard food, but also for safety.

Additionally, these mushrooms should be stored properly in a clean, dry place to prevent contamination that may lead to poisoning. One can easily know if the mushroom is contaminated by looking for dark spots on the stem of the mushroom. Presence of these spots is an indication that the mushroom has blotched and will end up being soggy and poisonous.

King Oyster Mushroom Review Summary

All in all, King Oyster Mushrooms are very wonderful foods. Not only are they a delicacy, but they also have other uses that can benefit anyone. Just ensure that you get your mushrooms or supplements from a credible source to avoid food poisoning or infections.

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