My Fit Jeans: Form Fitting Inteli-Stretch Denim Technology?


My Fit Jeans are a pair of jeans that conforms to the physique of whoever wears them without looking strained, giving women the one pair of jeans that fits on any day of the month or any season. The jeans are available with a promotion to get a second pair at a lower price.

What is My Fit Jeans?

When most women go shopping, the whole search to find something that fits correctly on their body type is difficult, because no two bodies are the same. Everyone has different shapes, body fat percentages, and heights, and finding the right pair of jeans at all involves so many steps. Simply figuring out what size someone is in one brand is hard, let alone hundreds. However, My Fit jeans aim to erase the struggle.

My Fit jeans are designed in a way that they will fit anyone that wears a size 20 or lower in their jean size. Even though this seems like something out of a movie, consumers can read on below to find out how it is possible for so many women to get the perfect fit with two size options.

How They Work

The reason that these pants seem to fit every wearer is because of Inteli-Stretch Denim. Basically, the material conforms to the shape that it is in, which is why the company only needs to make two sizes to accommodate how much it can stretch. Even with this adjustment, each pair still features a secure zipper and pockets. The shape is meant to fit as mid-rise level, and it still adjusts to each wearer’s height.

Pricing for My Fit Jeans

The total cost of one pair of the My Fit jeans is $39.99, though consumers will be responsible for the cost of shipping, which is $5.99. There is a promotion available on the website that lets consumers order a second pair at the discounted price of $19.99, though it does not say if the shipping fees are listed.

During the ordering process, consumers must choose from three assorted colors and two different sizes. The first size covers consumers that wear between a 2 and a 10, while the other size covers from 12 to 20.

If the individual finds that the My Fit jeans do not suit them, then they have up to 60 days to return them for a refund, which includes their shipping fees.

Contacting the Creators of My Fit Jeans

Even with the information listed on the website, some consumers will want to learn additional information abut the way that the jeans work, and if they are right for them. Consumers can reach out to the customer service team by calling 866-595-2513.

The team is available from 8:00am to 10:00pm EST on weekdays only.

My Fit Jeans Conclusion

My Fit jeans should be in everyone’s closets. With a mid-rise waistline and skinny legs, they work well with a variety of different outfits, and they end the struggle to find something that fits perfectly whenever someone gets dressed.

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