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Taking care of one’s health is no easy feat – to the contrary, it takes a great deal of time, energy, and dedication to maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. Although there are many different products out there that can help effectuate positive outcomes, not all of them are able to meet user expectations. For that reason, it may be best to opt for formulas that have received positive attention and that are created by quality brands. With that, this review would like to introduce a unique option that men and women may want to consider, and it is called Host Defense Mushrooms by Fungi Perfect.

What Is Host Defense Mushrooms by Fungi Perfect?

Host Defense Mushrooms is a health food brand that is founded upon visionary research into the “power and potential of mushrooms, especially much mycelium.” The mycelium is the root-like structure that grows beneath the mushroom and that keeps it attached to the ground and as such, it contains most of the mushrooms nutrients, minerals, and immune-boosting substances. The concept of using the mycelium in health food products was developed by Paul Stamet and to date, the brand has grown to feature a range of products that users may be able to add to their lifestyle.

A Brand Dedicated To Quality

Those who look into Host Defense Mushrooms will find that it is a brand dedicated to ensuring that its products meet high quality standards. As the brand explains, its mushrooms are “trusted and tested” to enhance to user experience and to meet expectations. Here are just a few of the ways the brand works to maintain quality standards:

Grown At The Brand’s Farm

First, dissimilar from other brands on the market, this one actually grows the main ingredient – the mushrooms – on its own farm. This way, the brand is able to monitor and safeguard the mushroom’s quality so that it is at its best form when used in the product.

Peak Performance

Second, the mushrooms are harvested at the “precise time” to ensure that it is able to provide optimal efficacy and activity. The brand’s founders have over 40 years of experience, which means that they likely know what they are doing when it comes to growing mushrooms and creating products that users can count on.

Organic And Natural

Third, the brand mentions that all of its mushrooms are “certified organic and grown in the USA.” Thus, those who use this brand’s products can feel confident that they are adding a natural, safe, and effective mushroom blend into their lifestyle. The brand has received organic certification by the USDA. Further. The products are designated as non-GMO by the non-GMO product, they are bee-friendly, identity guaranteed, gluten-free, and ecologically packaged.

These qualities are relevant to each product that the brand offers and accordingly, users can feel confident that they are making a smart decision, no matter what formula they choose.

The Types Of Products

Host Defense Mushrooms offers a wide-range of products. It’s main product offerings come in the form of:

  • Capsules
  • Extracts and Sprays
  • Mushrooms and Herb Blends

Further, the formulas in each category are able to address a range of health issues, such as:

These types of formulas are a positive addition for anyone’s lifestyle. While this review would like to cover products in each category, there are just too many. Accordingly, there are four particular products that the brand identifies as being its customers’ favorites, which this review will touch upon and they are:

  • MyCommunity Capsules Comprehensive Immune Support
  • Lion’s Mane Memory and Nerve Support
  • Turkey Tail Capsules Immune Support
  • MycoBotanicals Brain Supports Mental Clarity

Host Defense MyCommunity Comprehensive Immune Support

An individuals immune system can certainly fluctuate over the course of one’s lifetime and for that reason, it may be useful to add a formula such as this one to one’s day to day. The product contains a blend of 17 potent mushroom species and as the brand explains, it is the “most comprehensive immune support formula” that is a part of the Host Defense line. A few of the main advantages of this product are:

  • Encourages resistance to cellular assault
  • Features a unique combination of mushroom mycelium and fruitbodies
  • Helps balance the immune system

Host Defense Lion’s Mane Capsules Memory And Nerve Support

It is always useful to add a memory-boosting and nerve-supporting formula to one’s lifestyle. This product may be able to touch upon such areas due to the mushroom blend and particularly, its inclusion of Lion’s Mane, which has been studied and found to include a nerve growth factor substance. The main benefits of this product are:

  • Promotes mental clarity, focus, and memory
  • Provides cerebral and nervous system support
  • Optimizes nervous and immune system health
  • Supports cognitive function

Host Defense Turkey Tail Capsules

Those who are interested in a prebiotic formula that works to influence one’s immune system may want to give this product a try. The product is made with a substance called Turkey Tail, which has been shown to be an immunologically active substance and probiotic. Here are the main benefits of this product:

  • An excellent source of cellular nutrients
  • Clinically studied by the National Institute of Health
  • Shown to be immunologically active
  • Provides immune support

Host Defense MycoBotanicals Brain Capsules

Lastly, this is another mental clarity formula that has received positive attention by the brand’s customers. The product is made with brain-boosting mushroom mycelium, such as ginko and bacopa. The product’s main benefits are:

Like all of the brand’s products, this one of vegetarian. The capsules are made out of plant-based substances so that those who add it to their lifestyle can do so without having to worry about dietary repercussions.

Why Choose Host Defense Mushrooms?

Overall, the brand offers a wide-range of formulas and as the four products above show, there are many health benefits that users may be able to experience. However, the benefits are not limited to the qualities identified above. There are also other advantages of mushrooms that many of the brands other products may be able to provide and they are:

  • Support stress and fatigue reduction
  • Provides support for daily environmental assault s
  • Delivers enzymes to support digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Provides polysaccharides to enhance activity and impact of natural killer cells and macrophages
  • Augments the boy’s immune system

These qualities can be achieved with many of the brand’s other products – just browse through the formulas and choose what may seem to work best.

Host Defense Mushrooms Review Summary

Overall, those who are interested in a unique, natural, and all-organic health brand may want to give Host Defense Mushrooms a chance. The formulas are not only interesting and potentially effective to address various health concerns, but they are affordable as well. To get started, just visit the brand’s website today.

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