ADHD Caused By Lack Of Sleep – How Rest Effects Attention Ability?


ADHD is a condition on the rise in the modern world. It has been researched and discovered that as many as 75% of children and adults suffer from this condition. The individuals identified with this problem have often also experiences sleep problems.

Research is ongoing to establish what causes the connection between the two. Findings will be able to bring out the real cause of ADHD as associated to sleep. Some modern scientists have come out to propose a theory that states that ADHD causes an interruption to the circadian sleep rhythm.

A proposal was presented by Prof Sandra Kooij at the ECNP conference in Paris. Sandra is the founder of European Network Adult ADHD. She is also an associate professor of Psychiatry at the University of VU. In her proposal, she said that much of the research that has been conducted clearly shows that individual’s with ADHD have sleep problems.

She continues to assert that the current research being done is gearing towards finding some solid evidence that shows the two conditions, ADHD and irregular sleep patterns, are intertwined as shown by the majority of patients.

The professor says that the reason for believing this theory is the disturbed patterns of every aspect of life that not only show in sleep but also in other areas of our wellbeing, such as the eating patterns, body temperatures, general movements, and other body changes. This is a clear indicator that ADHD could be occurring in patients who show these kinds of behaviors.

Many of the facts presented in the research continue to reveal the closeness of ADHD and sleeplessness, and go ahead to put them in the same caliber of being different sides of the same coin. The inconsistencies are psychological according to the researchers.

Professor Kooji has more evidence through her links that show and reveal the relationship that is there between ADHD and sleeplessness. Her facts are true as supported by the evidence.

The Evidence Proving ADHD Caused By Lack Of Sleep

  • In around 75% of patients with ADHD, there is a unique discovery that comes with their sleeping patterns. A majority show delays in their sleeping patterns by 1.5 hours. The sleep hormones and the movements associated with proper sleeping are altered, bringing about the extreme negatives of this condition.
  • Melatonin changes result in varying body temperatures. The temperatures associated with the proper sleeping pattern are consistent but with this condition, there is a great variation.
  • A lot of sleep disorders such as circadian rhythm disturbance, delayed sleep phase, sleep apnea, and restless leg-syndrome have been found to be associated with ADHD.
  • Alertness in the evening is associated with individuals suffering from ADHD. This is quite different with the normal pattern shown in other areas of the population.
  • The individuals who have this condition are likely to benefit from taking melatonin in the evening and early morning. They are subjected to bright light therapy which works to restore and reset the circadian rhythm.
  • When it comes to light, individuals with ADHD tend to show high sensitivity and this encourages them to put on sun glasses for a long time, making them prone to problems of the circadian shift. This might make it hard to restore the proper rhythm.
  • Chronic late sleep is associated with the chronic sleep debt which might result in adverse body conditions such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. The named condition is often disturbing when it comes to management and treatment.

As more research is underway, the real cause of the link between ADHD and sleep will be found. This will ensure some of the bio factors are considered in coming up with a proper solution to address this issue.

Additionally, the result will come in handy to allow the proper monitoring of the condition and whether there is the need to change a tactic of approaching the problem. The discovery will also help the world to know whether ADHD causes sleep problems or whether sleeplessness causes ADHD. This is a critical area that will revive the discovery of new and proper ways of addressing both ADHD and sleeplessness.

Most of the ADHD problems seem to be associated with sleep problems. This could not be ascertained in other conditions but as per the research, it seems to be an important event and element when looking at the remedies and proper ways of handling the issue.

Another professor who wasn’t part of the research confirms that indeed the disturbance of the circadian rhythm could be a core focus in ADHD prevalence. This is likely to link ADHD to other body conditions and mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disorders.

He continues to say that the sleep problems are a concern to many patients who have been adversely affected in their social lives. The professor suggests that the interconnection between ADHD and the internal clock should be worked on to improve the patients’ lives as well as work properly in addressing ADHD.

ADHD Caused By Lack Of Sleep Conclusion

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is most common with children, but it’s also a condition found in adults. The condition shows itself when a patient shows impulsiveness, mood swings, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness.

The symptom can be noticed early and hence a quick remedy recommended. Individuals with ADHD are likely to experience additional problems such as sleep, mood, and anxiety disorders.

Therefore, there is a recommendation to note the symptoms and seek early remedies. The connection between lack of sleep and ADHD remains a big question that requires further research to get to the bottom of.

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