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About Optimal Health Products Inc

As the focus on health and fitness continues to increase, companies have created nutrient-rich alternatives to promote better lifestyle choices. By providing natural solutions to various wellness goals, Optimal Health Products Inc is an innovative company that offers 100% natural dietary supplements that contain high-quality ingredients and scientifically supported formulas.

By delivering a variety of products geared to improve health and lifestyle, Optimal Health Products provides individuals with supplements to fit all their needs, such as weight loss, appetite suppression, detoxing, E.D, anti-aging, and more.

Optimal Health Products Inc Supplements

Offering high quality natural products, the clinically proven ingredients in these supplements are manufactures at a certified government facility. As mentioned above, all the supplements provided by Optimal Health Products Inc are made using organic, natural blends, making them completely safe and offering no side effects.

Plus, because every Optimal Health is made in the United States, there is more oversight on the production process, making sure the products are always of the highest quality. Being based in the United States also allows Optimal Health to provide superior customer support.

While the benefits listed above are a huge part about why Optimal Health products are so amazing, the true power is in the actual supplements. Guaranteeing purity and quality, the five exclusive Optimal Health Products supplements, as well as their uses and benefits, are detailed below.

Androgenyx Alpha T-Surge

Alpha T-Surge is a natural proprietary formula that is packed with nutrient rich ingredients that are guaranteed to ensure that the body’s natural abilities to provide testosterone are not disrupted. With no side effects, Alpha T-Surge boosts endurance, improves muscle tone, and burns fat.

Designed to increase sex drive, the supplement is the cause for erectile strength and endurance. Unlike other testosterone boosters, the T-Surge is fitted with fenugreek plant extract, and Saw Palmetto, both used to improve athletic performance and heighten sex drive and stamina.


Designed to increase metabolic function, Slimfit180 is a one-of-a-kind natural weight loss supplement that attacks excess fat and boosts energy levels. Containing Garcinia Cambogia, an exotic fruit found in Southeast Asia, this formula reduces appetite and delivers fat burning properties to the body.

Safe and effective, Slimfit180 prevents overeating and also increases serotonin levels in the brain, improving self-esteem and boosting confidence. Clinically proven to provide quick results, Slimfit180 converts carbs and sugar into energy, increasing metabolism and reducing fat.

Androgenyx Edge: HPX

Unlike Alpha T-Surge, Adrogenyx Edge is an exclusive erectile dysfunction supplement. By triggering quick erections, the supplement is responsible for improving stamina while also increasing penile sensitivity. By combining a variety of natural ingredients, the main advantage of this supplement is the nitric oxide.

A natural solution for improving male sexual health, this formula also utilizes arginine and pumpkin seeds, both responsible for boosting the effectiveness of nitric oxide, while also improving blood flow in order to provide long-lasting erections.

Natural Cleanse Plus

The Natural Cleanse Plus supplement is a groundbreaking product that is designed to improve overall health while boosting metabolism and increasing energy levels. By providing the body with powerful oxidants, the body is cleansed and purified. The supplement allows the body to burn carbohydrates quickly, causing fat to metabolize quickly and efficiently.

Recommended to be taken before dieting, the Natural Cleanse removes excess waste that is stored in the colon. Built with antioxidants, the supplement flushes out toxins, resulting in increased weight loss and a toned, firm, body. By cleansing the colon, it allows the body to fight off harmful bacteria and toxins, responsible for compromising health and wellness goals.

BioDermRx Beauty System

The BioDermRx Beauty System is a groundbreaking, 3-step skin care system that provides anti-aging properties. Formulated with natural ingredients, the BioDermRx Beauty System restores youthful looking skin by working from the cellular level, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

Combining science and nature, the age-defying product promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone and tighten the sensitive area around the eyes, reduces dark circles, puffiness, and rejuvenates the skin. By cleansing the pores, the skincare product removes buildup and rebuilds collagen and elastin. By providing long-term results, the BioDermRx Beauty System protects the skin against sun damage and reverses the visible signs of aging.

All the products listed above are available for purchase on the Optimal Health Products website, along with more detailed information.

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