Muscle Vizion 20/20 Growth – Legit Stimulant Free Pre-Workout?


Pre workout supplements have seen a major surge in their popularity in recent decades, this is mainly because people have realised that they can easily maximise their workout output by consuming these supplements.

Many of the products come loaded with a variety of muscle and stamina enhancers which allow users to reap benefits like increased blood circulation, enhanced stamina and endurance levels, heightened mental cognition.

Also with the improvement in manufacturing processes many of these products have been synthesised using all natural ingredients which means that they can be used in the long term without any side/adverse effects on the user's physiology.

About Muscle Vizion 20/20 Growth

20/20 Growth is an all new pre workout supplement that has been formulated using a wide variety of naturally occurring components, all of the added ingredients have been clinically tested and have been found to deliver amazing results without any side effects. Some of the key features of the supplement include:

(i) Stimulant Free: unlike many other supplements that rely on caffeine for their supply of energy, 20/20 Growth does not use any stimulants which are known to be addictive and cause long term dependency issues.

(ii) Nitric Oxide release: the key components of the supplement target the production of NO in our bodies, this results in a dilation of arteries and capillaries allowing for increased blood flow throughout our system. This means that we can improve the transportation of key vitamins and minerals to all of our essential organs.

(iii) Improved Recovery: it assists in the recovery of our muscles after an intense workout session, this is because 20/20 allows our muscles and tendons to relax by supplying it with more oxygen. Another important factor influencing recovery is the buildup of lactic acid, the supplement prevents the storage of lactic acid in our spinal column so that we can experience less fatigue and tiredness.

Nutritional Profile

There are many active agents that have been added to make the supplement extremely potent and efficacious, some of these ingredients include:

(i) Betaine:

It is an important compound which has been clinically studied and found to help promote muscular strength and endurance by assisting in the production and synthesis of creatine. Increased creatine levels allow for more ATP production which means cells can metabolise fats faster and produce more energy rapidly. Betaine also helps the body synthesize protein aiding in muscle density, repair and recovery.

(ii) Creapure:

Scientifically known as creatine monohydrate, it is a creatine derivative which is one of its most highly absorbable, potent and bioavailable forms. The compound is known to saturate muscles and give them a fuller and more voluminous appearance, the key function of creapure is to enhance ATP production and improve muscle torque, stamina, endurance.

(iii) Beta-Alanine:

This is an important amino acid which has been widely studied and found to raise carsonine levels in users, it also acts as a buffer to lactic acid buildup allowing individuals to maximise their strength, stamina and endurance levels.

(iv) Leucine :

This is an essential amino acid which our bodies cannot naturally synthesize. It’s main function is to enhance the muscular protein synthesis rate so that our bodies can breakdown and utilise proteins for muscle building purposes. The acid also promotes muscle density, faster recovery and quicker repair of damaged tendons, muscles and fibres.

(v) Arginine HCL :

Studies have shown that Arginine HCL and Ornithine HCL when combined in specific compositional proportions can help stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH (human growth hormone) naturally. Arginine HCL is chemically superior to regular arginine because it does not get metabolised easily or get wasted by our organs . The compound has also been shown to help promote muscle volumization by expanding cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

(vi) Ornithine HCL:

This compound has been studied and found to help arginine conversion, but it is also helpful in reducing the levels of ammonia in our body, this results in greater endurance and easier reduction of harmful toxins from our system.

Muscle Vizion 20/20 Directions

  • One scoop of the powder should be mixed into 8-12 oz of water before an intense workout session.
  • The solution should be consumed 30-45 minutes prior to working out.
  • No more than 2 scoops should be consumed within a 24 hour time frame.
  • Incase users are on external medication or have been suffering from a major ailment they should consult a specialist before starting regular dosage.
  • It is not intended for use by persons below the age of 18.

Pricing And Availability

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at The supplement comes in small plastic containers which possess 25 servings each. Each unit is priced at $39.99 and payments can be done using a host of safe and secure transaction means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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