Degree Deodorant – World’s #1 AntiPerspirant For a Reason?


Degree Dry Spray is an innovative spray deodorant that will keep underarms dry and fresh. Both men and women will love this product

New Novelty

There’s some part of our lives that will remain the same just because they are done day in and day out.

These virtual certainties that persist throughout our lives include things like eating, using the bathroom, bathing (hopefully), brushing our teeth, and putting on deodorant, to name a few.

But every once in a while a product is created that forever changes how we engage in these activities.

We do this one thing one way for a majority of our lives, only to be changed forever by some great idea that makes the whole process easier or more efficient.

In a way, this represents the beauty of life. Things are always changing and nothing remains the same for too long.

One of these unavoidable changes has been started by the well known company Degree. They’ve come out with an innovative product that may change how people put on deodorant forever.

Only time will tell, but it certainly looks promising.

Degree History

Anyone who has ever stepped foot inside of a convenience store should be aware of the Degree brand. Their products are literally everywhere.

For those that need a refresher, Degree is a company that is known for making deodorants and antiperspirants.

They’ve been making these kind of products for a long time. Their history as a company has persisted since the 1900’s.

Any company that has been around for that amount of time definitely knows some secrets, and for them to continue innovating to stay relevant is truly amazing.

Degree should remain relevant for years to come due to a new product they just released on the market.

The name of this product is Degree Dry Spray

A Degree of Change

Degree Dry Spray is unlike any other deodorant available today.

That’s because this product has changed the game by completely changing the way people can choose to apply their deodorant.

Usually, to put deodorant on users would have to apply a stick of the stuff under their armpits in a front to back like fashion.

Some people may assert that there was nothing wrong with the old way of putting on deodorant, and that may be true, but none can disagree that spraying is much easier than the traditional way.

Also, the method of which deodorant is applied is not the only difference that exists between Degree Dry Spray and other deodorant options.

Let’s get into what makes this stuff unique.

Degree Deodorant Dry Spray Differences

There’s a good number of differences between Degree Dry Spray and traditional deodorant. The fact that Dry Spray sprays deodorant has already been discussed, but there’s more ground cover.

Degree Dry spray comes in a variety of fragrances and types. Among which include; Cool Rush, Everest, Adventure, Extreme, Overtime, Active Shield, and Sport Defense.

This deodorant contains no water or alcohol, which makes for a superior dry feel. Since other deodorants contain one or both of these ingredients, a feeling of wetness can persist under one’s arms that’s not really comfortable.

Paired with that is that Degree Dry Spray does not contain wax which could leave a wax-like feel under armpits that is similar to the wetness described above.

According to Degree, wearing this deodorant almost feels like one isn’t wearing any deodorant at all.

Another major difference between Dry Spray and other options is the degree to which it protects against wetness and odor protection.

Degree claims that Degree Dry Spray offers a full 48 hours of protection which is a long time when it comes to deodorant.

If this is true, Degree Dry Spray may just be one of the top contenders on the market.

Some people may be curious how Degree Deodorant Spray has this man benefits over traditional deodorants. The answer lies in the science.

Degree Science

The science of Degree Deodorant Dry Spray is really the secret weapon behind its efficiency.

Degree claims to offer 48 hours of protection, and one look at their science makes it clear why/how this is so.

When someone sprays this product on their underarm, the ingredients are deposited as a dry-feeling powder which remains unseen. When the person starts to sweat, the powder dissolves to fill sweat ducts, thereby keeping underarms dry. See, simple.

But Degree Spray doesn’t’ stop there. This same dry substance also has antibacterial properties that rid the underarms of odor causing bacteria. These two factors combined make for a dry and odorless underarm for 48 hours.

Using this product is as simple as the science. All users have to do is shake Degree Dry Spray before each use. After that, they will hold the can 6 inches away from their underarm and spray.

Just like that, putting on deodorant has been changed forever.

Degree Deodorant Dry Spray is the Way to Go

Degree Deodorant Dry Spray is the way to go.

Anyone looking for a more effective deodorant that is easier to apply should seriously consider using this product.

The spray on technology seems to be what the future holds, so getting use to it now may be for the best.


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