Omega XL Review – Does It Really Provide Joint Relief?


Omega XL Review

Omega XL claims to be one of the world’s best solutions for joint pain relief. It’s officially endorsed by Larry King and claims to use powerful omega-3 fatty acids to restore connective tissues.

How does Omega XL work? Is it worth the price? Where’s the cheapest place to buy Omega XL?

Find out everything you need to know about this health supplement today in our Omega XL review.

What is Omega XL?

Omega XL

Omega XL is a joint health supplement which combines the power of over 30 fatty acids together.

It consists of DHA and EPA and claims to be backed by over 30 years of clinical research.

Omega XL also claims to be “so potent it requires only a very small dose to be effective.”

You may have seen Omega XL’s advertisements online. The product is endorsed by Larry King, who says the following about the supplement:

“I get up in the morning to put on my socks, to bend over and put them on, I used to have this pain. I don’t have it anymore.”

At the bottom of the Omega XL sales copy page, it reminds everyone that Larry King is a paid endorser of Omega XL. You can also see Larry King in Omega XL infomercials on TV.

The supplement is made by a company called Great HealthWorks. The company is based at 4150 SW 28th Way in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

How Does Omega XL Work?

Omega XL contains high levels of fatty acids. Specifically, Omega XL contains a patented blend of over 30 fatty acids. Specific fatty acids include DHA and EPA, which have been proven to treat inflammation throughout the body.

Here’s how Great HealthWorks describes Omega XL and its unique processes:

“Omega XL® is a highly concentrated Omega-3 “Super Oil” supplement extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna Canaliculus). This unique and patented omega-3 complex contains 30 healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 DHA and EPA, and contains up to 22 times more omega-3 Free Fatty Acids than regular fish oil.”

In other words, Omega XL is a super powered fish oil supplement. It claims to come with no fishy aftertaste and has no known drug interactions. It’s also backed by over 30 years of scientific research.

Benefits of Omega XL

Omega XL claims to offer all of the following benefits:

— Pain Management
— Better Joint Health And Joint Mobility
Improved Heart Health And Cardiovascular Benefits
— Anti-Inflammation
— Improved Respiratory Health

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How to Use Omega XL

Using the health supplement is relatively straightforward. It comes in a small, easy-to-swallow softgel tablet. You take two soft gel capsules per day, as needed.

Many people recommend taking Omega XL with food to boost its absorption.

Omega XL Ingredients

One of the main criticisms about Omega XL is its ingredients. Specifically, we don’t know whether the ingredients are good or bad because Great HealthWorks doesn’t tell us anything about the ingredients.

All Great HealthWorks says about Omega XL is that it contains a proprietary formula which contains “omega fatty acids”. There are three main types of omega fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are widely recognized as being highly beneficial. Omega 6 fatty acids, however, aren’t quite as beneficial and some people even believe they’re bad for you.

We don’t know whether Omega XL’s formula contains 5% omega 3 or 95% omega 3. It could mostly contain low-quality omega 6 fatty acids. We just don’t know.

Another problem with Omega XL is its low dosage. Each pill contains 50mg of omega fatty acids. The average American already consumes about 1.6 grams of omega-3 fatty acids per day.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the AHA recommends an omega-3 fatty acid supplement of 2 to 4 grams per day. Taking more than 3 grams per day should only be done at the direction of a physician.

Most other omega supplements also have more fatty acids than Omega XL. A typical amount of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil capsules is 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. Omega XL has less than 100mg of both EPA and DHA combined.

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How to Buy Omega XL

You can buy Omega XL from the official Omega XL website ( or from At, visitors can buy the 60 capsule package of Omega XL for $61. That price also includes free shipping.

Buying Omega XL from the official website is a little more complicated. The website heavily advertises a Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer.

Here’s how that offer works:

— Omega XL sells its Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer for $49.95 plus shipping and handling, which costs an additional $9.95 for a total of $59.90

— You can only order Omega XL through the Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer. You can’t just order a single package of the supplement.

— Why does Omega XL heavily promote this offer? Because they hide a lucrative autoship program in the hide print. If you look below the ordering form, you’ll see that when you buy the special offer, you’re also agreeing to buy multiple shipments of Omega XL.

— Within 30 days of ordering your first 2 bottles of Omega XL, the manufacturer will send an additional 60 count bottle of Omega XL. At this point, your credit card will also be charged $60.90 plus shipping and handling.

That’s right: you’re charged more for one 60 count bottle of Omega XL than you were for 2 x 60 count bottles in your initial order. That’s led to some consumer complaints online – especially for people who weren’t prepared to see $70 of charges appear on their credit card statement every month.

How are you supposed to finish 120 capsules of Omega XL in your first month? I’m not really sure. But if you order Omega XL from the official website, be prepared to deal with this autoship program. Otherwise, you could end up with hundreds of charges on your credit card for a health supplement you’re not going to use.

Who Should Use Omega XL?

Reviews for Omega XL are largely mixed. Some reviews indicate that the supplement works exactly as promised and heals sore joints.

Other reviewers, however, toss around words like “snake oil” and claim that Omega XL is advertising benefits it has no business advertising.

The truth lies somewhere in between: it lies in the reason why people experience joint problems. Some people don’t get their daily recommended dose of fatty acids and suffer joint problems as a result. Others do get their recommended dose – but still suffer joint problems.

That’s why Omega XL may be worth a try. As long as you cancel your autoship program within 90 days of your original purchase, you can receive a full refund.

Just be aware that Omega XL is a relatively weak omega supplement and contains just 100mg of EPA and DHA combined, while most other supplements at pharmacies and drug stores contain about 300mg of EPA and DHA combined.

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Supplement Police
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  1. I took Omega XL for several years, one 60 caplet bottle per month; it did absolutely nothing to help my achy finger joints. When you call to cancel, it takes forever for someone to answer the phone at 800 number once you identify yourself as someone calling to cancel. Then they play recordings to try to talk you out of cancelling for what seems like forever. When you finally get to talk to someone, they try to keep you from
    cancelling, offering you a lower price (half-price, the same approach as the cable companies), a free bottle, a $30 credit, etc. The Bottom line: The person I spoke to suggested that the dosage I was taking
    was insufficient to get results, and that I needed to take six caplets per day which is tripple what I was taking (and three times the $68 per month I was paying). I cancelled. My lingering questions are: (a) why do you have to call to cancel in order to find out I need a higher dosage (assuming the higher dosage claim is true), (b) why do I get offered a reduced price of $30 per bottle (I had been paying $68 per bottle for years) only after I call to cancel? Even if the product could be effective for me at a higher dosage, seems very scam-like to do those things I described when calling to cancel. Shame on Larry King for lending his good name and reputation to such as scam.

  2. This is the right product to use for inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. It took 30 years to get here. I was very thorough in my research. I thought it was due to old age but I have experienced this pain for over 35 years. it was wrongly diagnosed as back problem or pinch nerves.

  3. For those who say it don't work you have to be on it for the full 90dys. to feel the difference every one body isn't the same but I thought at first it wasn't helping me my first bottle but kept taking them for back pain ,hip and arthritis and no cartilage in both knees when I was out I really could tell the pains were terrible so I make sure I have enough I have no problem with the Reps. If you give a testimony of how Omega XL help you they will send you a free bottle, I'm doing the referral program now I think its better than just over the counter omega vitamins that some do have artificial ingredients etc.This is my View it works for me.

  4. I tried Omega XL for lower back pain in mid 2016. The have a 90 day money back guarantee. After about 65 days on the product and getting no relief, I called to cancel when the company representative said that he would send me two more bottles and that I should “reload” as it typically takes 90 days for the product to work. With no additional pain relief, I called back to cancel the order after 93 days since my initial order. After much discussion and repeatedly being placed on hold, I was told the only refund would be for the last 2 bottles ($58) since I was 3 days beyond the money back guarantee. So, they kept over $200 for something that doesn't work.

    This is a scam and you should be aware that if the product doesn't work within 30 days, call and get your money back, or else you will be sorry.

  5. Omega xl from Great Health Works is a complete RIP OFF ! At most it may hav some fatty acid benefits if taken enough.When I called to cancel the rude lady Bee says you hav to take four times the recommended dosage for pain and kept asking me a bunch of unrelated questions about my request to cancel.I live on the west & it took a year to cancel this weak as crap product because they are closed before I get to work & when I get off.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY !!!

  6. I take Omega XL and it has done wonders for the arthritis in my hands and after doing much research online and with my doctor i found out that yes, there is a lot of other products out there with more DHA and EPA, and the reason why they purposely control the amount of those two fatty acids is because too much can have a blood thinning effect which may not be beneficial for a lot of people, and btw people those are only two, my old fish oil contain 7 different types of Omegas while Omega Xl has 30, so please do your research before just going by ads, peoples opinions, I tried it because i was desperate and was looking for relief, I can honestly say that I am very satisfied.

    • Where did you find out about the “30 types of omega in omega xl”.. ? I'm trying to get information about ingredients but I can't find any specific information about it..

  7. Omega XL is fantastic, its a wonder drug. I used it and healed by joints, no more pain. Everyone must take this, you will live longer and be happier

  8. Saludos, yo soy paciente de asma y apnea llevo 2 meses tomandola y me ha mejorado notablemente el problame respuratorio. Actualmente tengo una torcedura de tobillo debido a una caida. Y me ha ayudado. A bajar la inflamacion.

    • I have severe allergy to seafood of all kinds. I take omega XL every day. They take the proteins that we are allergic to out. Please try it. It's changed my life. I'm an old biker that's had a heart attack at 40 and many broken bones so arthritis is huge. I've never felt better. No shit. Just try it. You have nothing to lose.

  9. Other supplements that have higher mg of EPA and DHA Contains fish (sardine, mackerel, anchovy). which could contain dioxin and mercury (depending on where it was harvested.) OmegaXL is harvested from green lipped mussels which are only found in the pristine waters of New Zealand.

  10. I have been taking this produce for 8 months now and have see the results i wanted. I have seen the results i expected after doing a lot of research.

  11. I bought omega XL, and it didn't work at all!! Don't buy this supplement, it doesn't help arthritis and your getting charged more money on your credit card, when you order, than what they are advertising. Save your time and money!!!

  12. To Omega XL,

    I’m a 56 year old retired dancer. I danced professionally for 25 years, and didn’t retire from full time performing until I was 40 years old. My career was incredible, but I’m paying the price physically at this point in my life. I’ve had one hip replacement. I’ll be having the other hip done next year. The arthritis in my lower back can be so bad that when I sneeze, I practically pass out from pain.

    A few months ago, I began taking Omega XL. I had seen a commercial on television for it, and went online right away to order it. Arthritis pain is crippling pain that you don’t want to wish on your worst enemy. My current job as Artistic Director at a ballet school has me physically active, and I couldn’t slow down. Soon after taking Omega XL, I realized I could get out of bed in the morning without hoisting myself out, due to the lower back pain. Soon after that, the debilitating pain in my hip had diminished, and I was able to teach dance class so much easier.

    At first I thought the pain relief was wishful thinking, and the pain would soon return. Now, however, I truly believe I’ve found the arthritis pain relief I’ve been looking for without resorting to the addictive pain medications usually associated with arthritis pain relief. The only downside is that it is too expensive. Thank you Omega XL!


    Michael Blake

    • Michael,

      Great personal review. That's excellent to hear that there are supplements out there that really work for their customers.

      As another suggestion, I would recommend you take a look at a product called SilaLive. Many of its user's comment back saying that they have reduced or eliminated their arthritis pain by taking it. I think in combination with the Omega XL it could be great for you.

      — Supplement Police

    • I am taking Omega XL, i bang my knee last year Periodically it acts up. Its only a week and my knee pain as reduce significantly. I am only taking 1 pill a day. My skin look much better. I work out three to four times a week. I really think if you stay with it and give it an honest try it may elevate some of your pain. i HAVE BEEN GETTING COMPLAINT ON MY SKIN,However i find myself feeling sleepy


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