Pink Method Diet – Power, Intensity, Nutrition & Kardio Plans?


Pink Method Diet is a revolutionary method of taking out that unwanted fat while eating healthy food items and maintaining it for the rest of your life. Pink method or P.I.N.K method diet stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and “Kardio” (cardio).

Start Of Something New

This new way of losing weight was founded by Cynthia Pasquella in 2011. The program is meant for women who would like to lose some pounds and to feel young and healthy. According to Cynthia, you must have or develop a certain level of discipline so you would be able to accomplish your desired weight and eventually maintain it.

Phases Of The Pink Method Diet

The Pink Method Diet does not just focus on eating less and exercising more. It focuses on simple yet healthy eating and balancing food intake. It has four stages that you need to solemnly follow.

Pink Reset

This is the first stage or the elimination stage. Carbohydrates and alcohol intake are completely not allowed. This stage is suggested to detoxify the body and increase the level of metabolism on the way to weight loss. This stage could last from 3 to 14 days as calories may go down to 1000 per day.

Pink Primary

The second stage is all about fighting off fats and having your body introduced to food with high energy. If you are a fan of exercise, then you will surely enjoy this phase as it requires the high level of intensive exercise. The amount of calories intake per day should just be 1,600. Food should contain fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein.

The Seven Day Shred

This may be the shortest phase or stage as this is the part where you are nearing your desired weight or goal. If you have a few last pounds that you would like to lose, get on that 7-day schedule and you will notice the change in the last couple of pounds that you are still trying to hide.

Pink Preservation

This stage is where you would have to stay true to your words of dieting. You have reached your desired goal and now it is time for you to keep it as it is. Make a steady jump on the weighing scale and keep at it. This stage is also known as the maintenance phase. The calories required should be 1,400 to 1,800 per day.

So now that you have reached the pink preservation stage and you are getting used to your new body weight, it is beneficial to have a mindset that you have gone this far and there is no turning back.

The Aftermath

Losing weight can be challenging. However, it controls and regulates body fluid and energy so you could use it for the rest of the day. The PINK diet can help improve health conditions related to diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Being healthy and maintaining it may help you lessen your medication intake per day.

Although the Pink method helps people lose unwanted fats, some people with health issues may not be suitable for this diet. As it is called an intense diet and may require certain activities, it is suggested that you visit or ask your doctor prior to getting on the plan. Changes in the diet and extreme level of exercise may affect low blood sugar which is dangerous to a person with diabetes. Those who have heart problems are recommended to stay as relaxed as possible or just not join the program.

Pink Method Diet Restrictions And Resolutions

The four stages of the PINK method covers food that is essential to the body and easier to digest. You can still eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The founder recommended getting a light diet such as turkey or chicken. You can also eat beans, lentils, and salmon. High fiber food and drinks are the top priority and they form the menu of the diet. Phase 1 of the Pink method focuses on more vegetable intake for roughly three to 14 weeks.

The allowable servings of alcohol are limited to two which you can take 1 week after the first nine weeks. If you are thinking about doing a shortcut and eating those cookies and doughnuts, then you should not be seeing or reading this – those are not allowed. You may still have coffee servings daily or drink with caffeine. Make sure that you are taking it moderately.

If you do not exercise and if it is not regular, then it is suggested to take it slow up until you reach your desired phase and stage. The program is developed to achieve a lean and healthy body.

The Color Of PINK

The PINK Method diet can help you gain more energy while you lose fat and flaunt those curves. It has said to be proven working and very effective to those who regularly diet and exercise. It can be heartbreaking to see calorie intake on the first few weeks going down and not being able or even allowed to eat out of the course.

For those that are looking after a 3-month program that would help you in losing weight instantly and as quick as possible, then you may choose the PINK method.

Pink Method Diet Review Summary

Properly following a diet is a matter of discipline. It does not matter if you eat less or eat a lot. For as long as you are eating the right kind of food and exercising in the most way intense there is, then you should not have any trouble being part of the PINK Method diet.

The less calorie intake and the more exercise you do, the more fats and carbs are taken out of your body system. It is marketed at a reasonable price; the diet kit comes with restrictive guidelines to follow and the discipline that you have to have to keep up is not for beginners.

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