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Nu Skin is an innovative skincare and cosmetic company that provides high-quality products that provide long-lasting results. Dedicated to empowering customers to improve their lives, Nu Skin’s mission is to create business opportunities, innovative products, and an uplifting, inspirational environment.

In an effort to become the world’s leading direct selling cosmetic company, Nu Skin is working towards generating more income sales for leaders than any other company in the beauty industry.

Known for the groundbreaking ageLOC product line, Nu Skin has developed a revolutionary approach to anti-aging products. Using scientific data and applying advanced technology and research, the Nu Skin ageLOC formulations have unlocked the secret to younger and healthier looking skin.

Effective and safe, the Nu Skin ageLOC slows down the aging process and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while rejuvenating the skin.

About Nu Skin

Nu Skin was founded by Steve Lund, Blake Roney, and Sandie Tillotson. Wanting to create a company that implemented nutrient-rich ingredients within personal care products the three started Nu Skin in 1984.

Globally recognized, Nu Skin utilizes an exemplary business model and has rapidly become one of the leading companies in the anti-aging market. In order to ensure that the company’s products are of the highest quality, every Nu Skin product goes through an extensive development and manufacturing process.

Maintaining quality, efficacy, and safety controls through every stage, Nu Skin include multiple stages of scientific testing, allowing the products to be consistently superior.

In order to ensure that every detail is accounted for, the selection for Nu Skin ingredients is extensive. All materials and raw products must pass the criteria of suitability for formulation, effectiveness, and consumer safety.

By combining ancient botanical insights and modern science, Nu Skin works alongside experts and raw material suppliers worldwide to select the perfect ingredients. Once selected, all ingredients are studied by Nu Skin scientists in order to locate suitable commercial sources that can guarantee quality, availability, and a high concentration of key ingredients.

Once evaluated, Nu Skin chooses the highest-quality ingredients that feature the safest compounds. Incorporating the ingredients into their formulations, the company uses a specific set of specifications in order to guide the outline for the active ingredients and develop criteria for the final formulations.

Establishing ingredient standards, Nu Skin analyzes each ingredient in order to ensure that each final product is consistent with standards. Solidifying its place for becoming the leader in personal care products, every Nu Skin product claim is supported by research studies and scientific data. Safe and effective, Nu Skin is expanding its proprietary anti-aging science into the future.

AgeLOC by Nu Skin

At the forefront of the Nu Skin products is ageLOC. Delivering exclusive solutions that target signs of aging, the Nu Skin ageLOC product line offers comprehensive anti-aging solutions.

With all the products designed to work together, the ageLOC formulations slow down the internal and external sources that are responsible for deteriorating the functions of the body. Combating the signs of aging, the ageLOC formulations use Nu Skin’s innovative science behind anti-aging.

The ageLOC products, as well as a brief description, are detailed below.

  • Tru Face Essence Ultra ($188.00): Using the powerful active ingredient Ethocyn, this product is a moisture-locking serum is designed to firm the skin and tighten areas of the skin.
  • Body Shaping Gel ($50.00): Designed to improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, this product targets cellulite, dimples, and fat. Containing ultra-hydrating properties, this formulation moisturizes the skin and reflects light.
  • Dermatic Effects ($50.00): This product is a daily contouring moisturizer that helps support cell turnover, returning to the skin to a natural, radiating appearance.
  • Future Serum ($219.00): A multi-tasking formulation that addresses a variety of anti-aging symptoms. Treating texture, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, this serum eliminates the need for multiple skincare products.
  • Gentle Cleanse and Tone ($50.00): A dual-process formulation that cleanses the skin by removing impurities. Containing a powerful toner, it balances pH levels and hydrates the skin.
  • Radiant Day SPF 22 ($66.00): A sunscreen product that protects the skin from sun damage and improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Transforming Night ($77.00): A hydrating night cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Nu Skin ageLOC Review Summary

For more information on these products, including their ingredients, customers can visit the Nu Skin website.

Nu Skin ageLOC products are available for purchase on the company website ( The website can also be used to see about any new deals or discounts available on the products.


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