NutraGlow is a company that helps consumers to improve their overall health, which is done with the use of two ingredients right now. The products are also available in a package that allows consumers to test them both out.

What is NutraGlow?

Keeping the body healthy is more than just a matter of eating a diet that is balanced and nutritious. However, there is more that the body needs than simply the ability to survive and lose weight, and those other issues are not always addressed in the meals that consumers have. Even a multivitamin does not offer this type of nutrients, which is why NutraGlow has some options.

NutraGlow has not always been used for supplements. For 40 years, they’ve been responsible for prescription and medication advice, though their supplements come with the same quality standards. Extensive lab work is done to prepare the formulas, just to ensure that consumers get the treatment they deserve. In spite of their impressive background, their remedies only recently became available to consumers outside of their own pharmacy.

NutraGlow Products

Read on below to find out about the available products for purchase.

NutraGlow Super B

Super B provides consumers with the ability to infuse their body with B vitamins, which are crucial for energy levels and overall balance in the body. The treatment offers vitamin B12, which is something that many people are deficient in, though it is important to help with brain function and cognitive abilities. Along with vitamin B’s, the formula also offers purified water and tangerine oil.

Users of Super B can expect:

The drink should be shaken thoroughly to evenly distribute all of the nutrients. About half of a milliliter should be placed beneath the tongue twice a day. The company recommends that the remedy not be taken after 3:00pm, and the user should avoid consuming anything for 15 minutes after consumption.

As a single order, the consumers can buy the Super B supplement for $34.99. Users that want to save 5% on their order can embark on a subscription for $33.24 a month.

NutraGlow Super Lean

The Super Lean treatment is for consumers that want to lose weight, though it is important to maintain some kind of routine with diet and exercise to promote the best results. The formula focuses on reducing stress with L-Theanine, though it also includes green tea extract, lemon oil, and vanillin flavor.

With the use of Super Lean, consumers can expect:

  • To improve the function of their metabolism
  • To lose weight quickly
  • To improve the brain’s function
  • To reduce distraction
  • To eliminate water weight
  • To improve the way that the body digests various nutrients

Just like Super B, the Super Lean formula is meant to be shaken first, allowing consumers to take half of a milliliter under the tongue with the same time restrictions as Super B.

The one-time transaction is available for $42.99, though consumers can save money by participating in a subscription for $40.84 a month.

NutraGlow Super Bundle

The Super Bundle involves both the Super B and the Super Lean formulas, but with a discount for participating in both. The directions are the same, and a one-time transaction will be available for $64.99. A subscription will save 5%, bringing down the cost to $61.74.

Return Policy with NutraGlow

With so many different products available for NutraGlow, and with more products to come, users may want to return the products if they do not like the results. The company has a return policy of 30 days, which will give consumers a complete refund for the product at that time.

NutraGlow Conclusion

NutraGlow might only have a couple of products right now, but their quality alone is a good enough reason to trust the brand. With 40 years in the pharmaceutical business, the company knows the importance of finding remedies that work. The supplements may not take the place of the doctor’s orders, but they can improve the way that the body functions on a daily basis.

While there are many supplement companies available, the reputation of NutraGlow easily precedes it.


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