Olive Gold O3 – 72 Trace Mineral Skin Care Lotion


Olive Gold O3 Review

Olive Gold O3 is a skin care lotion that claims to rely on the power of raw food ingredients. Here’s our Olive Gold O3 review.

What is Olive Gold O3?

Olive Gold O3 is a skin care lotion that makes bold claims about its benefits. Those advertised benefits include:

— Enhances Brain Function
— Oxygenates The Blood
Neutralizes Toxins
Helps Treat Stretch Marks
— Helps Treat “many Different Kinds Of Internal Skin Ailments.”

How does one skin cream help provide all of these benefits?

The manufacturer claims that the formula is a “super rich oxygen” formula that provides abundant oxygen that allows your body to enrich its skin.

This higher level of oxygenation allows the body to perform at optimal levels.

Basically, when you have higher levels of oxygen in your bloodstream, your body can replenish every one of its organs more easily. That means higher levels of energy throughout your body and healthier bodily conditions. Whether it’s your skin, your heart, or your brain, getting sufficient oxygenation is important throughout your body.

How Does Olive Gold O3 Work?

Olive Gold O3 oxygenates your system using a mixture of different ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, including all of the following

— Organic Olive Oil
— Ozonated Oxygenated

These are the two active ingredients (and only two listed ingredients) on Olive Gold O3. Together, these ingredients provide a range of vitamins and minerals. The cream claims that there are a total of 72 trace minerals included in each serving of Olive Gold O3.

How to Use Olive Gold O3

The manufacturer recommends massaging 4 to 5 drops of the lotion into your skin “as often as needed”.

By applying the lotion daily, you can enjoy skin that is “young and glowing and you are less likely to get wrinkles”, according to the official manufacturer.

People apply the lotion in different ways. One reviewer, for example, claims to rub Olive Gold O3 on his temples and forehead before going to bed because he thinks “it has enriched my brain function” including awareness, alertness, and mental clarity.

Other reviewers claim to rub it on stretch marks and muscle pains. Let the ingredients absorb into your body through your skin over the course of a day to soothe pain and increase oxygenation in the region.

Scientific Evidence for Olive Gold O3

The official Olive Gold O3 website does not list any information about scientific studies or clinical trials that have taken place over the years.

Instead, the only evidence listed on the site is testimonials from previous customers.

Nevertheless, the oil has been on the market for 27 years and has thousands of happy customers. If you’re looking for clinical evidence or scientific proof behind the benefits of Olive Gold O3, then this may not be the cream for you. But if you appreciate naturopathic remedies that rely on natural ingredients, then Olive Gold O3 may be the right choice.

How to Buy Olive Gold O3

Olive Gold O3 is sold by a number of online and offline retailers around the world. To view a list of retailers in your region, visit the company’s official “Where to Buy” page here: OliveGoldOxygen.com/where-to-buy

Alternatively, you can buy Olive Gold O3 from Amazon where the cream is priced at $37 for a 2 ounce supply.

Who Makes Olive Gold O3?

Olive Gold O3 is made by a Florida-based company doing business under the name Olive Gold O3:

PO Box 30534
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

You can contact the company by phone at (561) 882-4153 or by emailing “Phil” at [email protected]

The “Phil” behind Olive Gold O3 is Phil Seifer. Phil describes himself as the “original ozone cowboy”. He is the founding member of Medizone International and has been making Olive Gold O3 for 27 years. The oil is described as an “organic multi-purpose topical lotion that is truly miraculous.”

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