Driclor – Natural Antiperspriant Treatment To Stop Sweating?


Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition which causes individuals to sweat profusely for no apparent reason. The sweating may occur erratically, in cold environments and even when there is no physical activity taking place.

The condition is set off in individuals with overactive sweat glands, and the excessive sweating may cause people physical, emotional and mental stress.

There is no clear cause for the issue as it seems to be hereditary and appears to run within families.

What are the various cures available in the market today?

Hyperhidrosis has been seen to respond to many treatments, it depends on the preference of the user in terms of which option they choose.

Some of these options include:

Antiperspirants: the condition may be controlled to a certain extent using strong antiperspirants.

They plug sweat pores and control excessive sweating but have been found to cause skin irritation in some users.

Medicines: there are prescription drugs which one can take to curb the overstimulation of sweat glands. They may however cause side effects and are not meant for everyone.

Surgical Procedures: there are medical procedures which can be performed for removing sweat glands using methods like lasers, curettage and liposuction.

Iontophoresis: In this mode of treatment a gentle electric current is passed through the person's system to deactivate their sweat glands.

ETS (Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy): In this procedure the nerves which carry the sweating impulses from the brain to the glands are severed causing a loss of signal and a reduction in visible sweating.

Botox: Botulinum toxins can be injected into the affected area to block the nerves which stimulate the sweat glands. This procedure may however cause some serious side effects.

What is Driclor?

Driclor is a clinically proven antiperspirant which can be used to cure Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in its varying intensities.

It aims to prevent users from experiencing embarrassing and stressful scenarios where they seem to be sweating even in normal, cold or pleasant conditions.

Excessive sweating has been observed to cause much stress in individuals and seems to cause people to alter their lifestyles to keep their condition in check.

People suffering from Hyperhidrosis often avoid exercising in public, rapid movements, wearing light coloured clothes or even raising their arms.

How does Driclor prevent heavy sweating? What are the ingredients contained in it?

Common areas which are sensitive to sweating include underarms, hands and feet. There is also an issue of localised sweating in which certain target areas start to sweat when a particular stimuli trigger is present.

The primary active agent in Driclor is Aluminium Chloride. This compound has been clinically observed to prevent sweating, gradually stopping it over a period of time and slowly reducing the capacity of the sweat glands to secrete excess waste through the ducts present on the skin. Other key ingredient include alcohol and aqua.

How and Where Should the Product be Used?

Diclor can be used directly on the localized area where the sweating occurs. These regions could include the underarms, hands and feet.

Ideally users should refrain from using the product near one’s eyes or areas with sensitive skin (wet, broken, wounded, recently shaved areas).

It is also important to note that if the product is used on an individual's underarms or feet it will only serve to reduce the amount of perspiration and not the odour.

The odor and sweat are independent of each other and the smell is usually the result of bacteria that multiplies in the presence of a moist environment. An ideal practice is to use Driclor at night and wear deodorant during the daytime.

Is it Safe to Use Driclor Along with Perfumes and Deodorants?

It is not safe to wear deodorants and perfumes along with antiperspirants. However, they can be used in coexistence during the treatment but all traces of Driclor should be effectively removed before applying any perfumes.

Another important issue to note is that the product may cause skin irritation when applied on damp or wet skin.

The discomfort is usually a stinging sensation which tends to fade away in a couple of seconds.

In cases where the sensation seems to persist, product use should be stopped and professional medical advice should be sought.

Lastly, if the antiperspirant comes in contact with any metallic surfaces like jewellery or rings it may cause some visible discoloration due to chemical interaction.

What do People who Have Used the Product Have to Say About it?

The response towards Driclor has been overwhelmingly warm and positive. Using a weighted average of reviews found online across various websites, blogs and forums the product received an average rating of 4.7/5 stars by 106 users.

Some satisfied customers include Will P., who claims that he used the product religiously for six months and saw a marked improvement in his condition.

He goes on to say that he now uses it only thrice a week and has seen a permanent reduction in his sweat levels.

Similarly, Tony G says that he had suffered from hyperhidrosis all through his childhood and adult life but once he discovered Driclor, his condition changed improved rapidly allowing him to function normally in social scenarios again.

What are Some of the Drawbacks of Driclor?

Some minor drawbacks have also been reported by some users. The issues include:

  • Intense irritation if applied on wet or moist skin.
  • Stinging pain when applied on sensitive regions.
  • Metallic residue may be found if excess amounts are applied.
  • Blistering may occur in some cases where the individual's skin is highly sensitive.

Driclor can only be purchased through a pharmacy or their online shopping portals. Pharmacies which sell the product include ePharmacy, Pharmacy Direct, Chemist Warehouse and Cincotta Chemist.

The male and female variants of the products are priced at $14.39 per 60ml container. Payments can be done using a variety of transaction options including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.


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