Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta

Pasta is one of the staple foods of the western diet and studies have shown that over 70% of all households in America eat pasta based meals on a near daily basis. However, with all of the obesity figures that have been released in the recent past, it is becoming evidently clear that a switch from wheat flour to other healthier alternatives is needed.

To expand on this point a bit further, the Global Weight Watchers Association has recently released figures which claim that the average weight levels of individuals (globally) in the past 75 years have increased by a staggering 7%. This has been attributed to lowered levels of physical activity, as well as poor eating habits.

With all of this data in mind, individuals should now look towards moving to healthier eating options which can not only help in lowering weight levels, but also proving optimal levels of nutrition to users.

This is where ‘alternative pasta derivatives’ come in. These pastas have been designed using specialized flours which allow not only for metabolic enhancement, but also contribute to a healthy circulatory and cardiovascular system.

What Is Cricket Pasta?

Cricket Pasta is an all new ‘sustainable superfood’ that has been formulated with high profile nutrients like 20% cricket flour. Due to its unique composition, the pasta has become one of the fastest-growing market products within the ‘bug-based industry’.

While not talked about in the west, this industry has a dominant market foothold within many eastern countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Korea etc.

From a nutritional standpoint, Cricket Pasta has amazing compositional values which include ‘high levels of protein, non-dairy calcium, iron, vitamin B12 and Omega fatty acids’.

According to recent studies which included numerous chefs and customers, it was found that they found this pasta alternative to not only be tasty, but also found it to contain a good mix of vital ingredients (required for optimal health).

Who Is Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta Intended For?

While ideal for use as a cooking base for many daily preparations, Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta can be of particular interest for many core individuals including:


With rising interest in eastern delicacies and food preparations, Gourmet experts with the help of Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta can create many new signature dishes.

Since edible insects have now started to become widely accepted in western food preparations (more than 1,000 articles published in the last year), there are now over 100 restaurants in the Unites States alone which have a separate bug section within their menus.

Fitness Enthusiasts:

Since crickets are majorly composed of protein (in fact up to 65% of their weight comes from amino derivatives), they are an ideal source of healthy nutrition for fitness enthusiasts.

When compared in relation to nutritional ratios with cows, the protein content of crickets is more than double that of an average cow. They also contain vast amounts of calcium, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin B12 and Iron.

About The Bug industry

To get a better idea of how big this industry actually is, we should look at some statistics related to the consumption of Bugs and other similar derivatives. As mentioned earlier, in most eastern countries, the staple diets include (flours) foods that have been derived from bugs and insects that are high on proteins and minerals.

On a similar note, the edible insect industry is developing quickly in the western world. Due to the healthy characteristics of many insect based flours coupled with a curiosity towards these new foods, there has been a food revolution wherein many people are starting to make use of insect based foods in many European countries as well as the USA.

In a recent by-poll, the European Union ‘recently voted in favor of new regulations for edible insects and US, New Zealand and Australia are allowing bug based foods to be imported and sold’.

About Bugsolutely

Bugsolutely is an all new business venture that has been set up by Italian entrepreneur Massimo Reverberi. Due to his interest in Asian cuisine he set up one of the few companies in Thailand (the biggest producer of crickets) that has actively worked towards tapping the opportunities that can be created via ‘cricket processing’.

He soon realized the potential of this market and has now focused his company's activities towards the creation of Cricket Pasta, which is the first pasta that is based on 20% cricket flour.

Purchasing Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta

To buy Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta users can visit the official web store of the company and get in touch with the manufacturer directly. By leaving a request, company officials will get back to the user with the easiest possible purchase option. Similarly, payment means can also be worked out in accordance with the users wishes and convenience.


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