Natural Force Cordyceps Pro – Pure ATP & Nitric Oxide Booster?


Natural Force’s Cordyceps Pro blends the performance enhancing properties of many natural ingredients, including the traditional health tonic widely known as ‘Caterpillar Fungus’, which has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

Combined with other powerful nutrients rich in antioxidants, Cordyceps Pro provides the boost the body needs for maximum performance through intense workout routines.

Carrying Natural Force’s 100% BS Free means the buyer can be confident that it’s been made without the use of any artificial ingredients, fillers or stimulants.

What Is Cordyceps Pro?

An organic, stimulant-free dietary supplement designed to naturally enhance the body’s athletic performance, Cordyceps Pro contains ingredients that work with the body’s physiology to boost nitric oxide levels, which contributes to reaching maximum ATP energy production and optimum oxygen absorption.

It also combats muscle fatigue and assists the body with eliminating free radicals, which can be produced by vigorous exercise and can damage muscles.

The 100% BS Free stamp on Cordyceps Pro means that the product has been made with organic ingredients and is free of synthesized vitamins, unnecessary fillers, artificial ingredients and stimulants.

Cordyceps Pro is certified Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and Paleo.

How Does Cordyceps ProWork?

Working within the body on a cellular level to encourage and increase the production of ATP, nitric oxide and maximize oxygen intake, all of which are key factors in peak athletic performance.

It's main ingredient is a proprietary blend of Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as ‘Caterpillar Fungus’, along with adaptogens Ashwagandha, Schizandra berry and Rhodiola Rosea.

Combined, these ingredients work synergistically to increase ATP production and help the body adapt to the stress of intense exercise.

Cordyceps Sinensis can contribute to the body’s heightened manufacturing of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate).

This is the biochemical responsible for transporting energy through and between cells; when the body produces ATP at optimal levels it can increase muscle strength and stamina as well as reduce recovery time between workouts.

Working in synchronicity with the Cordyceps Sinensis are three adaptogens which reduce stress on the body by blocking the formation and accumulation of beta-lipoproteins (BLPs).

BLPs are created when stress is caused to cells (exercise can cause this stress) and block the passage of energy between cellular walls.

The adaptogens contained within Cordyceps Pro prevent this build-up of BLPs which allows for better endurance, delayed muscle fatigue and quicker recovery.

Cordyceps Pro has also been designed to improve oxygen utilization during intense physical activity.

Cordyceps Sinensis has been shown to have bronchodilating effects, which contribute to increased oxygen intake.

Also utilized are antioxidants and natural vasodilators to increase blood flow, which allows for better absorption of nutrients and oxygen by muscles, eliminate free radicals, which can damage muscle tissue, and heighten nerve signal transmission.

All of these factors merge together to provide the body with the maximum boost it needs to excel during demanding athletic performance.

Cordyceps Pro is intended to be taken as a dietary supplement. 3 capsules are to be taken 45 minutes prior to physical activity on training days and in the morning on non-training days.


For ATP and O2 support this product uses: Cordyceps Sinensis, Rhodiola Rosea, Schizandra berry, and Ashwagandha.

For Nitric Oxide support Cordyceps Pro includes:

-Green tea extract: Has been shown in laboratory studies to have powerful antioxidant properties, which play a critical role in destroying free radicals.

-Hawthorn: Supports cardiovascular health and widens blood vessels for optimal blood flow while providing the body with antioxidants.

-Grape Seed extract: Demonstrated in non-clinical that it may support healthy nerve tissue. Also supports cardiovascular health and contains antioxidants.


Available for purchase directly from the Natural Force website for the following listed prices:

-3 Servings (9 Capsules): $9.99 + S&H

-30 Servings (90 Capsules): $59.99

Natural Force provides free shipping and handling for orders over $49.

Natural Force Cordyceps Pro Review Summary

Cordyceps Pro can be used by both men and women as part of their exercise and diet regime.

It can be and is encouraged to be taken even on non-training days because the positive effects of antioxidants and adaptogens will be utilized by the body even at rest, speeding recovery.

Natural Force suggests consulting with a doctor before taking an supplement regardless of gender, but there is no advantage for males over females taking Cordyceps Pro.

Cordyceps Pro is made with creatine so it does not cause water retention.

For athletes, bodybuilders, or anyone otherwise looking for an added advantage in their physical training or exercise, Cordyceps Pro may provide a leading edge over other similar supplements.

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