Natural Athlete Super Greens – RuckPack Nutritional Fuel Blend?


It is possible that you already eat a well-balanced diet full of great proteins and a good serving of fruits and vegetables. Some of those vegetables are likely what are being referred to as ‘greens’. And yes, they are good for you – in fact, they are great for you, but they are not quite as rich that these ones, by RUCKPACK are.

We’re talking about greens that are super good for you. Greens like spirulina, chlorella and cereal grasses, such as wheat and barley. There are a variety of different uses for these super greens, in fact, clinical studies support that super greens can be excellent options for those suffering from cancer, regenerative skin care, an excellent resource for anemia in women and seniors and even managing conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

In instances of overall wellness and nutrition, athletes and body builders are using super greens to channel their inner Popeye, everyone remembers him and his spinach claim to fame.

So, let’s talk about why super greens are so good for you.  Whether you are using super greens for treating medical conditions and ailments, or thriving to find the best athlete within yourself, there are two different pigments that make ‘a super green’.

Each Of The Green Foods Is Unique

These greens, carry a combination of nutrients that can be used for a variety or things that were mentioned above. But, more importantly, they have two (2) super nutrients in common that virtually helped create the super green entity. These greens are rich in chlorophyll and a pigment called carotenoids.

These combinations are far more concentrated in the delivery of nutrients, more so than spinach, carrots and other vegetables in this nutrient category.

What Is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll has been used for many years in healing wounds, detox, cancer prevention and treating conditions like anemia or, as an antiseptic. It has been found to provide rapid healing in normal tissue cells, in addition to reducing bacteria, pain relief and anything that may cause itching and/or burning.

Benefits Of Chlorophyll

As we can see, it goes without saying that the addition of chlorophyll in our daily nutrition is a key and beneficial factor we want to consider. The ability to increase greens, that we already agree are great for our body’s is a ‘no-brainer’.

About Natural Athlete Super Greens

There are dozens of healthy and natural ingredients included in RUCKPACK’s Natural Athlete Super Greens and aside from the benefits of chlorophyll we touched upon, let’s have a look at their other top three (3) ingredients;

  • Apple Fruit Powder – Commonly used for the treatment of constipation or diarrhea, and for the softening of gallstones. It is also used for treating cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fever, warts and for cleaning teeth.
  • Spirulina Powder – Assists with detoxes, helps remove candida, helps prevent cancer, helps manage diseases like HIV/AIDS, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, helps speed up weight loss, and increases energy. Arguably, one of the most powerful super foods (greens) available.
  • Barley Grass Powder – Barley grass is very high in organic sodium, which dissolves calcium deposited on the joints and replenishes organic sodium in the lining of the stomach – this helps with digestion. It also contains large amounts of vitamins such as B1 and B11, vitamin C and contains a lot of carotene.

Super greens are an excellent way for anyone, especially people on the go, a concentrated wat to squeeze the necessary and beneficial amount of greens into your diet, on a packed schedule. In one simple serving, you can ensure that daily recommended amount of greens in your daily diet – that’s very impressive, and could even provide you with some piece of mind.

Given the strenuous exercise and training schedules athletes impose upon themselves (and enjoy it) it is very important to ensure that their body is receiving not only the required nutrition but giving it an opportunity to enhance it as well.

Being active is great but it also can take a toll – whether it be in muscle tissues, or the immune system – a product like this one, Natural Athlete Super Greens is an excellent option.

Described as great tasting, despite what other products might be out there. It is one thing to know something is good for you and you might be able to ‘choke it down’, but how much better is it to enjoy the goodness you are feeding your body. You want to take care of your core nutrition before moving onto other supplements, things should always, start at the core.

How To Order Natural Athlete Super Greens

RUCKPACK Natural Athlete Super Greens is available for purchase online for $29.99 and free shipping is available to United States residents only. RUCKPACK was created by Marine Special Operations Forces offering the right nutrition ‘for every battle’.

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