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Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Diet has been one of the hottest diets in the world since it exploded in popularity in 2012. In 2013, the paleo diet was the most searched for diet on Google, not to be confused with the Pagen Diet.

Today, people across the world are searching for the best Paleo Recipe Books to help them stay on track and eat food that is beneficial as well as actually tasting good.


Choosing Right Paleo Recipe Book

Which Paleo Diet recipe book is the right choice for you?

How should you compare different recipe books?

Find out today in our complete Paleo Recipe Book review.

Top 4 Easiest Ways to Compare Paleo Recipe Books

1) Credibility of the Authors

This is the first and most important thing to consider when you’re shopping around for paleo recipe books. Who wrote the book? What are their credentials? Do they have real experience planning meals for people? Are they professional chefs? Personal trainers? Certified nutritionists? Doctors?

You’ll find people from all walks of life selling paleo recipe books online. Some of those people are real, qualified nutritionists. Others use fake names to sell you advice they found on the internet.

Research the authors carefully and you’ll be easily able to separate poor quality paleo recipe books from high quality books.

2) Number of Meals

How many different recipes are included in the book? Most recipe books advertise this on the front cover. Some books have just 20 or 30 recipes, while others have 350+. Most recipe books will be somewhere in the middle of that range.

Ideally, you’ll have enough recipes to keep your diet interesting and varied. You don’t want to buy a $30 recipe book only to find yourself getting tired of the foods after a few weeks.

Of course, quantity isn’t more important than quality. You can find recipe books that promise to contain 1,000 Paleo Recipes. The vast majority of these recipes can easily be found online, so don’t let this number make your entire decision for you.

3) Price

The price of the paleo recipe book is an important thing to consider. You don’t want to spend too little or too much on a paleo recipe book.

If you spend too little (under $8), then you’re probably buying a recipe book that is made up of free information found online. It’s probably not worth your time or money.

If you’re paying too much for a recipe book (over $40), then the authors might be taking advantage of you. A recipe book isn’t some top-secret tome filled with exclusive information: it’s a basic list of foods you can combine to make meals. It’s rare to find a recipe book priced at over $40 that is actually worth the high price tag.

4) Other Features

Paleo recipe books have all sorts of bonus features that help make your decision easier. Those bonus features could include:

— High Resolution Photographs And Detailed Illustrations

— Access To A Free App That Helps You Make Recipes Or Build A Shopping List

— Downloadable Online eBooks And Bonus Features

— Additional Diet Books That Tell You How To Make Paleo Friendly Desserts Or Breakfasts

— Tear Out Guides That Let You Attach A Meal Plan To Your Fridge Or Pin Basic Paleo Rules Around Your Kitchen

— Email Updates That Include New Versions Of The Book Or New Recipes

How Does The Paleo Diet Work?

Paleo recipe books work in mostly the same way. You buy them as either a physical copy or in the form of a downloadable eBook.

All paleo recipe books follow the core tenets of the paleo diet. In case you forgot, here’s how the paleo diet works:

— You Eat The Same Food Eaten By Paleolithic-Era Humans

— That Means You Can’t Eat Any Foods That Were Created With Technology Made After The Agricultural Revolution (12,000 Years Ago)

— You Can’t Eat Processed Sugar, Dairy, Processed Grains, Alcohol, Or Most Foods Grown In An Agricultural Setting

— Instead, You Eat Grass-Fed Meat, Wild Protein, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Natural Oils, Fats, And Seeds

The idea behind the paleo diet is that the human body has “only” had 12,000 years to adjust to processed foods grown in an agricultural setting. We’re forcing the body to eat food that it can’t properly digest, which leads to diseases, illnesses, and obesity.

By switching to a diet based on wild fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meat, you can reportedly enjoy powerful health benefits like weight loss, better cardiovascular heath, and more lean muscle growth.

Top 10 Paleo Recipe Books Available Today

Trying to decide which paleo recipe book to buy? Here’s an unbiased guide to the most popular paleo diet books on the market today in no particular order:

10) The Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Recipe Book, also called PaleoLeap, promises to be “one paleo cookbook to rule them all.” It includes 372 recipes, an 8 week meal plan, paleo cheat sheets, and 15 paleo dessert recipes. It’s available for $25 through Clickbank.

9) Caveman Feast

Caveman Feast includes over 200 paleo recipes created by George Bryant and Abel James. It’s also available through Clickbank, where it’s priced at $27.

8) Paleo Hacks

Paleo Hacks is a 30 day jumpstart guide that promises to ease you into the paleo diet. There are over 200 recipes included in the downloadable eBook, which was created by

7) 1,000 Paleo Recipes

Yet another downloadable eBook, 1,000 Paleo Recipes is separated into about a dozen different books that tell you how to make pork, chicken, salads, soups, stews, smoothies, and breakfasts that align with the paleo diet. It’s available through Clickbank for $27.

6) Gather

Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining is sold on and catered towards those who want to invite their friends over to enjoy a paleo meal. It’s priced at $8.26 and is exclusively available over the Kindle.

5) Nom Nom Paleo

Priced at $8.28 for a digital copy on Amazon, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans is the most humor-focused recipe book on this list. It’s filled with creative illustrations and has 288 pages of paleo-friendly foods (over 100 recipes).

4) Summer Eats

Get ready for summer by eating the paleo diet recipes described in Summer Eats. The eBook is priced at $12 and includes just 16 recipes, so the author has gone for quality over quantity. The eBook also comes with bonus videos that teach you exactly how to cook each recipe.

3) Paleo Power Lunch

Paleo Power Lunch is catered towards business people who want to make better food choices at lunch and translate those food choices into better success at work. Boost your afternoon energy and pack your lunches in the morning by following the recipes in Paleo Power Lunch.

2) Paleo in a Kitchen

Paleo in a Kitchen includes seven different eBooks that describe how to make paleo-friendly dinners, breakfasts, smoothies, and desserts from scratch.

1) Practical Paleo

Practical Paleo is available for $8.28 over (digital version) and includes over 120 paleo-friendly recipes. The book also comes with a 30 day meal plan and tear out guides that promise to help you stick with your paleo diet long-term.

Final Thoughts

No matter which book you end up purchasing, make sure you take a good look at the personal reviews. Make sure the information in the book isn't just a rehashed version of information found free online. The ones we named above we do not believe to be that way. Amazon is a great to place to start since they have a lot of reviews and they have a really easy return policy if you don't like the book/eBook.

Let us know which book you personally have or are wanting to purchase.

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