Nioxin – Quality Hair Growth & Hair Loss Systems?


Nioxin Review – Should You Try It?

Nioxin is a company that focuses on finding solutions for hair loss and hair regrowth. This is our review.

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a company that focuses on finding solutions for hair loss and hair regrowth. The company started with the desire to help people feel better about themselves, since much of a person’s self-confidence lies in their ability to have a thick head of hair. This product is unlike other balding products, since it treats the problem, rather than covering it up.

The company provides a variety of types of products that are designed to help revitalize your hair follicles and stimulate growth. These products fall into several categories:

  • Three-part systems
  • Scalp renewals
  • Intensive treatments
  • Advanced thinning
  • Styling for thinning hair
  • Scalp recovery

Each of these categories has different products that help with your hair. That particular products you use will depend on your specific needs.

Nioxin products have a 3-year shelf life. However, a product open for more than 1 year may lose its potency.

How Nioxin Works

The best value you will find on the website are the different systems that Nioxin offer. Each system treats certain problem areas, which gives you a customized approach to your particular hair loss. There are six systems that you can participate.

System 1

The first system features three particular technologies that help to prevent hair breakage in thin, natural hair – BioAMP, Transactive Delivery System, and Activ-Renewal. Each of these technologies is essentially just a group of active ingredients that help to achieve the desired results.

System 2

The second system is meant to repair noticeably-thinning hair that has not been treated with any chemicals. The shampoo helps to remove chemicals and compounds that block hair follicles, while the conditioner controls the moisture in the hair. The kit also includes scalp treatment to reinvigorate the scalp’s health and hair follicles.

System 3

The third system is for hair that has normal-to-thin fine hair that has been chemically treated. The ingredients in the shampoo, conditioner, and post-shower treatment have the ability to amplify the texture of hair, while providing moisture balance to the scalp and roots.

System 4

The fourth system is for noticeably thinning, color-treated fine hair. The chemicals in the included products give your hair a denser texture, while protecting the scalp from additional damage.

System 5

The fifth system is for thicker hair that has somewhat noticeable thinning. The formula in the products in this system are designed to give you full, moisturized hair, while smoothing the texture and treating the scalp.

System 6

The sixth and final system is for thick hair that has very obvious signs of thinning. However, the performance of these products are essentially the same as the fifth system.

Using Nioxin

The first thing you need to do is use the consultation tool available on the website to determine exactly what you need to do about your hair thinning. The consultation tool takes you through four steps to determine what kind of treatment you need.

The first question discusses the current status of your thinning. Since your hair normally only loses about 100 hairs a day, more than this can be an indication of another problem in hair production and longevity.

The second question asks about the current chemical composition of the hair. At this point, you will need to let the consultation tool know if you currently have chemicals to color, straighten, or otherwise alter the natural state of your hair.

The third question is about your hair texture. You will need to state whether you have fine hair, or you have medium-to-coarse hair.

The final question is about your particular hair concerns. In this area, you can select the option that shows whether you have dry hair, low volume, receding hair line, or none of the above.

At the end of the questions, Nioxin will make a recommendation about the right system for your particular problems. For instance, if your answers indicate that you have major thinning on non-chemically treated thin hair, combined with a receding hair line, the system will recommend System 2, which includes a shampoo that adds volume, lightweight conditioner and a leave-in treatment to deliver denser-looking hair and a healthy shine while protecting the scalp.

Purchasing Nioxin

One of the inconvenient things about the Nioxin product line is the lack of ability to directly order the products online. Instead, you must click the button “Where to Buy,” and go to a nearby location that sells the particular products you are looking for. Since the products are sold specifically by the salon, there is no listed price.

To find out where you can purchase these items, you can use the Store Locator tool. In this fill-in form, you input your current location to find store nearby that allow you to purchase the product.

However, if you look on Amazon or other online shopping tools, you will find that the systems are available between $20 and $40, which is decently affordable, since you receive three products in each system.

Makers of Nioxin

Eva Graham is the voice behind the Nioxin product line. She was inspired by the desire to help people feel better about their appearances and about themselves. When her hair started to fall out after her child was born, she began to identify with the emotions that go with balding. She noticed that many companies offered products that could cover up the problem, but she wanted to find something that could realistically repair the hair.

She began to distribute to different salons, which encouraged her to expand her customer base. By trial and error, Graham was able to find a way to help improve the attitude of over 50% of people that deal with balding every year.

To speak with a representative about Nioxin products, you can communicate via phone, postal mail, or by sending a message with the fill-in form on the website.


CUSTOMER SERVICE (Order Related Inquiries) – 800-347-4424


P&G Salon Professional
Attn: Consumer Relations)
6109 De Soto Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Overall, the science behind Nioxin seems sound, but you should be weary of any method to regrow hair that does not involve direct hair implants. Luckily, the product is an affordable, high-end price, which may be a small price to pay for the confidence you need to regain.

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