Natural Max Garcinia Review

Natural Max Garcinia is a new weight loss supplement which promises to strip away fat with minimal diet or exercise.

As you probably guessed from the name, the power behind Natural Max Garcinia comes from Garcinia cambogia, a pumpkin-shaped fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India.

This fruit has been the most-talked about weight loss compound of the last three years. Scientific reports and clinical studies have connected Garcinia cambogia to legitimate weight loss results.

Of course, not all Garcinia cambogia supplements are made equal. Find out if Natural Max Garcinia is one of the good supplements in our Natural Max Garcinia review.

Natural Max Garcinia

What is Natural Max Garcinia?

Natural Max Garcinia is a Garcinia cambogia dietary supplement. It claims to contain an advanced weight loss formula which suppresses your appetite, burns away fat, and prevents new fat from being formed.

The most active ingredient in Natural Max Garcinia isn’t actually Garcinia cambogia: it’s hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. HCA is extracted from the rind of the Garcinia cambogia fruit. When Garcinia cambogia supplements talk about containing Garcinia cambogia, they usually just contain some form of HCA.

Who Makes Natural Max Garcinia?

Natural Max Garcinia is manufactured by a company called Creative Payment Solutions, LLC. A quick Google Search for Creative Payment Solutions reveals a number of different companies with that name.

The Creative Payment Solutions which manufactures Natural Max Garcinia, however, is based at 3001 S. Hardin Boulevard Suite 110-117 in McKinney, Texas. McKinney is located just north of Dallas, Texas. Entering that address into Google reveals a small strip mall in the middle of a quiet, suburban neighborhood.

The company’s official website is At that website, the company describes a range of different merchant and payment processing-style services, although weight loss supplements are never mentioned.

Natural Max Garcinia Ingredients

Natural Max Garcinia claims to be made with 100% pure natural ingredients. It also claims to contain 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Most Garcinia cambogia supplements contain 50% to 60% HCA, so 60% would be at the upper end of that range.

According to the official Natural Max Garcinia website, all of these ingredients are made in the USA at an FDA-registered, GNP-certified laboratory.

Each serving of Natural Max Garcinia contains a “recommended dose of 800mg”, which claims to be double the amount of other Garcinia cambogia extracts.

There’s one weird thing to mention about Natural Max Garcinia’s ingredients: it doesn’t disclose any of its ingredients online.

Well, it does claim that the capsules contain nothing but pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract. But since we already know the capsules contain 60% HCA, it would be nice to know what’s in the other 40%.

A lot of weight loss supplements contain high levels of caffeine, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Natural Max Garcinia worked in the same way – especially when Natural Max Garcinia prominently advertises the fact that it contains a higher-than-usual dose of 800mg. Does that really matter if we don’t know what’s included in the extra milligrams?

In any case, it’s odd that Natural Max Garcinia doesn’t disclose its ingredients list.

How to Buy Natural Max Garcinia Online

Buying Natural Max Garcinia online is easy: in fact, there’s just one place where you can buy Natural Max Garcinia online, and that’s the product’s official website.

At that website, visitors are prompted to order a trial bottle by filling out a basic contact form. That form asks for your name, address, postal code, and all of the other regular information.

If you fill that out, you’ll be taken to the Payment Information page, which asks for your credit card information. Natural Max Garcinia accepts VISA and MasterCard. Just click the “Place Order” button to confirm your order.

Once you’ve done that, and confirmed you wish to pay $4.95 shipping and handling, a free 30 day supply of Natural Max Garcinia will be shipped to your address within 3-5 business days.

Natural Max Garcinia Pricing

Natural Max Garcinia is more expensive than you think. Yes, the free trial costs just $4.95, and you receive a genuine 30 day supply of Natural Max Garcinia shortly after ordering the trial.

However, there’s one big catch to this trial: Natural Max Garcinia works on an auto-ship program. The Natural Max Garcinia auto-ship program is a little harsher than other programs.

With Natural Max Garcinia, your credit card is billed $79.95 ten days after you receive your shipment of the Natural Max Garcinia trial. That’s right: this trial was only free for 10 days. That 10 day trial starts the moment you click the “Place Order” button on the official Natural Max Garcinia website.

Since the bottle takes 3-5 business days to arrive at your address, you may only have a few days to try Natural Max Garcinia and decide whether or not you want to continue receiving shipments.

If you never cancel Natural Max Garcinia, then your credit card will be billed $79.95 every 30 days and you’ll continue to receive a monthly shipment of the weight loss supplement.

If you’re unsatisfied with Natural Max Garcinia and want to cancel your subscription without being charged $79.95, then you can contact Natural Max Garcinia customer service at [email protected] or call 877-578-0228. Just make sure to call on the 10th day or earlier if you want to avoid the high fees.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Natural Max Garcinia?

Natural Max Garcinia is very similar to every other Garcinia cambogia supplement on the market today. It contains 60% HCA, which is relatively high compared to other Garcinia cambogia supplements.

Still, Natural Max Garcinia doesn’t disclose any information about its ingredient profile. And you also need to watch out for the auto-ship program, which will charge your credit card $80 10 days after ordering your “free” trial and another $80 every 30 days thereafter if you don’t cancel.

Ultimately, Natural Max Garcinia promises to provide pure Garcinia cambogia extract. If you can dodge the shady policies and don’t mind the lack of an ingredient profile, then Natural Max Garcinia could be an effective weight loss supplement for you.


  1. The product I ordered is called garcinia health max and I had called them about 2 months ago they said I had to pay a fee and then they would cancel my subscription but nope my account is being charged 160.00 for the cleanse blast and the garcinia pills I am furious and don’t know how to stop it they sent me a debt collection letter after the person I had talked to told me it would be cancelled

  2. I received my product on-time and did not get extra-charged. I’m starting to think I ordered from a different company?? It’s still Natural Max Garcinia Cambogia. Now I’m super-confused…

  3. I ordered the 30 day free trial and the next day (from ordering) I cancelled my subscription… I thought everything would be fine but I was still charged $79.95! WHAT NOW? Very frustrating.

    • Tara,

      That’s unfortunate. Hopefully you will get some justice with that.

      It seems that most people that have commented on our articles that have a free trial, are now going to start buying a pre-paid card with the exact amount of money and order using that. That way, if it is legit you can call and update your card or if not, you won’t lose out on a lot of money.

      — Supplement Police

      • Has anyone actually got a refund? Even after sending back product? Or after talking to them through the phone and having them “tell you” they would be refunding your money within 2/3 days??? ANYONE????

  4. These people are scam artist I ordered my free trial for $4.95 I called about a week later to cancel my order they told me they would send me a confirmation email with everything I needed to know, after I asked what was the address to send the product back they sent the email which stated I could not send the product back and my card would be charged for the product I have received which was one bottle so I checked my bank account and seen they had took $109.00 out of my account I thought that was the only fee I would be paying so I chalked it up as a loss and figured that was it and I wouldn’t have to deal with these people no more I just checked my bank account yesterday which is one week later after they took the other money and once again they took more money out my checking accountbut this time it was for a different amount and amount of 79.95 I called my bank and they said there is nothing they can do because I have a pre arranged agreement with these scam artistso now I am out of $180.00 and I have no idea if they will hit my bank account again next week I can’t contact anyone to tell me how much t or what else I can do whatever you do do not order from this company

  5. I had sane problem ordered it and they charge my credit card wuth 79.95 also,,lucky my credit card called ad saud they noticed maybe fraudulent …so cancelled it and i had to get new csrd.

  6. I ordered this an it came on time,i cancel through email an called to verify it was cancel. And it was. Just started taking it so i can’t really say if it works

  7. I wish I had googled this site before giving my credit card information! I talked to someone and cancelled my order yet they had already shipped the order (even though I had JUST made the order) the reason I cancelled was because they charged me 80$ when my order just said 5$ (rounding up) and now they are saying that inorder for a refund I must ship the packages back to them

  8. I cancelled the trial period before required time period and was still charged. I have been unable to reach anyone to give me by refund.
    Trial begins when you make purchase. It took 10 days before it arrived. I cancelled yet was charged 79.95. I call one number they say call this number. I call that number they refer me back to somewhere else. A big mess. I wouldn’t recommend this company.

  9. After trying to contact them multiple times, I had to put a claim in with my bank. They had my record the number of times I tried to contact them including emails and phone calls, if this company does not respond and continues to charge you then they violate the terms and conditions and then the bank deals with them personally because at that point its illegal. However to save me and my bank some time and 80 dollars a month in fighting/tracking them down ever, they had me file for a new card, closed out my old one so they can no longer charge it, and now Im waiting for that new card to come in a few days. So because of this shady company I had to close my credit card and all the accounts linked to it had to be set up again. Save yourself the b.s. and never order from them.

      • @Kiara
        you can email them at [email protected] to cancel make sure you do it as soon as you receive the product or you will be charged 10days from took about 5 business days for me to get mine and you only have 10 days from the ORDER date to cancel…just a heads up!

  10. No one ever answers the phone and they keep charging you 80 dollars a month for something you dont even know if you want forever. DO NOT BUY THIS.

      • @Tahara
        They did?? I just received the product today and started using it…I wanted to look up everything possible about it, which I guess I should’ve done prior to ordering, that’s how I came across this auto-ship s**t!! And how I would be charged $80 after 10 days then again in 30days! I didn’t feel like waiting on hold so I emailed them. I am a little skeptical that they wont cancel my acct. So did ur CC get cancelled right away??

    • Yes, i got in touch with them immediately by calling 877-578-0228 but be very wary of ordering anything. They trick you into ordering by telling you all you have to pay is shipping and handling but it turns out if you dont return it in 10 days they charge you the full price of $79 and then they will keep shipping you a bottle every month unless you cancel.

  11. Same here with me I’ve been having a very hard time getting customer service no response long hold or pause and no one assist or help me

  12. I ordered my first little sample of this stuff and its still not here, I’m starting to think this is just a scam and I’m truly frustrated by the delay in time receiving my product.


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