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Aviva Hair is a company that provides hair products that promote the growth of hair, as well as healthy hair. Aviva Hair believes that healthy hair isn’t just about good looks, it’s about personal wellness. Hair goes through a lot, whether it’s being pulled, blown, ironed, or dyed. On top of that, there are several environmental factors that can harm hair, like air pollution, sun, and sweat. Combined with the lack of vitamins in the daily diet to nourish and strengthen hair, it goes through quite a lot.

About Aviva Hair

Aviva Hair aims to help hair. It created four formulas that help the hair through its growth phases, giving the hair what it needs to grow and be healthy. Every formula is blended with botanicals and natural pharmaceuticals, or nutraceuticals, which nourish the hair in every stage of its growth, providing support, strength, and luster to the hair.

The Goal of Aviva Hair

The goal of Aviva Hair is to help Grow, Nourish, and Protect hair, all while Preventing hair loss. These five points make up the foundation of Aviva Hair.

Aviva Hair works with the hair in its natural growth cycle to help it grow stronger, even as it continues to grow longer. To support this new, long hair, Aviva Hair provides the scalp with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to be healthy. This nourishment also stimulates new hair growth at the scalp.

While the hair continues to grow, Aviva Hair products will help prevent hair loss. So many people have just shrugged off the hair they shed, thinking it is part of the natural cycle of hair growth. However, users who use Aviva Hair have found that they lose much less hair when using Aviva Hair haircare products.

Prevention isn’t enough for Aviva Hair products. In addition to preventing hair loss, these products also help protect the hair from all the stress that is usually put on the scalp and hair. These formulas help fortify the hair against pollutants and sun damage, as well as sweat and buildup on the scalp.

Finally, Aviva Hair strengthens the hair follicles. New hair is extremely fragile and soft, making it important to strengthen this hair as much as possible, as it grows. By strengthening the hair from the beginning, Aviva Hair makes sure it sheds and breaks less.

Benefits of Aviva Hair

The clinically proven formulas used in Aviva Hair products have a multitude of benefits. Not only are they natural, so they don’t harm the hair, they also give hair the nourishment it isn’t receiving on a regular basis.

Aviva Hair hair:

— Boosts Hair Length
— Increases Hair Shine
— Builds Hair Strength
— Balances Hair Health
— Improves Hair Texture
— Reduces Shedding and Hair Loss

How Aviva Hair Works

Aviva Hair has created an exclusive, GMO-free formula that has been scientifically created and tested. These formulas have been made into four distinct complexes, each one offering specific benefits for the hair, helping the hair in its varying stages of growth.

These four complexes are filled with nutrients that feed the hair follicles. These nutrients are derived from hand-picked botanicals and nutraceutical ingredients that nourish, strengthen, lengthen, and add luster to the hair.

PentaPlex – The Growth Complex

This complex gives the hair the nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow. Because the growth stage of hair is often when it’s at its most fragile, PentaPlex helps strengthen the hair follicles, so they come in strong and remain strong through its other stages.

TetraPlex – The Nourishment Complex

While the hair grows, it will have specific needs to make it healthy and to keep it growing. TetraPlex contains fatty acids and lipids derived from plants to keep the environment healthy for new hair growth.

Revita – The Revitalization Complex

This complex works within the strands of hair, to help it grow longer and stronger on the inside.

DHT-X – The DHT Blocker Complex

Most haircare products on the market today are aimed at women, but Aviva Hair knows that men want strong, beautiful hair, too. DHT-X was created specifically for men who are trying to prevent their hair from thinning out.

These four complexes are filled with active ingredients that help provide the hair with the nutrition it needs to grow long and strong, all while looking shiny and beautiful.

Ingredients in Aviva Hair

The number one thing that sets Aviva Hair apart from its competition is its extreme devotion to making sure its products only contain the best ingredients on earth. The complexes created by Aviva Hair were all clinically proven to increase the growth of hair, as well as the volume, thickness, and softness of the hair. By providing 18 nutrients that are essential to the growth of hair, Aviva Hair is the leader in natural haircare products.

Active Ingredients

— Folic Acid: Helps tissue growth and cell functions in the hair, skin, nails, and even the organs.

— Vitamin B5: Gives hair follicles nutrients that aid in growth. Also keeps the skin healthy.

— Zinc: Activates hair growth and provides important functions for more than 300 enzymes in the body.

— Iodine: Supports the thyroid gland in the body, which produces growth hormones that help keep hair healthy.

— Iron: An essential mineral that helps with growth throughout the body.

— Chromium: Metabolizes carbohydrates and controls blood sugar levels.

— Biotin: An essential B-vitamin that thickens and strengthens hair follicles.

— Long Pepper Extract: Helps prevent hair loss.

— Boron: Aids in regular hair growth and health. Helps the body absorb calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium.

— Selenium: Strengthens hair follicles while also promoting the growth of new hair. Also prevents hair loss.

Ingredients in TetraPlex

As the nourishment complex created by Aviva Hair, TetraPlex plays a vital role and contains a different list of ingredients that make it beneficial. These benefits include keeping the environment of the scalp healthy so that hair continues to grow and strengthen.

— Pumpkin Seed Oil: Filled with omega-6 fatty acids, protein, zinc, and iron.

— Phytosterol Blend: A mixture that gives the skin anti-aging benefits, like cell renewal and collagen production.

— Silica (from Bamboo): A rich source of silica, which is important for healthy hair and skin.

— Saw Palmetto Berry: Prevents hair loss by stopping the formation of DHT.

Ingredients in PentaPlex

This complex aids the scalp to encourage hair growth, keeping the follicles healthy.

— Horsetail Extract: Aids hair growth and also stops hair loss, dandruff, and split ends.

— Ashwagandha: Increases estrogen levels, which stimulates collagen and increases the natural oils in the skin.

— MSM: A compound that stimulates collagen production.

— Shou Wu Root: Restores hair pigmentation and works as an anti-aging compound to boost health, stamina, and the immune system.

— L-Tryosine: An amino acid that helps build the protein needed for healthy hair.

Botanical Ingredients in Aviva Hair

In addition to the active ingredients in Aviva Hair, there are also a number of botanicals that help create healthier, more beautiful hair. These botanicals aid in improving the texture of the hair, decreasing frizz, and increasing the shine and body of the hair.

— Red Algae Extract
— Guar Gum
— Yarrow
— Sunflower Seeds
— Rice
— Wild Geranium
— Sage Leaf
— Meadowfoam
— Rosemary
— Dog Rose
— Witch Hazel
— Aloe
— Ivy
— Fenugreek
— Comfrey
— Burdock
— Lemongrass
— Chamomile
— Wheat
— New Zealand Wool
— White Oak Bark
— Lemon Balm

Aviva Hair Products

Aviva Hair Products can be purchased on the Aviva Hair website. A list of their products and their prices is below.












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