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Oceans Bounty Review

Ocean’s Bounty is a new nutritional supplement which promises to deliver high levels of essential oils and fatty acids in a single pill. Priced at $69.95 per bottle, Ocean’s Bounty isn’t the cheapest omega-3 supplement on the market. Find out if it’s worth the high price today in our Ocean’s Bounty review.

Oceans Bounty

What is Ocean’s Bounty?

Ocean’s Bounty is an essential oils/fatty acids supplement which promises to support your reproductive, immune, and nervous systems.

As you’re probably aware, essential oils are used by virtually every organ in the body. Fatty acids protect cells and play a major role in cardiovascular health. Without our daily recommended supply of fatty acids, we’re at a higher risk for heart disease, cardiovascular problems, and countless dangerous diseases.

What you might not know is that the body does not create any essential fatty acids on its own: we need to get all of our fatty acids from nutritional sources.

Ocean’s Bounty aims to be that nutritional source. Ocean’s Bounty is made by a company called Deep Sea Nutrition, LLC. On the official Ocean’s Bounty website, BuyOceansBounty.com, that company lists the following contact information:

7308 S. Alton Way #2A Centennial, Colorado 80112

You can also reach the customer service hotline at (800) 287-9221. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST.

How Does Ocean’s Bounty Work?

Each serving of Ocean’s Bounty claims to contain 120mg of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids. As mentioned above, these fatty acids play an essential role in our cellular energy and cardiovascular health.

Ocean’s Bounty also claims to contain “the right mix of Omega-3 and 6” although it doesn’t explain exactly how much Omega-6 is in the supplement.

In fact, Ocean’s Bounty explains very little about the supplement. There’s no ingredient profile listed until you actually buy the bottle and look at the back – and even then the ingredient profile is hopelessly vague.

In other words, you’re just supposed to trust that Ocean’s Bounty will work without actually knowing how it will work. That’s a bit worrying for those of you who like to know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Buying Ocean’s Bounty Online

Ocean’s Bounty can only be purchased from the official Ocean’s Bounty store at BuyOceansBounty.com. From there, you’ll see a few different offers, including:

— 1 Bottle: $69.95
— 2 Bottles: $119.90 ($59.95 per bottle)
— 4 Bottles: $199.80 ($49.95 per bottle)

There are also various incentives like a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. That guarantee promises to give you a 100% refund plus $10 “if you aren’t satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all)”. That seems generous – although based on customer reviews online, people have had trouble collecting that refund.

There’s also an auto-ship program which is hidden as a “Membership Discount Club.” You can sign up for this Club when you order Ocean’s Bounty for the first time. It will send you an identical order every 1 month, 2 months, or 4 months depending on whether you ordered the 1, 2, or 4 bottle packs.

You can cancel the autoship program at any time. If you forget to cancel and don’t enjoy using the product, then the charges can quickly add up. However, Ocean’s Bounty is nice enough to give you a 10% discount when you sign up for the autoship program. They also appear to be honest and upfront about the details of the program, which means no hidden fees.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Ocean’s Bounty?

Ultimately, Ocean’s Bounty is an expensive fatty acid supplement. You can walk into any drug store, pharmacy, or grocery store in your hometown and find an identical supplement for less than half the price.

The only reason to buy Ocean’s Bounty is if you like the flashy marketing and the autoship program which ships a bottle to your doorstep every month. If neither of those things appeal to you, then you should be able to find cheaper – and more honest – omega 3 supplements on store shelves at any local grocery store.

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  1. So far i have not seen any weight loss however my health is feeling slightly improved, weather this is to do with the Oceans Bounty tablets or not i am unsure. However, I was charged the initial $314.20 and received the tablets only to be charged again without my permission or knowledge on the (3 weeks later) 09/12/2016 $249.90.
    I will be taking this matter further if another payment is taken.
    I suggest using a pre-paid card ONLY so they cannot do this as it seems to be a common problem.

  2. the rats have just sent me 4 bottles ob. without my orth. previously they sent me 4 bottles every 4 months without my orth. but I did not worry to much as I us this amount I think it works for me and I was going to give this 12 months but guess what, they did not wait 4 months this time they only waited 1 month this proberly could amount to fraud been in touch with my bank ,they will deal with it I will ring trump the new president he might deal with it build a wall around them or send them back over there border, where ever that is, because a usa company would not do this (WOULD THEY ?) NOEL nz

  3. Don’t give anyone your true bank account number, always use a prepaid loadable debit card, and only add the amount needed for purchase, that way if you don’t like the product, they can’t continue to steal your money

  4. I ordered the 4 bottle package for the greatest discount, was charged $199.80 which was the advertised price. Received the product and the first day took 1 in the morning and 1 before bedtime. Woke up in the middle of the night with diarrhea. I’m guessing this is a detox effect, which I am accustomed to with certain nutritional supplements. Since reading all these complaints I am concerned about additional charges on my card, so I will be notifying Visa to deny any further charges. Appreciate all the input from this website. Thanks!

  5. To everyone dissatisfied with their product: call your card company and charge back. Simple as that. They will lose their merchant account and be out of business.

  6. These comments have changed my mind about ordering Oceans Bounty. Thanks for publishing them. You have saved me a bunch of money.

  7. I too bought this junk…It did nothing for me. Ava you either work for them or something these is happening to you.Like others, I believed what they said, No refund or answered calls.

  8. Several products were added to my order, I had only clicked “continue” but did not order additional products. When the package arrived many days later; I phoned them (1-855-558-1484) to request a full refund. was given an RN# and mailed everything back the next day. USPS gave me a confirmation number. My credit card was charged over $200, and I only realized this when my statement arrived. They did not credit my credit card, so I called them and confirmed that yes they did receive the package, but would not give me a full refund, only 50%. With that no reason was given. I then contacted the credit card company. This company is a SCAM. Don’t order anything from them “RIP OFF”

  9. Just received my next pack of 4 bottles after specifically telling rep who phoned me not to send anymore. Have tried to ring but number not in service. Do you have an email address by which they can be reached or a phone number?

    • Chang you bank details as I’ve had to. I decided i didnt want more as it didnt do any thing for me either.They wont answer my calls either I think its a scam also!

  10. I purchase this product some time back. I have not taken it.I continue to request what the source of their seaweed is. All they tell me is “the ocean”. They won’t tell me which ocean. Want to make sure it’s not from a radioactive area of the Pacific Ocean. This is a red flag to me.

  11. I have battled blood sugar and blood pressure issues for 15 yrs. After taking Ocean Bounty for 3 months my A1C dropped from 7.5 to 6.4. The only variable in lifestyle was taking Ocean Bounty. Blood pressure at last check up was 124/78. Previous best reading in last 5 yrs was 145/84. Kidney function also improved. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’m unwilling to take a chance. Just ordered four month supply.

  12. I purchased the product so no benifit and am trying to get them to honor their refund. So far no luck be very carefull here. I will keep you posted.

  13. They are a rip off!! They try to send you 4 bottles and charge your account when you just want 1! Then they start sending 1 every month and charge your account when told them to stop and cancel.

  14. I have been taking this product, and I am thrilled with it. It works! They are always available to answer questions, very professional. It did take a long time to get to me here in Ontario, and I did panic, but they kept me in the loop with where it was in the shipping circuit….It does work, and my health has great improved!!! My numbers are normal for the first time! Excellent product. Highly recommend. Ava

  15. Purchased 4 bottles 3 June. Arrived within days. Have taken for a month no result yet. Taking 2 a day with plenty of water. Haven’t lost weight nor feel energetic. Caution as you check out they really market you to try and load up on pills.

    • I have been taking it for a month+ and have seen huge changes. My doctor has too. My numbers were high, and are normal now for the first time in years and years!!!! You have to watch your life style, as this isn’t a magic pill, but working with it, you will see results. It does work, this company will refund in a second, and are easy to get ahold of. I had my doubts, until I really tried…in one month changes happened!!! email me if you wish. Ava

      • Thanks Ava . I just received my first bottle and started it this am. I have spent probably thousands of dollars on other products with no good results. I only ordered 1 bottle to see how it does before I order more. Thanks a lot for your input. Take care, Dan Woods.

      • Hi Ava, my name is Sonia I bought the Ocean Bounty package. On my visit to my doctor I walked with a bottle to inquire about supplementing with it. Her recommendation was not to take it because I don’t know what the ingredients are. You’re the only one who seems positive about this. I’m reaching out to you for some information from you’re point of view. Still undecided.

    • Just call them. They are easy to call, get things changed. I take the pill, and my life has gotten much better. I have normal blood sugar reading now, and had not for 40 years. A bit of life style change, and these pills, and my doctor is even amazed. It does work and isn’t a scam. Best, Ava

    • The number for this company is 1-800-287-9221 (the number is in very small print on the back of the bottle. It took me awhile to get these automatic refills stopped but finally succeeded.

  16. Can I please have a refund as I can’t take this product as I take blood thinners . Not happy with your service your telephone number doesn’t work!! Refund please !!!
    Angela Di Pietro

  17. Thank you for the reviews on this site altho I feel sorry for the poor experience by reviewers. I wont order now after reading these reviews of the shabby shinanannagans …

  18. too whom it may concern $290 was taken out of my account plus another $8.71 transaction fee Australian dollars and have not recieved the product I have informed my doctor and she told me it would not be recommended with my medical conditions I therefore cancel my order and would like my full refund back into my commonwealth master card thanking you kindly Anne

  19. I want my fmoney back.whoftold u ttake money out of my ac without my permission.U need to be shot.I want my money asap

  20. So far I have called them twice.. and they where polite and ok. I will use the product and if I do not see any number changes in my sugar issues then I will return it all.

    I had it paid with my amex and will request that it will not be refunded by amex – if I return it. I have security in Amex.

    For the way the orders are processed, yes they are tricky, and not a pleasant experience since it gives you no chance to opt out/ also they doubled my order without my permission.

    However I also received a bottle Blood Sugar Balance sort of a vitamin supplement bottle with 30 capsules, when I combined the two items, I found immediate improvements for the frequency of urination, making the bladder be way more normal and quiet and controlled. Nice! I may be interested in getting that supplement but will see by the end of the 4 weeks how I am doing.

    I wish it these to be a good products, and hope others find it so also, but my sugar numbers have to drop as promised or I will be very disappointing!!!!

    • Hello, You said on a health blog that Ocean’s Bounty and another product called Blood Sugar Balance slowed down or reduced your urinary frequency when combined. Can you tell me the brand and supplier of the Blood Sugar Balance. I know someone who is suffering from urinary frequency. Thank you, I hope you are doing well. Carol

  21. I try call the phone number 1800 287 9221 it does not work Im calling from Australia Ocean bounty has taken money out of my account without my permission.

  22. Your taken money out from my account with out my permission.
    Please refund my account.
    Cancel any business because I did not give you the okay.

    • Sam,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sorry to hear that you werent happy with this product. What in particular didn’t you like? But please know that we do not sell this product. We only provided a review. Hopefully you will come back and leave a personal review so that our other readers can see exactly what you did and did not like about Oceans Bounty.

      Hopefully you can get in contact with them and get your money back.

      — Supplement Police

  23. Ninety days “Guarantee”, what a joke

    Ninety days “money back Guarantee, what a joke, the telepone number given ask you to press “1” to contiue, you then are immediately, loose contact. If you can’t call them on the phone and you don’t have a web site to write to, yuou my friend are SCREWED!!


  24. Aside from other cheaper omega fatty acid supplements elsewhere, healthy fish diet like tuna and pink salmon are a great source…

    • I received my four bottle order at the end of last week and began taking two capsules daily immediately. Unfortunately, throughout the last week I have been plagued almost daily, sometimes once or twice, with nosebleeds which seem to be worsening daily, even occurring at night. This morning it occurred to me that your product may contain Gonko Biloba. I checked the ingredient list with the help of a magnifying glass and did not find that listed. I did, however, see the warning on the other side of the bottle about blood thinning problems. In the past I have had this problem and was told by my ENT specialist to not use GB, and the nosebleeds stopped.

      Therefore I plan to return the order and am requesting a refund. Please provide me with instructions on how best to do this. The product was charged to my AMEX card, and I assume that a refund can be handled the same way. I do find a phone number in prior correspondence. Perhaps I will try that number today, as well. Please reply!

      • Rose,

        Thank you for leaving a comment. But you will need to get with the company that you actually purchased through. We do not sell this product. We only provided a review of the supplement.

        But thank you for letting others know what side effects this product has caused you. This will help others make an informed decision.

        — Supplement Police


          • Beth i got it for fibromyalgia also. HAsnt done a damn thing. Tried to ring to cancel but they are uncontactable so ive had to change my bank details so they cant try to rip me off agai .

          • Wow, I too was going to be pretty quick to pull the trigger on ordering this stuff just for all the benefits they said. Now they even have a 90 money back guarantee, +$100.00 if not satisfied on this video which makes claim after claim of what it will do for you. I’m with you, Beth, SCREW IT! Thank you Supplement Police, for having this. I’ve never seen or read as many poor reviews, even nightmarish, on anything before that you have had. I appreciate this one, for sure, as it has saved me a lot of trouble.


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