Simple Spinach – Pure Spinach Extract Reduces Hunger Cravings?


Late night eating triggered by hunger cravings, plays a significant role in weight gain. This often happens because it’s usually too late to cook a healthy meal, many people end up scarfing down junk foods.

Unfortunately, junk foods are hardly ever filling, so people tend to eat a lot more than they should, disrupting their hormonal balance and triggering a series of harmful chemical reactions in their bodies.

This is why smart individuals are actively seeking out supplement options that can provide them with the nutrition they need when they don’t have the time to cook their favorite meals. There are a ton of appetite suppressants in the market now, with many containing veggies and fruits designed to fill you up. One of these is Simple Spinach.

What Is Simple Spinach?

Simple Spinach is dietary supplement consisting primarily of just spinach and nothing else. It’s supposedly different from other spinach supplements in the market because of its very dense spinach quantity.

The manufacturer claims that the spinach ration in this supplement is 20:1. If this is true, then, the supplement is indeed one of the highest quality supplements with more spinach quantity in it. Each bottle contains 60 servings –at 2 per day, and each capsule contains 750mg of the spinach extract made in the US at a standard facility.

Why Spinach Veggie?

There are so many vegetables in the market. So, why opt for spinach instead of the others? Well, spinach is often considered a superfood in the nutrition community. This is because of the powerful amount of nutrients evident in the vegetable. Some of these are:

Do you see why spinach is called a superfood now? Ingesting moderate amounts of this on a daily basis is bound to meet a significant part of your mineral and nutritional needs. This is the fastest way to ensure you meet your recommended daily allowance of nutrients and get a significant dose of antioxidants into your body.

Is There Any Difference Between Spinach Extract and Spinach?

Apart from the obvious convenience of just popping a supplement, there’s a reason why extracts are great. Most people would just assume that all they need to do is add more spinach to their diets.

And yes, this will get them decent amounts of the nutrients. But then, they would be missing out on a particular compound known as the thylakoid, which is abundant in spinach extracts.

This plays a key role in appetite suppression, delayed fat digestion and reduced food cravings. While you can get this from eating your spinach, the concentration isn’t quite as high as that found in spinach extracts.

This is why you might want to seriously consider Simple Spinach if you want to suppress your appetite.

What Does Simple Spinach Do?

The supplement is designed to help you enjoy the benefits available in spinach, but without spending the time needed to prepare the vegetable during your meals.

Simple Spinach slows down the rate of digestion so you feel fuller for longer, and ward off the effects of hormones like ghrelin, which causes hunger. This is the reason why you often need to eat large quantities of junk foods before feeling full.

Junk foods re often digested very quickly, Thus, causing the body to release more ghrelin. As a result, you tend to feel hungry even right after eating because you still have some free flowing ghrelin in your body.

But with Simple Spinach, your body doesn’t need that much ghrelin, thus eliminating those hunger and junk food cravings that you feel late at night and even during the day. Naturally, with less junk food consumption comes weight loss and lower belly fat.

The product doesn’t make that claim of course, but it’s one of the extra benefits of taking Simple Spinach and adopting a more active lifestyle.

Does Simple Spinach Work?

It’s not just enough to believe what supplement manufacturers and marketers say. You need to compare their claims to the evidence made available by scientific research.

In the case of spinach however, there are quite a few studies that back the claims made by Simple Spinach. According to a 2015 study on the effects of thylakoids on hunger cravings, thylakoids present in spinach

  • Helped reduce hunger cravings by 21 percent
  • Increased satiety by 15 percent
  • Reduced cravings for sweets and junk foods by 36 percent
  • Reduced cravings for salty, sweet and fatty foods by 30 percent, 38 percent and 36 percent respectively

The study showed that people who indulged in emotional eating tended to do that less, thus avoiding overeating, when they ate raw/cooked spinach or took spinach extract supplements like Simple Spinach. Another study also showed that it can reduce cravings by as much as 95 percent:

Spinach extracts supplements also work better when they are taken right before a meal. This study ( showed that thylakoids present in spinach can help increase satiety over a two hour period, thus ensuring you eat less food.

It also reduced the instance of people who ate just for the sake of eating or because they liked the food flavor a lot –also known as hedonic eating.

Possible Side Effects Of Taking Simple Spinach

As far as we know, there’s really no side effects of taking Simple Spinach. The supplement has no fillers or additives, has not gluten, GMO, or dairy in it. So, people who are allergic to these substances wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Even better, it is made in the USA using natural, homegrown spinach, with adherence to strict manufacturing and nutritional supplement standards. So, you never have to worry about any compromise in quality.

How Much Does Simple Spinach Cost?

The company offers three different price packages for anyone interested in purchasing it. One bottle of 60 capsules costs just $39.95, 3-bottle bundle at $34.95 each and 6-bottle bundle at $29.95 each. Each bottle contains enough for a month’s supply at two per day.

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