SOLAL Brain Booster

Nootropics are a class of supplements which have been designed to optimize the functionality of the brain. In recent studies, it has been found that men and women over the age of 35 have been found to lose their cognitive modality steadily.

By the time individuals reach the age of 60, over 70% of them have reported feelings of dullness, mental fatigue and poor sharpness.

This is because the neural networks and cranial passages in our bodies have been found to gradually deteriorate due to the inability of the body to regenerate cellular content optimally. To curb this tendency of our bodies, experts have recommended the use of supplements that allow for the lubrication of our brain centers.

However, with all of this information in mind, we should remember the fact that many of these supplements may contain chemically derived components that may cause us harm at a later stage. Thus, in order to lead a healthy life well into our old age, we should try to make use of nootropic blends that are natural and herbally derived.

What Is SOLAL Brain Booster?

As is amply clear from the name, SOLAL Brain Booster is an all new nootropic blend that has been designed to aid in improving overall cognitive function. Due to its all natural composition, the product has been found to be highly compatible with our bodies.

The ingredients are easily absorbed by our bloodstream, and can then be safely removed from our system once their purpose has been fulfilled. Some of the key features of Brain Booster include:


As with all good ‘mental enhancers’, this supplement has been loaded with potent compounds that have been found to increase the overall focus of an individual. This is especially useful for people working in high pressured jobs, or for students who are required to focus on large volumes of data on a daily basis.


The key active agents within the blend have been found to be highly useful in increasing overall memory retention capacity of users. Through regular intake, users will be able to see a substantial increase in their overall visual and aural memory (highly useful for students, stock brokers etc).


This is one of the most underrated aspects of this product. Brain Booster contains many nutrients that have been shown to increase the attention span of its users. This allows for increased alertness so that an individual can be highly productive at his/her workplace.

Using SOLAL Brain Booster

  • Due to its highly efficacious formula, the product should ideally be stored in cool places (below 25 degrees).
  • For individuals above the age of 16, one capsule should be taken twice daily. One pill should be taken at breakfast, and then one after/along with lunch.
  • For children below 16, one capsule should be taken along with a meal.
  • To obtain optimal results, Brain Booster should be consumed in cycles of 5 days. This means that the supplement should be taken continuously for 5 days and then discontinued for 2 days.
  • Due to its strong stimulant effects, the product should be avoided after 4pm. This is because the nutrients in the mix may interfere with our normal sleep and metabolic patterns.
  • As with all dietary supplements, the product should not be used if a person has a history of serious medical ailments.

Important Information Regarding SOLAL Brain Booster

  • In the spirit of full disclosure, the manufacturer has clearly stated that the product may cause some side effects.
  • When taken on a regular basis, some users may experience issues like dizziness, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, increased sweating and a slowed heart rate.

Purchasing SOLAL Brain Booster

Each bottle of SOLAL Brain Booster contains 60 capsules and should ideally last users for at least a month. Each unit is priced at 231 ZAR and can be ordered directly from the company's online shopping portal.

Payments can be complete using a host of safe means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.


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