When it comes to fueling a healthy, energetic lifestyle, finding the right foods to eat can be difficult. Finding foods that can aid the body in building strength and recovering faster, one that still tastes good, is even more difficult. However, in Scandinavia, this longstanding problem has been solved by quark. A smooth, natural yogurt-like product, quark is the perfect snack for after a long day or a workout. Unfortunately, until recently, very few people knew about the delicious food item.

Nutrii is a company that is bringing quark from Northern Europe to the United Kingdom. By providing the highest quality quark available, Nutrii is making it easier than ever for people to snack and get energized, all through the consumption of the delicious dairy snack.

What Is Nutrii?

The founders of Nutrii, Juhani and Akvile, grew up in a part of Europe where quark was a staple. It was extremely common to see people snacking on the food item after a long jog or in between meals as a snack. The two friends were confused when they arrived in London and no stores carried the delicious quark snacks to which they were accustomed. After trying tirelessly and failing to find a retailer that sold a high-quality version of their favorite food, Juhani and Akvile decided to make their own quark and start sharing it in their new home of London.

Quark is a snack that is mostly eaten in Germanic and Nordic countries. However, Nutrii has brought it to the UK, introducing a brand new population to the snack. Nutrii is a protein-rich, low fat, and low carbohydrate snack that is made using the highest quality Dorset milk. The fresh dairy product offers the same probiotic benefits as yogurts, but with less acidity and with a creamier, thicker texture. Coming in a variety of flavors, Nutrii is proving that quark can be loved in any country.

Benefits Of Nutrii Quark

Two of the main reasons that people eat yogurts, especially Greek yogurt, is because they need a source of protein that can keep them powering through the day and feeling full. One of the benefits of Nutrii is that it offers more protein per serving than even Greek yogurt, but without the sour taste. The quark sold by Nutrii is made by adding cultures to a skim milk, with the whey being removed afterwards. The entire process allows Nutrii’s quark to maintain its high protein content, but with a much smoother and creamier texture. Because Nutrii is higher in protein, it keeps users fuller for longer.

Another benefit of Nutrii is that it is a powerful probiotic. As mentioned above, Nutrii uses bacteria cultures to make its quark. The bacteria added to help balance out the digestive system, combating the bad bacteria in the large intestine. When the body becomes too overwhelmed with bad bacteria, it can cause a wide range of problems, including bloating, gas, weight gain, and lethargy. By eating a steady supply of probiotics, like Nutrii, people won’t just balance out their digestive system, they’ll also improve their overall quality of life.

As previously stated, in Scandinavia, where the founders of Nutrii grew up, quark is often used as a snack for after an intense workout. There is a reason quark makes the perfect after-exercise snack. Not only is Nutrii packed full of protein, which aids in the recovery of muscles after a workout, but quark is made using skim milk instead of whole milk. Using skim milk doesn’t just give Nutrii its unique flavor and texture, it also keeps the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in the snack extremely low. So many protein products, including yogurts, have very high sugar contents, making them counterproductive after a workout. Nutrii makes the perfect snack for after any activity because it provides protein support, but without an exorbitant amount of sugar.

Nutrii’s quark is extreme versatile. While many are perfectly satisfied eating Nutrii on its own or sprinkled with granola, the smooth and delicious quark is perfect for a variety of dishes. Nutrii can be added to smoothies to make them thicker and more flavorful. For those who enjoy making baked goods but want to be healthier, Nutrii can be added to cookies, cakes, and more. Nutrii’s quark can even be used in savory dishes, adding a creaminess to stews and sauces without the added calories. For more ways to use Nutrii in a wide range of dishes, customers can visit the company website where an entire list of recipes has been provided.

Purchasing Nutrii Products

At the moment, Nutrii is sold in Sainsbury’s and As Nature Intended stores across the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Nutrii has not expanded to be sold outside the United Kingdom and because quark is dairy-based, it does not ship well. For those looking for a Nutrii retailer near them, the company website ( has a sales locater.


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