OctoFit – Home Fitness Exercise Device & Workout Library Guide?


What Is OctoFit?

OctoFit is a new product on Kickstarter that is designed to give you a full body workout anywhere at any time. It is said to give you the excitement and experience of working with a fitness group from the comfort of your own home.

How Does OctoFit Work?

Octofit is a revolutionary new at home exercise system. It is designed to help you stay motivated and engaged so you can achieve all your fitness goals without the need of going to the gym. It is said to be the ultimate fully body workout and you can use it anywhere. There is even a complete, in depth online workout library you can access from anywhere you have internet access.

The way it works is there is six exercise tubing anchor points. They can each accommodate as much as 200 pounds of resistance in pull from any of the anchor points. There are also padded rotating smart handles. The handles are designed to give you a consistent range of motion and control without putting any strain on you, so you can stay comfortable and avoid injury.

It's also designed to offer you anywhere hand placement that offers a stable grip even when you’re burning throughout a workout and dripping in sweat. The online library for the Octofit is full of different exercise classes that are taught by trained professionals who are also certified.

You can customize your OctoFit system for any skill level, so you can get fitter and workout harder as you progress along your journey. The OctoFit is designed to increase in toughness to help you stay ahead of the curve.

The creators of the Octofit are called LEVEL 10 Products. They are passionate about several aspects of fitness. Primarily Innovation, Fitness and Technology. They created the Octofit because they believe that group fitness needs a revamp and that as of today has been completely lacking for the at home fitness enthusiast. They thought that people deserved better, so they created Octofit.

The system offers users the perfect integration of aerobic, balance, resistance and flexibility training. It is also ideal for all core training and is ideal because it is in one easy to move and use single system. IT works by offering a high-intensity, limited-rest method of exercise. You’ll supposedly get a multitude of health benefits in far less time than with traditional fitness programs.

The online classes are designed to provide users with the complete guide to fitness from the comfort of their home. You’ll get instant access to exclusive virtual group training programs and you can access them from anywhere, especially the privacy of your own home.

You can connect your fitness tracker directly to the program in order to measure your heart rate and your health stats. You’ll be able to track how much you progress and performance levels while you compete with others who are using the Octofit. You’ll also get rewarded for all your workouts you do and improve your health in a competitive way.

The classes are created and run by enthusiastic, very engaged and qualified specialist. The instructors will help you get through each of the classes. Each class is anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes long and will be a fun and unique combination of camaraderie and intensity to keep you entertained and challenged.

The major focuses of the Octofit combine the principles of HIIT, or high intensity interval training and HICT, or High Intensity Circuit Training. You’ll also learn about Sports Conditioning and Periodization as well as FIIT or Frequency Intensity Time Type.

The Octofit also teaches about the benefit of resistance training. And is primarily focused around consistency through a full range of motion. The system has bands that are extremely durable and will give you a consistent challenge throughout the entire range of motion regardless of what movement you’re going through.

There are entire full body workouts. The resistance training program is designed to help you improve your entire body with workouts like chest presses, shoulder presses and tricep extensions. Other exercises include bicep curls and squats to strengthen your legs. You’ll even be able to do lunges, deadlifts and much more.

The most attractive part is you can do all this without the need of dumbells, barbells, or other bulky static pieces of equipment. Basically, you’ll be able to workout your upper body, lower body, core and perform cardio, balance, resistance and strength training.

OctoFit Review Summary

Whether you’re a novice starting your fitness journey, or a hard hitting expert looking to improve your athletic prowess, the Octofit is said to be the perfect fitness device for you. You’ll be able to improve muscular strength, flexibility, body composition, endurance cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and core strength.

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