MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care

Your health is the most important asset you have. Unfortunately, it is often only in times of sickness or urgent care that we truly value that meaning.

Visiting a hospital or urgent care facility can be stressful, create anxiety in some patients and leave us with a lot of worry. On the other hand, visiting an urgent care facility that you trust, and offer a multi care model can help alleviate much of those negative feelings.

What is MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care?

MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care is a multi-care family, by their own admission. They believe in providing neighborhood clinics in the Seattle/Tacoma areas that better serve you, your health and that of your loved ones. They provide a multitude of services that are designed to help you heal, recover and get back to your life, healthy.

They operate on a model that it is all about you – and what you want (and need). They truly believe in making this experience one that is comfortable for you and it may even include a gourmet cappuccino or a bottle of water. And, since Urgent Care can sometimes result in a stay of a few hours – they encourage you to use their Wi-Fi services and they have provided a docking station in their lounge to keep you charged up.

With a multi-care model, they also believe in continuance of care. What this means is today you may require a visit to the urgent care clinic, and tomorrow you may need a follow up with a specialist. They want to continue to make your care seamless and of less stress to you, the patient.

The Family Care Network

Truly, a family. The multi-care model at MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care is comprised of five (5) hospitals:

  1. Allenmore Hospital
  2. Auburn Medical Center
  3. Good Samaritan Hospital
  4. Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Network
  5. Tacoma General Hospital

In addition, Deaconess Hospital and Valley Hospital which are in the inland Northwest.

They offer many urgent care clinic facilities too that range from the Puget Sound and Inland Northwest Regions. They believe in catering to your needs because they not only say it is about you – they prove it through their actions.

The Children’s Connection

Through the multi-care model, they offer outstanding care through Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and clinics where their commitment is to children. Helping children heal and recover so they can get back to swimming and climbing trees, playing sports and dancing. They are the region’s most trusted location for paediatric health.

The Green Connection

The landscape in the Pacific Northwest is breathtaking to say the least. And, the Indigo Urgent Care is committed to keeping it that way. They are committed to green efforts through green energy and recycling programs. They believe and practice eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

They want more than anything to help their patients, and they believe this begins with protecting the environment too.

The Community Connection

They are a non-profit community organization providing urgent care to local neighborhoods. MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care want to improve people’s quality of life through their health and wellness needs.

The importance of knowing they care, and that their hearts are in everything they do. From the points of contacts at the clinics, the medical professionals, and the extended care as mentioned above thanks to the multi-care model.

The Technology Connection

Indigo Urgent Care believes in high-tech support because that is where cutting edge health care lives. They have found innovative ways matched with the latest advances in both medicine and medical devices. Technology and growing with it, instead of against it is another priority and service you can expect in their facilities.

The Family Connection

This means, everyone. Whether you are a busy mom or dad, they know that being sick is never an option. Their commitment to both children and their caregivers has set new standards. Their Urgent Care Clinics include the entire family. No one is left unhealthy.

The Knowledge Connection

There are good doctors who know how to diagnose and treat hundreds of ailments. You can find those doctors here – in addition to great doctors who have added caring to their curricula. They refer to this as not only being book smart – but people smart. When you combine the best of medicine and the best of people, health and winning is the only option.

The Healing Connection

What does healing mean to you? It might mean losing that runny nose and horrible cough. It might mean being able to walk around the block more than once after a heart attack or, it might mean being able to sleep through the night. Whatever healing looks like to you, feel confident that Indigo Urgent Care Clinics and their Multi-Care facilitates have your back.

The Employment Connection

If you are a medical professional in whatever capacity – MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care might be a great place if you are seeking employment. They are committed to their staff as much as they are committed to the patient. You can find out more through their website and applying online.

MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care Locations

When you visit their website, under the locations tab, you can enter your zip code and find the closest location to you. It includes contact information, directions and information about the specific services offered at that location.

MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care Services

There are a wide range of ailments and injuries that are seen at the Urgent Care Clinics. To name a few;

.. and the list goes on.

Overall, MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care are raising the bar when it comes to health care – and if you are in the areas of locations they serve, consider this an excellent option for you and your family.


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