Alluracell Skin Restore Review

Alluracell Skin Restore is an anti-aging skin cream that promises to give you beautiful skin through the miracle of scientifically-backed ingredients. Here’s our review.

What is Alluracell Skin Restore?

Alluracell Skin Restore is an anti-aging skin cream that appears to follow many of the same trends as other anti-aging skin creams sold online, including:

— It comes with a free trial

— It calls itself a “Hollywood secret”

— It claims to be “Better than Botox” for reducing the appearance of wrinkles

— It uses a virtually identical website layout to dozens of other anti-aging skin creams sold online in the past few years

— It’s exclusively available through a “trial” offer that turns into an autoship program if you don’t return your skin cream and call the company to cancel

The creators of Alluracell Skin Restore also cite unidentified studies that state that their formula led to an 84% decrease of wrinkles and fine lines in women who applied the product daily. The creators of Alluracell, however, never actually link to the study.

Despite mentioning no scientific evidence, the creators of Alluracell Skin Restore extensively discuss the benefits of the skin cream – including the fact that it will make your wrinkles disappear in just hours. The sales page and product packaging for Alluracell is filled with images of smiling women – including several before and after images that are very clearly Photoshopped.

How Does Alluracell Skin Restore Work?

Alluracell Skin Restore claims to work by combining all of Hollywood’s top secret ingredients into one convenient formula.

Conveniently enough, the manufacturer doesn’t actually tell us what those ingredients are. We have no idea what’s in the formula: you’re just supposed to trust that the manufacturer included the perfect dosage of ingredients and sourced these ingredients from pure, high-quality manufacturers.

There are only a few lines on the Alluracell Skin Restore packaging that discuss how the skin cream works when you apply it to your skin:

— “Proprietary Biosphere combined with QuSome delivery allow for a molecule to be heavier and in the shape of a sphere to make deeper penetration to the lower levels of the skin.”

— The walls of the penetrating Biofil spheres are made up of natural wheat protein, allowing for a sustained release of nutrients. That wheat protein apparently acts “like a sponge” to capture water. So instead of that water being released through your skin, it’s locked in for added moisture.

That’s about all the manufacturer of Alluracell has to say about the ingredients inside the skin cream or how they work.

Ultimately, if you want to take a skin cream with scientifically-verified benefits and a thorough description of its mechanisms of action, then Alluracell Skin Restore certainly isn’t it. This is one of those products you’re just supposed to expect that it works.

How to Use Alluracell Skin Restore

The manufacturer recommends using this ridiculously simple three step process to apply Alluracell:

— Step 1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then pat dry

— Step 2) Apply the Alluracell formula to your face and neck

— Step 3) Allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin and leave the cream on for the day

Alluracell Skin Restore Pricing

If you’ve read this far into our Alluracell review, then you probably already have a few red flags about how Alluracell works and what kind of company would manufacturer a skin cream like this.

Well, in case you didn’t have red flags yet, Alluracell’s shady pricing policies will almost certainly alarm you.

The company that makes Alluracell widely advertises a free trial. Unfortunately, that trial isn’t free: it costs about $100.

The manufacturer tries to warm you up to the $100 charge by luring you in with a $4.97 fee for “shipping and handling”. You enter your credit card and a $4.97 charge will show up immediately.

Then, you’ll receive a full-sized jar of skin cream in the mail a few days later. You might think all is good: you paid $5, got a small jar of skin cream, and you can decide whether or not you want to order more after you test the benefits.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer only waits 14 calendar days after you order your free trial before charging you the full $94.94 price tag for Alluracell Skin Restore. That charge has already been pre-authorized on your credit card since day 1 – so it will immediately go through on day 14.

By day 14, you’ve probably only had 3 to 4 days to test out the skin cream (remember, it takes 5 business days to arrive at your address and 14 calendar days before you’re charged). That doesn’t give most people enough time to assess the benefits.

30 days after you first ordered your trial, your credit card will be charged even more: you’ll see a charge for $94.94 + $4.97 shipping and handling appear on your card. Then, you’ll receive another jar of skin cream in the mail.

In other words, within 30 days of signing up for the $5 “free” trial for Alluracell, you’ll have over $200 in charges on your credit card.

You will continue being charged $100 per month for these jars of skin cream until you specifically call the company to cancel. If you cancel within the 14 day period and return the skin cream, then you won’t be charged the full price. However, the terms and conditions section claims that the company “reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any return”. So don’t get too excited about that refund.

Ultimately, this shady pricing policy makes Alluracell Skin Restore nothing more than yet another anti-aging skin cream scam.

Who Makes Alluracell Skin Restore?

Alluracell Skin Restore doesn’t list any information about its manufacturing conditions or distributing company online.

All we know is that the company has a toll-free number at 800-453-7383 and has an email address at [email protected]

The company does not list a headquarters or office address online. It only lists a return mailing address, which can be found at:

PO Box 25380
Santa Ana CA 92799

Based on the limited scientific evidence, the lack of ingredient listings, and the autoship trial scam, there’s no reason to spend $100 on a miniscule bottle of Alluracell Skin Restore anti-aging cream.


  1. Just got off the phone from my credit card company…they say they have numerous complaints about this company and will be crediting my account….mostly because I have been charged for product not received. I have always figured I could spot a scam but this one goes beyond the pale. Nothing on the website says you are opting for a subscription, no email to opt out, and then being charged for product not received….total trifecta of god bless america.

  2. You are actually signing up for continuous shipments by checking a box. I did not realize this because it never said anything about this. I also was charged for a shipment I did not order after receiving their free trial. What a crock. BUYER BEWARE! This is a scam and yes, they will not refund your money. The customer service rep said they will give a 30% refund and will cancel all future shipments. We will see. I also am disputing this with my credit card company. Allureacell also goes by the name of SkinRestore and they have that label affixed to the jar. Apparently the had to change the name as Alluracell is getting such poor reviews. DO NOT ORDER SAMPLES OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. You will be sorry.

    It’s a shame scam companies have to make money off of hard working people. Deceptive practices are shameful and should be stopped, but that will never happen. I guess I will never order free samples from anyone anymore. Learned my Lesson!!!

  3. Alluracel is a scam. I used to work for those guys in the call center and the order we received was to never accept a return or cashback, and only if we were threatened with legal actions, BBB, or Fiscal General, we were able to return money but only for the last charge. This is a scam and is ripping people’s money.

  4. SCAM….. Like many of you I got the free sample and supposedly only needed to pay for shipping. Credit Card has AHL*STUNNINGSKINRECOVE 855-856-4470 CA 90405 with a charge of $97.83 and BRILLIANT EYE CARE 855-71841841 NJ 08701 with a charge of $92.79. I immediately called my credit card and filed a dispute after trying to contact these company with the phone number given on my statement. The phone numbers have been disconnected. I then searched for the company’s on line, but could not find any contact information. I also advised my cc to block any charges that come from these companies and anything subscription charges. Does anyone have a good number and address for contacting these people? I plan on filling a complain with the BBB and also with FTC Consumer Protection Agency

  5. This company is fraud and THEY ARE THIEVES!. Stealing our hard earned money. They charged me $89.7 and $85.97. plus $4.97 AND $5.97. for “trial size”, I called them and they kept $45.00, telling me that I authorized the charges, when I never did. How are they able to sell these crap and steal from the public?. Supposedly Dr. Oz and Christie Brinkley endorse it. But then again, if they are crooks, they can put any picture on it. I hope someone can stop these crooks. By the way, the cream is anything but good., DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!, RUN WHILE YOU CAN.

    • Is this company the same as Skin restore. Everything looks identical except Alluracell is not on box. Seems very suspicious I know a lot of company s will just change the name. Don’t bother with Skinrestore my skin has never looked worse it actually brought out flaws.

      • YES IT IS THE SAME AS SKINRESTORE. You are actually signing up for continuous shipments by checking a box. I did not realize this because it never said anything about this. I also was charged for a shipment I did not order after receiving their free trial. What a crock. BUYER BEWARE! This is a scam and yes, they will not refund your money. The customer service rep said they will give a 30% refund and will cancel all future shipments. We will see. I also am disputing this with my credit card company. Allureacell also goes by the name of SkinRestore and they have that label affixed to the jar. Apparently the had to change the name as Alluracell is getting such poor reviews. DO NOT ORDER SAMPLES OR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. You will be sorry.

        It’s a shame scam companies have to make money off of hard working people. Deceptive practices are shameful and should be stopped, but that will never happen. I guess I will never order free samples from anyone anymore. Learned my Lesson!!!

  6. After reading about how they get you to try the free trail one and then keep sending more product and billing your credit card I just cancel my card and didn’t hear from them again.

  7. Sorry guys but I like the product. I use it every day. I never got billed for a sample but I did get a jar which I never ordered so I called them and got an apology. I offered to send back the jar but the man(named Omar) said to keep it. I never got billed for it, which is a good thing because they would have heard from my son the lawyer.. Very few creams agree with my skin so this one left me happily surprised.

  8. Sorry guys but I like the product. I use it every day. I never got billed for a sample but I did get a jar which I never ordered so I called them and got an apology. I offered to send back the jar but the man said to keep it. I never got billed for it, which is a good thing because they would have heard from my son the lawyer.. Very few creams agree with my skin so this one left me happily surprised. I spoke with a fellow named Omar

  9. Sorry guys but I like the product. I use it every day. I never got billed for a sample but I did get a jar which I never ordered so I called them and got an apology. Never got billed for it. Very few creams agree with my skin so this one left me happily surprised.

    • Charles Revson, founder of Revlon, once said “I’m selling hope in a jar.” That about sums up all cosmetic advertising. I expected a decent moisturizer and I got it. I don’t expect any OTC cosmetic product to do anything more than feel nice and smell nice and in the case of creams like this, to be a good base for foundation and the rest of my makeup.

  10. Cancell all future orders of alluracell skin cream and alluracell anti-aging serum. I see no benefit in either of these products, nothing more than snake oil. I have contacted the B.B.B. in Virginia to report this scam.

  11. Scammed just like the rest – just got off the phone with “Paul” who gave me back 100% of the last month and since this is Sunday – don’t know that they recognize that as a holy day! – but his boss “Anna” will be in tomorrow and I will call her then – will try and find there ad on facebook as that is where I found it – and put a buyer beware there also – should have done my homework – damn!! but all of you are correct – no conditions and he told me I needed to call to cancel – really? what phone number – took me an hour online to find the one here that worked! thanks ladies for all the info – it helped get part of my money back – and – he said i could keep the product as a “gift” LOL!!!

  12. This company is bogus. I should have looked into this company prior to ordering the Alluracel Eye and Alluracelskin products. In any event, I was charged $4.97 and $5.97 for the “trial period” and then a few days later I get hit fir $85.97 and $89.97 – what happened to the trial period. I went ahead and used the product exactly as instructed with no results. I then received a second order which I am trying to return by following their procedures to get a RMA number. What a fiasco! There was no mention on the website that I could find where they tell you that you are automatically enrolled in their monthly delivery. I finally looked and at the very bottom of the page I clicked on Terms & Conditions. In 7 areas of the Terms & Conditions is the phone number 1-855-480-5052, I highlighted them to make sure. That number is also on their website to call for customer service yet it does not seem to link to Alluracel. I called the number twice within 5 minutes and spoke with 2 different people and both times I was told they could not find my name or account info, that I should Google Allurcel to try and find the right number and on the first call was told they service a product called Revive but not Allurcel. I did more searching and finally got hold of this number 800-453-7383 to try and request an RMA and called it. I spoke to a woman and told her I wanted an RMA and refund. The connection was very poor and I know it was on their end as I was calling from my office. I got the run around and asked to speak to a manager and of course there was no manager available. I was pretty ticked off, told her I would just let my attorney deal with them and oh by the way, go to a local TV news station and have an investigative report done on the company. The woman knew I was really angry and finally said they could give me a 50 % refund. I told her I was not going to be happy unless I get my $351.88 refunded back to my card. This was going no where so I left my number and asked for a manager to call back. Long story short – I should have checked this out PRIOR to ordering. Had I seen all the negative reviews and how difficult it is to get them to stop and get your money back I would have never ordered. I hope someone reads this BEFORE they order from this company and learn from my mistake. What a crock!

    • I had the same thing happen to me with those same charges on my card. I had to cancel my card and dispute those debits. I like the products but it is a scam. Red flags were flying when the products all came together in a bubble envelope with no invoice and the email said …please call us with any problems or coverns.

  13. I knew when I ordered, it was a TRIAL… what do you think that means people…anyways I love it, it has gotten rid of my dark circles and the bags under my eyes, it doesn’t irritate my eyes either like other eye creams I have used, I used to use avon eye creams and if I even got a little bit in my eyes, they would water for hours and I would look worse with watery puffy eyes, I can practically stick Alluracell in my eyes and nothing, no burning occurs. It has transformed my eyes, one of my tenants (I’m a property manager) said your eyes look different, and she is right no more bags and dark circles…I use other creams on my face and neck and chest, I use Beverly Hills MD on my neck and chest, and I still use a Avon product on my face, Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector…

  14. I also got scammed as many others have. I called and all they said was “So sorry”. I told them I wanted a refund on my credit card and also said that Dr. Oz. should be notified of this scam as he is the one I saw promoting this product. They need to give all the DETAILS concerning the price of this product FIRST.

  15. I was scammed on this product on February 28,2016. It came up on my facebook with an ad, so I watched the ad and it was lengthy, I wasn’t going to order but when I tried to close out the website, it offered a second offer for a trial and only pay the shipping charge for a trial sample of 14 days. I thought oh well I am only out the shipping. Then I received the product on March 04/16. It was supposed to be a free trial for the 4.97 shipping charge . But they will charge your credit card for around 90.00 dollars.I googled the product and found this page of complaints.

    • I did the same thing. Just spent a half hour on the phone haranguing with them. In the end, they agreed to a total refund, but it took a lot of patience, perseverance and threatening them with a Visa dispute. Told them they were a scam. He worked up from a 35% refund to total.

  16. I was scammed on this product on February 28,2016
    Do Not Order This Product!!! I had to go see a Eye Specialist because of the damage the cream did to me. My eyes swelled up and begun to just pour out water that just wouldnt quit. This product is no good it irritated my skin & my eyelids. I tried repeatedly to cancel with the Alluracell without success. I will contact the B.B.B and Consumers Affairs and file a complaint.

  17. I got caught in this scam and called them. They tried to say I was to blame and were going to keep my money. I threatened to have my bank charge them with fraud and demanded a full refund of almost $200, They backed down and agreed to the refund, told me to keep product to which I said it was a scram and posted that to FB. Reported them to BBB in my state. They were made to send .a a letter of apology.

  18. I think a class action law suit is in order for this company. With this many people being defrauded something should be done!

  19. I had to go see a Cornea Eye Specialist because of the damage the cream did to me. It burnt my skin and eyes. My eyes swelled up and begun to just pour out water that just wouldnt quit. My skin felt like it was on fire 24 hours a day. It took forever for my eyes to heal and for the pain I was in to go away. This cream is like putting poison on your face!!!

  20. In case anyone needs phone numbers for these scammers. Discover card gave them to me & I called to get my money back so I know both work.
    800-453-7383 Skinmagic
    800-453-7386 Eye Magic
    Offered 15% then 35% “courtesy refund” but I said I’d just do a charge-back on my credit card so they agreed to a full refund and emails stating cancellations and refund amounts.

    • The telephone numbers you listed were helpful. The number on the box was not. They tell me they will send email confirming refund and 24 hrs cc removal.
      The svs was because of you and others calling in the problem.
      Thank you, Milie Hirsch

  21. Why do celebrities attach their names to things like this, not to mention Dr. oz, promoting it on his show, when it’s a SCAM? Shame on them! I know they get paid to endorse but do they not gave a conscious at all???

  22. yes these people are doing there job but it is our fault for not reading the fine print but they have the eye stuff that you have to order seperate so you get the face cream and they charge you 89.97 which is crazy and thi stuff does nothing for me.So they got me too. but i called and got a refund for my 89.97 because i was not happy at all .So read the print before you send the shipping fee.will never order again.

  23. I actually really like the product. The face cream bottle is small but it lasts a while. The eye serum really did seem to tighten my eye area. I hate the autoship scam part and was also very surprised when I was alerted that two products totaling $160 were charged to my CC. I called the number and luckily it was easily cancelled just by pushing a button. Just note that you do have to call twice if you ordered both products! I ordered one last shipment for $35 each, too. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I really like the stuff and it should last quite a while. If I want to buy more maybe I’ll try Amazon.

    • I really like it too! I went from looking tired & haggard, to younger & a brighter complexion! The auto-Ship I stopped early enough to prevent charges…but I really DO want more product, but with much less cost!

  24. I also was scammed on this product on January 31, 2016. It came up on my facebook with an ad, so I watched the ad and it was lengthy, I wasn’t going to order but when I tried to close out the website, it offered a second offer for a trial and only pay the shipping charge for a trial sample of 14 days. I thought this could be a scam so after filling out the order form tried not to submit it. It went through anyway, I thought oh well I am only out the shipping. Then I received the product on 2/4/16. On 2/16/16 I was charged $89.97 for the face cream and $84.97 for the eye lifting gel. I just checked my bank statement and called them. The lady named Natalie would not give me a refund. She said I called too late. I said I had no idea I was being charged this much. She gave me their website address to go back and read their terms. It said “website not available” I googled the product and found this page of complaints. I called them back. I got Janine this time. I told her I would have to report them to the BBB. She agreed to give me back 50% within 24 hours but says it would not show up for about 5 days in my account. At least I am getting something, live and learn, don’t even check out these online companies, because once you are in their site and give any information on yourself you are stuck. Such an unethical way to do business. I have been a business owner for 28 years. I never did this to anyone. It seems their prices change constantly. I offered to return the product for a full refund which was not accepted.

  25. I received this product without realizing it was a scam. Fortunately I read the comments here within the 14 day trial period. I tried repeatedly to cancel with the Alluracell without success. I finally called my CC company. They called the scammers and I was able to cancel with the CC representative still on the line listening in. Amazingly the scammers agreed to cancel any further purchases of the product. The CC representative then informed the scam company that a block would be put on my card for any charges from them. I’m grateful to my CC company for their help. I definitely have learned my lesson and will check the internet before fall for any more “free trial” offers.

  26. Wish I would of read this earlier but luckily I found this site shortly after I ordered the trials. I was able to cancel my CC before they were able to charge me $100+ dollars. I didn’t even bother calling the company fearing that they would just hurry up and charge my card before I had a chance to cancel. I guess I can count myself lucky for only being out $4.95 for the shipping. For those of you that did get scammed by these low life bottom feeder scum please contact the BBB and Consumers Affairs and file a complaint. Believe it or not they do help .

  27. I too got scammed. I’m so disappointed. After unexpectedly being charged for both the eye and face cream, I called to cancel. It seemed to be successful until I again received the eye cream. Little did I know I had to cancel each of them separately. I called and the customer service person offered A 15%. I refund. I did not accept. Then 35%. I accepted and THEN read about all of the comments above…thank you very much. I called back and threatened with an attorney and reporting to the BBB which I will do anyway. He then offered 75% and I said no. He put me on hold and came back and said he would issue 100% refund on both products. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS! IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

  28. THIS IS A SCAM!! DO NOT DO IT!!! I had to cancel my credit card because they charged me $107.00 DOLLARS. THIS IS A BS product! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!!

  29. I never received the sample only a supply of their products that I NEVER ordered. I spoke to a representative and cancelled any future orders, but much to my surprise, I received another order. I called my Master Charge
    to take the money off my bill and this charge is in dispute. I will not pay for this scam that I never ordered.
    Ref #10,412,361,041,238 and ref31 857480,857483

  30. Do Not Order This Product!!! Doesn’t Work Scam Scam Scam Cancelled My Subscription And They Still Stole My Money!!! Said Couldn’t Refund, Then Wanted To Give Percentage Of It Back, What A Joke!!! I Am However Getting A Full Refund After Fighting With Them On The Phone For An Hour!!! If It Doesn’t Go Back Into My Acct. There Will Be Hell To Pay!!!

  31. Thank god I googled alluracell and came across this website before I ordered. I almost fell for it because the ad said it was backed by Robin Mcgraw. Im sorry for everyone that got scammed and thank you for saving me from the same thing!

  32. Buyer beware ! I also fell for this scam. I ordered the sample and of course before we had even had an opportunity to know the quality of the cream, we were billed the full amount of nearly $200.00 for the skin restore and the eye restore creams. We did not cancel the order soon enough, so the company have sent another shipment out and once again billed us for nearly $200.00 more. Beware of this scam, they will end up ripping us off for approximately $500.00 dollars when all is said and done. We are contacting the bbb and filing a complaint !

  33. I ordered the trial product on Jan 21st and received it on Feb 3rd. On Feb 4th my account was charged $89.97. I called to cancel and have funds refunded to my account. The gentleman was very accommodating, but the best he could do was to refund half of my money.

    Normally I would have done deeper research; so although I am not happy that they still got $45 dollars out of me beyond the initial $14, I can also kick myself for not being diligent before ordering.

  34. My wife came so close to falling for this one. Thanks for the info. I read it to her and she was horrified (she was just a click away from ordering). So you helped saved us a chunk of change and even a bigger headache!

  35. I understand that the fees for having scientists investigate, paid trials, would make the product only attainable by the RICH and FAMOUS. Does the product work even 50% as well as they claim? If it does, this is how I will go about getting it for myself you try a whole 14 days without being charged ANYTHING I do not verbally agree to.
    1) I will use a debit card I rarely use.
    2) Place my order
    3) The day I receive it I will call my bank and explain how I lost my card and need a new one. It will of course be lost.
    4) I will then after 14 days decide if I feel it could possibly be worth $100/mo. Then if I feel it’s a go, I will order for real.
    I have done this for something that actually is very good, works as claimed. No surprise charges! If it isn’t any good, I’ll send it back.

    Filling a report to the BBB in your state AND THEIR home state has produce favorable results for me in the past. I also in one case went a step further and sent a copy of the report to celebs that appeared to endorse it. Their names were mentioned in my report as a partial reason for trusting the product.

  36. I did not order this product, I would be pleased if you would not sent me any more products, First I can not afford it I’m a old person on a little income. I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you.

    Eileen Sullivan

  37. I too was scammed. I ordered the trial which I received and a few days later my account was charged $87.97 and $89.97. I called their office and got the same answer you all got – 14 days etc. I never ordered more and never got any more lotion. After a lot of arguing they agreed to give me back 50% which they did. How do they get away with this. I want all my money back!

    • You write the bbb in your state AND in the state they are located. ALL government wheels then very slowly unless they are RUNNING from someone, like prosecution BIG MONEY fees, or prison.

  38. Please please don’t fall for this scam. I checked into because of the Facebook ad stating Oprah and Ellen use it. It was supposed to be a free trial for the 4.97 shipping charge . But they will charge your credit card for around 90.00 dollars. I called them demanding to be dropped but unfortunately had already been charged. I got the product and it’s like putting water on your face. There’s no way this product can stand up to their claims. Doesn’t help calling them either. You can’t get anywhere talking to their customer service number. Please don’t make the mistake I did by falling for this scam. I’ll proudly sign my name also…
    Cynthia Willis from Bartow, Florida. BEEN SCAMMED! !!!


  40. How do they get away with promoting their product with Dr Phils wife ? Does Robin McGraw actually back this product? What is it with celebrities that Oprah found, who are now promoting special products or procedures to looking good and weight loss. Example : Dr Oz ?

  41. I purchased this for my wife as she had seen the product on Dr.Oz(i think it was Oz). I did not see any info about the automatic reorder if not cancelled after 14 days. My bank alerted me & we both called the Alluracell customer service tel #.Capital One bank stayed on the line with me & got the cancellation # from this company,Cap 1 said if cancellation was not processed,call Cap 1 & they would remove the charges.I have ordered numerous items online & this is only the second time I have had this type of problem.I researched this pretty carefully & was still scammed!!Buyer Beware!!

  42. I also was ripped off. I called today to canceled my order today, In fact I had never finished my order, when I found out that I was charged double for two differed orders. But I received it any way . I don’t understand how they can still be selling it and charging people for it.I tried calling and got a recording trying to sell me something else Never got to talk to anyone.I am calling the BBB about this. They need to be stopped somehow.

  43. Same thing happened to me…on day 14, debit card was debited $89.97 and $85.97…on top of the $4.95 and $4.97 shipping/handling for the “TRIAL” of the products !!! Both shipped in same box…so why two charges ?? Called (800) 453~7383 and was told I agreed to be charged the full price unless I cancelled within 14 days. Asked how I could know in only 2 weeks if I liked something she said didn’t know, didn’t care, but again stated I agreed to it. Which I didn’t…NEVER saw anything about agreeing to pay $89.97/$85.97 on day 14 unless I cancelled. I WOULD NEVER EVER pay $200 for some stupid face cream….EVER !! I’m afraid to even use it now because of all the scarey reviews, where people said it messed them up, no ingredient list, so who even knows what’s in there !! Calling BBB right after I get done with this review. Also going to credit union today to stop further charges and UNAUTHORIZE this fraudulent company from getting another cent from me. I CANT believe I’m SO stupid and got ripped off so badly. So upset, I puked all night and couldn’t sleep a wink =((

  44. Aweful costimer service. I wanted to cancel the product due to break outs. I was told to call back for a survey vut when i did i never took a survey and the representative had no idea what i was talking about. She ended up charging me 20 fir the cancellation… Scam.

  45. Hemorrhoid cream will have the same effect (temporary shrinking) and is a lot cheaper, plus it has ingredients listed on the tube. Wait, maybe Alluracell is high priced Hemorrhoid cream. Wrestlers have been using it since the beginning of time too in conjunction with bodywraps and dehydrating themselves, in order to loose wait and inches before a fight. Again, just a temporary fix and not recommended, nor healthy. I wouldn’t do it and neither should you. We all have what we consider “flaws”, whether age related or born with it – let’s just accept it and stop making rich people richer buying into these expensive and worthless fads. We are beautiful just the way we are!

  46. I too was taken in, went for the free trials for two products, and less than 14 days my bank has been charged $85.00 and $86.00 total $171.00, I tried calling those numbers and was put on hold with music (forever) then I hung up , called my bank to change my card, and searched and found this scam. There’s no way I will get that money back but maybe 2 big jars of alluracell maybe they’ll shine my shoes,, oh I was again online and ran across allluracell is Kate Middleton ‘s new product line, how can they used people like this,,..

  47. After using the product my face swelled enormously. I am being treated for cancer. I thought it was limp nodes swelling from the cancer. I sent the Alluracell back. A few days after discontinuing use, my face and nodes were back to normal. My credit card was charged almost $200.00 for the “samples”. Of course I did not know this until the bill came. I called right away. After a lot of haggling, the rep promised to credit the entire amount to my cc but I have not seen it yet. They charged me twice for shipping and handling also. I only orderd cause Dr.Oz sponsored it. Be very careful ordering on line. Products could lead to permanant damage.

  48. I fell for this as well and then found all of these reviews, of course after the fact. I received the product within 5 days and today, Day 6, I immediately called the 800# listed above which has a very unprofessional voice promoting system but seems to now allow you to cancel your account. This must be new and in response to all of the complaints against them. The only prompt is to cancel, but the message tried multiple times through prompts to get you to keep the product and pay $38.71 instead of the hassel of returning it. It does allow you to cancel entirely if you don’t want to pay the $38.71. So I hit the prompt to cancel entirely. It provides a Return AuthoriZation number and the PO Box listed above to send it back to, which I did USPS CERTIFIED MAIL at a cost of $11.30. After the RMA# was given I then hit the prompt for a representative. After about 4 minutes a man answered with an Indian accent, and confirmed nothing would be charged to my card and that my account was deactivated. I am calling American Express Fraud next and providing the company name and blocking any possibility of future charges on my card. So in the end the 800# and cancellation was rather painless, I’m out the $11.30 for the return shipping (I was never billed the $4.99 for the “free trial freight”) and hopefully it’s over. Now I just need to watch my account to ensure they don’t try to bill me down the road.

  49. I just got samples from Alluracel, I do not know How this product sells in USA , it does not have the name of the factory /company nor in which country it is Made,
    Two companies Billed me for the product one in Westminister ,Ca address as follows
    8231 WESTMINSTER BLVD, CA 92683
    The second one is
    9205 W RUSSELL RD BUIL, NV 89148

    I checked the internet both companies do not exist but the first company belong to a law firm (Liem H Do & Associates) the second address belong to (Regus at the Gramercy)

  50. I am very upset I myself am disabled and my disability attacks my immune system and skin….im 44 and look old…my daughters school thought i was her grandmother…i wanted to cry….i fell for this scam and these people should be punished for doing this to us .

  51. I am so mad and feel stupid that I ordered this but I am glad you ladies put your veiws about this product and the companys scan, I am totally disabled and the only reason I ordered the trial was everyone use to tell me I was a beautiful women and I quess I was the way they talked but now I am not beautiful anymore do to what my desease has done to my body and face, I look every morning in the mirror and jusst cry cause I am all wrinkely and I am 60 years old and look 100 and it makes me sick too look at myself, its bad enough the r a desease has desroyed my livfe but to have a company try to scam me over when I live on a fixed income is really bad, but I have already decided to send the crap back and I am not well at all so I am not looking forward to fighting with that company to get my money back. I just got ot of he hospital last week and I saw the ad on this and it was the next day when I got mine so I got time to send mine back and monday thats what I am going to do. They didnt even send me a return lable so I dont know how to send it back unledd I use the adress on the lable where it sent it to my address if anyone knows where to send it please tell me, I just wanted to look my old self for once it really hurts me people like that company cheat people like us, I am in 24/7 days a week in paiin and looking so old now I cant deal with anything else. Thank you all forr revealing all your stories cause it sure helped me, thanks again and god bless you all

  52. I too ordered this product. I got it right away and i called right away to send it back and canceled any further products. And yes they are not legit what i went through was so not professional . I am closing my account. They can’t anymore out of it anyway. i am calling the B.B.B. as well. Live and learn. However i should know better by now. Found this on Facebook. They even showed a 92 year old grandmother they were trying it on. I know i AM so gulible.

  53. I ordered this product Saturday january 9, 2016, the next morning my bank called me, that is when a red flag came up, but I did make the order so I approved the transaction. and Monday recieved an email that my order was being sent. I started looking for more info Regarding this product and thank God I stumbled onto this page! I called to cancel my order and it was an automated system that prompted me to press one to cancel my order. I pressed one and the automated system said my order was canceled and I was being charged $32.00. There was no way to speak with any customer service rep. I immediately called my bank and had to cancel my card. Why was I charged $32 to cancel something I had already paid for?needless to say the transaction had already gone threw, this was less than 2 mins. I am not very happy to say I paid an extra $32 for a lesson well learned! They cancel ur order and charge ur card as soon as you press one to cancel. I didn’t aprive this. But I am so glad I ran into this page bf I lost hundreds!

  54. I called Alluracell customer service to tell them my eyes are red, swollen and lid black/blue from their product. Didn’t think I should have to pay to return these bottles which caused me harm. I can’t find a real person at Alluracell, just customer service reps which very foreign accents. How does this company get reported to the FDA?

  55. it is a scam.please please donot fall for this. they charge you for the product that they say is free but charge &85 for the cream they say is for free. when called to find out why did he charge me. he gave me an offer to give me 50% off of the charges they made to my credit card.


  57. ALLURACELL is a scam. DO NOT BUY IT. They do not stand behind their 100% guarantee on the product. It can cause skin damage due to the ingredients used and you have no one to complaint to, but your credit card company who stands behind its account holders.

  58. AlluraCell Skin Cream and Eye Serum i am canceling my order Ref # 1 852 172 852 178 as of january 7 2016 your product is being sent back with a tracking number shame on you for taking advantage of hard working ppl i have also reported to BBB K.TRINGALI

  59. My bigger concern over the $100 price tag of the product is applying an unknown substance under my eyes. I wonder if it could cause damage to my eyes/face later then who would you call for recourse? You could have some horrible skin or eye issues and you’re just screwed. I wouldn’t dream of using anything like this on my skin so close to my eyes. My eye area my not be perfect, but I can live with that. Having possible damage later just because I was hasty to have unwrinkled eyes or no bags…. not happening!

  60. Vanessa, or Elizabeth – or someone who has been successful getting out of this nightmare…do you have any further contact info. from the people who helped you (maybe on the confirmation e-mails that were sent to you)? I am calling the number Vanessa left with no luck – I can’t even get through to talk to someone about Alluracell, it’s all for male enhancement products! Any additional information you can provide is appreciated! Thank you!!!

  61. Alluracell Skincare Free Sample is definitely a Scam!! DO NOT order it!! I ordered it and was charged the same day I ordered. I looked on the Internet, sorry to say after I made the Order for the FREE Sample plus Shipping. I came across this Site, which really opened my Eyes, sorry to say I should have looked at it before placing the Order for the Free Sample. I called the Company and some Lady told me, I couldn’t hardly understand her because her heavy Accent, that it never was a free Sample. I told her the Website stated clearly Free Sample plus shipping. She argued with me and basically hung up on me but before she did she charged my account 38.00 Dollar plus. The Fraud Dept. of my Bank called me right after the Charge showed up. I explained what has happened and the Charge was NOT authorized by me. My Bank is taking care of this Matter but needless to say it was very inconvenient and aggravating to me. I don’t want anyone else to let that Company get away with their Scam trying to steel your hard earned money from you, like they tried to do with me and obviously so many other people!

  62. Happened to me too. I did also rush through it but didn’t see anywhere that said I was doing auto-ship nor did I agree to the cost which was almost $200 just a shipping fee of $4.97 even tho it was delivered in one order. I was not aware also of the separate shipping charge of $5.97. My credit card company called and felt it might be fraud. I called this company and demanded they cancel this auto-shipment and that I will dispute these charges made to my card. I only knowingly agreed to the shipping fee and that is all. I told them they were scam artists. I’ve never had this happen to me before and I feel like an idiot for doing this. I suppose I need to contact the BBB and get a lawyer if this isn’t resolved quickly. I have a mad husband too.

  63. I am also want to cancel this scum. One minute u pay for shipping then u end up paying.90 dollars for stuff that burns up your face I just want my money back and don’t take no money from my bank. I am seeing a lawyer. Really sorry people and to have Dr.Oz lie also.

  64. Same as above, I rushed into buying. Just cancelled but I called he first number and they pretended they didn’t have my account, called the second number and got the same guy and he made it seem like it was my fault calling the wrong number! Took forever to cancel because they tried to give me many “deal discounts” but finally (hopefully) got he cancellation. Eeeek.

  65. My experience with this company is so close to all of yours. I was hung up on and refused information I ask for. I did finally get a full refund after speaking to 4 different people. I did find out that the corporate office is supposedly in las Vegas. I spoke to a guy named Joseph @ 800-549-5742. He confirmed my 100% refund and sent me a confirmation email.

    • Vanessa, do you have any more contact info. for “Joseph” (like in the confirmation e-mail)? I was sent this stuff after I started to order it, only to change my mind. I never processed my order, but somehow it got sent to me anyway, and I don’t want to deal with this nightmare that all of you ladies have dealt with.

      Thank you,

      Sarah B.

      • You obviously are a manager trying to get info on the employees who help them get in trouble or possibly f fired. Why wouldn’t you need a confirmation email from another person.

    • Hi, Vanessa. I am trying to call the number that you provided and am having trouble getting through – is there ANY other contact info. that you have for “Joseph” (maybe in the confirmation e-mail he sent – does he have an e-mail or an extension that he can be reached at?) I know that this is not your concern anymore, but if you could help me, it’d be greatly appreciated! I don’t want to have to deal with the same nightmare some of you ladies have dealt with…

      Thank you!

      Sarah B.

      • I called the 888 number that showed up on my bank statement. They gave me the run around too and offered to give me 50% back. It was not until I said Mr. I am an attorney and my eyes are burning and peeling. You can credit me back 100% or I can press charges that he said okay I will send the refund right away. I got an email confirmation to this too! I’m not even an attorney. Lol

  66. Hello, I got caught up and impulsively accepted these products as free trials with shipping and handling charges only. I started looking into the product, yes which I should have first. Anyway, after reading your review; I called and cancelled. The automotive system stated I could cancel my order by pressing 1, so I did to my surprised the system stated that I have accepted their discounted rate of $38.71. I did not accepted anything, I though cancelled meant cancelled, apparently with this company they do not understand that term. I pressed 0 to speak to the operator she said I choose that option and there is nothing she can do, then she offered me 15% back, I insisted on getting a full refund because I cancelled. I checked my account I was charged $38.71 + $5.97+ 4.97. I called back and they offered me 35% back. I explained, and explained that in the US when we cancell an order we usually get a full refund, the gentleman said he would give me a full refund and I can keep the trial. I advised him to cancell my order, do not ship and to just refund me my money. Hoping for the best!

    • the same happened to me today and after she hung up on me the charge of 38.71 showed up on my account. the Fraud Depart from my Bank called right after the Charge was made and is taking care of the Matter now since the Amount was not authorized by me and I did explain what that Company did. I just don’t understand why that Company is still getting away with committing Fraud after it has happened to so many people!!

  67. Thank you for your review it saved me a lot of time and frustration. I’m sorry that you had the experience that you had with this product. I found 3 other different names of miracle wrinkle cream with the exact pictures and pretty much the exact same site set up. Nouvebelle wrinkle cream, Dermallure Serum & wrinkle cream as well as Radian-C Anti-Aging Cream and Eye Serum all use the same people and same website set up. Thank you again for your help I was about to order and something told me to research it first.

    • Beauty and Truth is another one with the exact same company and, like you, I stopped myself this time from ordering Alluracell until I could research it. Thank God I did. Even the charges are the same!

  68. I was stupid enough to fall for this scam, because who wouldn’t pay $4.97 shipping and handling fofr a “miracle wrinkle eraser?” I scoured the website for fine print, but never saw it. I received the “free sample” after about five days, and then my credit card was charged on day 12 (they didn’t even wait the full 14 days!) I had had this stuff for less than a week. I called my bank to report my CC stolen before the autocharge came through (because I read warnings after the fact and panicked) but somehow, my card was charged anyway.

    I called Wells Fargo again, and they filed a claim and gave me a temporary credit. The CS rep I spoke with told me that I needed to call Alluracell and cancel, which I did. At first the rep at Alluracell told me that there was nothing she could do, because I had “agreed” to the terms of the “free” trial. I told her that I never saw anything about autoship on their website, unless it was buried to deeply in the fine print that it smacked of fraud. She offered me a 15% reduction in the charge. I told her that I had disputed the charge with my bank, and she then offered a 50% reduction. When I mentioned that I was planning to report them to the BBB, she put me on hold, and then came back on the line that they were going to give me a full refund. I then got two emails, one acknowledging the full refund, and the other acknowledging my cancellation. I am saving those emails just in case there are any more issues.

    Bottom line, please don’t fall for this scam. The amount of the “miracle cream” is miniscule, and probably not even worth the $5 shipping. I think I will just stick to Oil of Olay!

    • I am canceling my two orders #1830055 & #2830056 on this day which is 12-27-2015 at 1:24 pm. I do not want any products delivered to my home nor do I want to see any charges on my credit card. You have now been warned along with my lawyer. Oh I almost forgot, I’m also contacting the B.B.B. Sincerely, Terry

      • I called to cancell the 15 minutes after I received the product and read the other responses. You have to call both numbers to cancel both. I listened clearly to my first message and got a email for the cancellation. I was not as lucky for the second one and made a mistake a press the button to keep the product for the 32 dollars. When I realized this I called back. The lady kept trying to make me take it at a discount. She kept going up on the discount in spite of me telling her no. She said she gave me some cancellation numbers for both products and told they would refund the 32 dollars and send me an email. When I didn’t receive the email right away like the first one, I called back and got a male whose voice I could hardly hear. I told him the same thing and he told me the info was in the computer and it could take up to 24 hours to receive the email. When I told him, I received the first email right away, he still insisted on the 24 hours and told me to call back if I did not receive it. I immediately called my bank to cancel my credit card. Unfortunately the could not do anything about the immediate 32 dollar charge and I am still suppose to return the opened product. I don’t think it is fair that I should have to return the product until I see a credit for the 32 dollars. Did anyone return the product?

        • I got scammed the same manner as you . In fact there were no written terms and conditions stated as they said . I think the should be reported to a agency for scamming such as consumer protection..

          • there is. You can report it to your state’s attorney general’s office. You can report it to the FTC. Look in the phone book under Consumer Protection Agency.


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