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When looked at from a global perspective, we can see that issues like tension, stress are prevalent in many individuals over the age of 30. Not only that, we can also see that issues related to high blood pressure have started to influence adults as young as 25.

Further, it has been found that 40% of all adults in the world suffer from issues related to stress. Readers may also be interested to learn that with the increase in global population, the number of individuals who have been found to suffer from ‘uncontrolled hypertension’ has risen from 600 million in 1980 to nearly 1 billion in 2008.

About ONO Roller

ONO Roller is an all new stress relief aid that has been described by many online reviewers as ‘Relaxation in the palm of your hand’. It can be thought of as a useful way of keeping our attention occupied.

What is different about ONO is that, unlike other stress relief tools, this device has been designed to deliver constant motion that is discreet and effortless in nature. This allows us to keep our awareness focused on an object without us looking silly or obnoxious.

Why Use ONO Roller?

  • Easy to Use: ONO Roller is very easy to make use of and is incredibly satisfying as well. It offers users with a natural curling movement that makes our fingers feel wonderful.
  • Good Rest: while many other products designed for a similar use are challenging and exhausting. ONO is highly relaxing and allows the muscles in our hands to loosen and relax.
  • Attention Training: instead of impulsively picking up our phone and browsing through unwanted data, this device allows us to focus in on an activity that does not require any effort. This makes us more concentrated and allows us to focus better at whatever activity that we might be performing.
  • Healthy: when looked at from a biological angle, we can see that the rotating movement helps keep our fingers, hand, and forearm in use at all times. This allows for various benefits like increased dexterity, enhanced circulation etc.

How Does ONO Roller Work?

The device is easy to use and even first time users will be intuitively pick up the working mechanism in no time. All we have to do is curl our fingers around/ squeeze the toy. ONO automatically rotates and rolls within our fingers.

Apart from this, it also allows for a change of direction by simply altering the movement of our fingers.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

Eliminates Bad Habits:

Many experts have reported that people love to fidget and think about random stuff through the course of their daily activities. Activities such as tapping our feet, clicking a pen, biting our nails are all signs of inbuilt stress and lack of body awareness.

Thus to control such unwanted behaviors, we can simply make use of ONO Roller. It keeps our mind busy without making it seem like we are slacking or fooling around.


ONO is essentially machined out of materials that hold high ‘tensile stress factors’ and are extremely strain tolerant. Apart from this, the outer body is made through the use of comfortable materials that allow for the hand to remain relaxed and stress free.

As far as the internal structure of the device goes, we can see that there are high quality bearings that have been used. They have been sealed and filled with a lubricator so as to assure that people have a silent and effortless experience with the device.

Colour Options:

To promote the appeal of ONO Roller, the manufacturer has provided users with the option to choose from various colour schemes. These include Anodized Black, Bead Blasted Clear and Rose Gold Finish.

What Are People Saying About ONO Roller?

The online response towards this product has been extremely positive.

Many interested customers like Andre Lee have said ‘ I have already made a an early bird pledge for 2x Ono rollers. Thanks for this stellar project. I really see a great deal of use with the Ono.’

Similarly, Jonathan Markic has commented ‘I just added $20 to my early bird pledge for a 2nd ONO.’ Lastly, Heather Souza says ‘Love the idea… I've wanted to bring a spinner to work but figured my boss would see it as a toy!’

Where Can I Place My Order?

Since the roller is still in its kickstarter phase, users can avail of various early bird benefits to obtain the device at a much cheaper rate. The various offers include:

  • 1 Early Bird Roller is available for a sum of $18.
  • 1 Standard Roller is available for a sum of $22.
  • 2 Rollers are available for a sum of $38.
  • 3 Rollers are available for a sum of $54.

Similarly, there are other schemes to purchase 5 or 10 units for a reduced rate. All payments can be done via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. The delivery date is expected to be somewhere in January of 2018.


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