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It seems like every year there are two or three serious outbreaks of the flu. Whether it’s when the weather gets cold or children head back to school, there’s a few weeks every year where sniffles and coughing can be heard everywhere.

There are several ways to keep from getting sick, from the flu shot to avoiding people. However, there aren’t many products on the market that offer a way of preventing sickness, while also boosting the overall immune system in the body. And even fewer of these products are all-natural and scientifically proven.

Wellmune is a natural immune booster that has been clinically proven to improve the body’s immune system, so it can fight illness itself.

What is Wellmune?

Technically speaking, Wellmune is a yeast beta glucan made from the cell walls of a specific strain of yeast. While this sounds both confusing and a little vile, in more simple terms Wellmune is a natural, immune boosting ingredient. Wellmune works to support and improve the body’s natural immunity. Not only does it keep users from getting sick, but it also provides more energy and vitality when taken regularly, as well as reducing stress and aiding in weight loss.

Wellmune is an ingredient, meaning it needs to be mixed with other foods. Thankfully, there are already hundreds of products adding Wellmune to their ingredients list. These foods can be purchased in over 50 countries across the world.

Why Use Wellmune?

The immune system is a fragile, but vital, part of the body. Having a strong immune system is incredibly important for people to live proper, fulfilling lives. In recent years, the idea of strengthening the immunity before a body gets sick has become popular. People don’t want to treat an illness, they never want to get it. This was the launching point for Wellmune.

Wellmune should be used by those who want a clinically proven, all-natural immune booster. Unlike other products on the market, Wellmune does not contain artificial stimulants. Also, Wellmune can be taken daily, when most other immune boosters should only be used for short amounts of time.

Wellmune is perfect for those who have busy, hectic lifestyles, who want to be operating at their best always.

How Wellmune Works

As mentioned above, Wellmune is a natural yeast beta glucan. These cells have been found to trigger the human immune defenses, strengthening and fortifying the body.

When Wellmune is taken, these cells are released into the stomach, where they are then dispersed throughout the entire body. While Wellmune is moving through the organs in the body, it gets broken up into smaller pieces and is released over a series of days. These smaller pieces attach themselves to an immune cell called neutrophils. Because neutrophils makes up such a huge part immune cells (40-60%), this allows Wellmune to spread efficiently.

By spreading throughout the immune system, Wellmune is able to strengthen major functions, all without overwhelming the system.

Wellmune and Clinical Research

While many products can claim that they can strengthen the immune system, Wellmune is one of the only ingredients that has multiple clinical studies backing up its abilities. Since 2008, there have been 19 separate publications released on the benefits of Wellmune. These research articles were published in peer-reviewed science and medical journals or, in some cases, presented in scientific forums.

A list of these reviews can be found on the Wellmune website.

Benefits of Wellmune

While the general benefit of Wellmune is pretty easy to understand, it makes the immune system stronger, there are some benefits that are more specific. Below is a list of these amazing benefits and how they help specific users.

Children and Families

When children are young, their immune systems are still forming. Usually it takes several years of being exposed to germs and illnesses for a child to develop an acquired immunity. This could mean years of having colds and flus multiple times a year. And regular vitamins and supplements do not aid in strengthening the immune system.

The growing immune system of children makes it even more important to help support and grow their immune systems while they’re still young. Because the immune system a child acquires determines how it will develop as an adult, having a healthy one is extremely important.

Adding an immune support to the diet of young children is even more important when the fact that there’s been a sharp increase in allergies and inflammatory disease being found in young children. Having a strong immune system, even while it’s growing, can help prevent the occurrences of these issues.

Stress Management

Research has found that stress has increased exponentially in the past 25 years, leaving more and more young adults with unhealthy stress levels. While a little bit of stress isn’t an issue for the body, prolonged times of stress can wear it down.

Stress has been found to suppress the immune system, which can lead to people getting more illnesses and contracting age-related diseases when they’re older. Several clinical studies have been found to lessen the effects of stress on the body and mind. The studies found that those in high-stress jobs, like firefighters, enjoyed better physical health when using Wellmune.

Wellmune has also been found to help clear the mind, another issue that arises when people are stressed. The natural immune ingredient also reduces fatigue and tiredness, giving users the clarity and energy they need to get through such hectic lives.

Sports Nutrition

The effects sports have on the health of its players has become a hot topic lately. However, professional athletes aren’t the only ones who need to be worried about their health. Whether it’s a gym-goer or marathoner, anyone who is actively athletic needs to take special care of their health.

Wellmune has been clinically proven to help athletes stay healthy before and after high-intensity workouts or games. The ingredient has been found to enable athletes to train longer and harder, because they’re healthy after intense exercise. Wellmune also lowers the risk of immune suppression that typically happens during intense workouts.

Finally, as mentioned above, Wellmune works well to reduce stress, not just on the mind, but on the body as well. When the immune system is working at peak, it allows the body to train hard and stay strong.

Healthy Aging

The idea of getting old can be scary, especially when one considers how many illnesses seem to plague the old. It’s a proven fact that the immune system becomes weaker as it ages, a process known as immunosenescence. Wellmune has been found, in clinical studies, to strengthen the immune system in the aged.

Not only will Wellmune keep those who are aging healthier, it will also help the immune system respond faster when the body does start to get sick. And, because Wellmune is a natural ingredient, it’s perfect safe to use for all those looking to age healthily.

How to Use Wellmune

Wellmune can be found in several products that are already on the market. However, if consumers want to use and mix Wellmune themselves, they can contact Wellmune through a contact form on its website.

Wellmune comes as a soluble and as a dispersible. The soluble version of Wellmune breaks apart completely, even in clear, cool water. It can be added to juices, smoothies, or teas. The dispersible version is best when completely solubility isn’t needed, like sprinkled over cereals or baked into food.

For questions and more information, Wellmune can be reached at:

U.S. Toll Free: 877-699-5100
Phone: 651-675-0300

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