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When top scientists and formulators from around the world get together on a project, there are so many amazing things that can happen. When these same people understand that the products are about the people, and not the pocket even better things happen. This is what New Life Sciences is bringing to the table.

They have created a line of products in three (3) categories to help customers in the wellness scope. And, in addition have added a compensation and business opportunity to those who love it so much, they want to share it.

New Life Sciences describes their executive team as a panel of experts. Those who understand success in and away from the field. They pride themselves on running successful businesses with the highest quality of excitement, belief and passion for others.

New Life Sciences does operate under a Direst Selling Model, and the CEO himself has more than twenty (20) years’ experience within. Rock Creighton, CEO, at one time was leading a team of more than 250,000 distributors and was a former owner of a Direst Sales Company that serviced more than seventy (70) countries.

He is familiar with both start-ups and seasoned companies, and with this experience and knowledge he has adapted the business model here at New Life Sciences, to bring the best of what people want. This was important to mention because, a company starts at the foundation, the founders, the owners and the operators. Establishing rapport and initial trust in that foundation is important to anyone looking at starting a business.

Three Categories of New Life Sciences Products:

  1. A water enhancement line
  2. Weight management system and vitality line
  3. Cellular Tea (defined as an herbal masterpiece)

The Water Enhancement Line

This line is a state of the art water filtration system, that includes 13 stages of dual filtration. There are hundreds of studies that support that molecular hydrogen or H2 have benefits therapeutically that benefit more than 140 heath conditions.

Using H2 water can increase your energy during physical activity that can promote strength and endurance along with the proper recovery needed after such workouts. It can help reduce fatigued muscles that often occur when they are worked to limits and can cause aches and pains, as well as reduce performance on days following.

Additional benefits on H2 infused water includes proper hydration. When consumed, the H2 molecules can neutralize damaging oxygen radicals and in turn convert them to H2O which improves your cellular hydration abilities. This ionizer describes the taste of water becoming more light and silky which makes it easier to drink.

Using an ionizer such as this one, can provide antioxidant power. Here is what we know; exercise and physical activity in general requires more oxygen. Increased oxygen can produce free radicals and cause cell damage.

This molecular technology works to neutralize the damaging radicals and leave behind the good ones. This is a benefit compared to other antioxidants where they can neutralize good ones as well – almost counter-active.

The ionizer by New Life Sciences, is made of a 9-plate NewWater system. This makes it both exceptionally clean, and healthy. Other alkaline water machines on the market have people drinking at a pH8 or pH9 – predominantly because the pH10 water it produces simply doesn’t taste good. Having said that, to receive good H2 the water needs to be at a pH10 or higher.

The New Life Sciences Ionizer outperforms others on the market resulting in the recommended H2 levels, and is great tasting. They describe this as gaining access to the best of both worlds.

Because this system operates on a 13-stage filtration you can expect the following in your H2 intake:

  • Clean mineralized water
  • 100% chemical free make of all-natural elements
  • Healthier than other machines available on the market
  • Green-Friendly and biodegradable
  • Eco Friendly, using less power
  • Ethical – they believe in saying no, starting today to bottled water

There are several detailed explanations available on the website, to inform consumers of exactly the benefits of the system – and how it is possible. Features such as; auto-adjust, smart design electrodes, top H2 performance, real time flow control, and more!

Financing is available for these machines and the application process is available on the website as well. New Life Sciences is designed to improve your overall wellness and not be forced to break the bank along the way. Making systems such as this one affordable is key to helping more people. There is also an option to buy outright without financing if you should choose to.

In addition to the water ionizer, New Life Sciences also manufactures a water pitcher that is rich in hydrogen and free of impurities. An excellent infographic comparison to other leading brans is available to view on their website – you will see that the Ultra Water pitcher by New Life Sciences is head and shoulders above the rest.

This pitcher is proven to reduce 99% of chlorine, pharmaceuticals and VOCs. And, an over 90% reduction in heavy metals, arsenic and aluminum.

Stop letting your body filter out the bad – allow the Ultra Water pitcher to do that for you!

Lastly in the healthy water category is the shower head and filter. It simply isn’t always enough to be mindful of the water we are consuming given that our skin absorbs water too! This shower head is equipped with a filter that helps remove chlorine and other possible irritants found in your bath and shower water.

Weight Management System

Meet Body Drive. This nutritional drink mix is jammed packed with dozens of amazing ingredients. In addition to the added nutritional benefits, and energy capabilities you can expect;

  1. Micronized resveratrol
  2. Powerful super nutrients
  3. Loaded with antioxidants

A complete list of ingredients is available to view online. They include, but not limited to; blueberry powder, cherry powder, maqui berry powder among others that make up the antioxidant profile.

The energy healing profile is composed of ingredients like; stevia leaf, green coffee beans, aloe vera, and others. When it comes to cellular health? You can expect rice bran, MSM, beet root powder and bergamot powder to name a few.

This nutritional drink mix by New Life Sciences can be consumed daily to receive optimal nutritional benefits to help you with your immune system, antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as a safe and natural way to detoxify.

Cellular Tea

This tea by New Life Sciences is designed to combat fungus and toxic compounds at a cellular level. When these components are in your body they can compromise, your immune system causing it to weaken and not function at its full capability.

The Cellular Tea is able to:

Frankly speaking, why wouldn’t one drink it? The Cellular Tea should only be prepared with filtered water – the ionizer is optimal, be conscious of the foods you are eating and avoid excess sugars to receive optimal results. The water should be heated, but never using a microwave. It can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to three (3) weeks.

This tea is not intended for women who are pregnant or lactating and is not for patients of transplants or patients who are injected with foreign proteins during therapy.

Cellular Tea has existed since 1922 (and potentially earlier) and has only recently become much more mainstream. Dr. Salk, a Nobel Prize winner, for the Polio vaccine, worked alongside Dr. Brusch who was initially presented with the cellular tea. Since then, there have been hundreds if not thousands of studies about its effectiveness in treating and managing hundreds of ailments.

Research and video information is available on the website.

LeanUs Coffee

This coffee is a source of natural metabolic enhancers that will assist in weight management goals not to mention, great tasting. This is a smooth instant coffee that should be made with filtered water and can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

New Life Sciences offers exceptional products with optimal quality to serve people in their wellness journey. From the water ionizer, water pitcher, cellular teas and LeanUs coffees, and the nutritional drink mix – they have left very little out of the equation.

Is New Life Sciences Worth Your Time?

The ultimate goal? Fight diseases naturally.

Business goals? An opportunity you should definitely consider checking out further.


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